Dollar Store Organizing Ideas


Save money and keep your rooms and closets organized. These dollar store organizing ideas are inexpensive and super clever.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on tubs and bins. What you need is probably right at your local dollar store. These hacks are completely genius and keep everything where they belong.

16 dollar store organizing ideas.

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How To Create Your Own Organizing Hacks

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’ll look at these hacks and wonder, “how did they think of that?” After compiling these ideas into an easy list, I started to discover a pattern. Just follow these tips and you’ll be able to walk into your local dollar store and create your own hacks too!

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  • Make a list. Know what you need to organize. This will help you focus on finding things that will do the job you need them to do.
  • Use the correct container. If you are going to store large items, buy larger boxes. If you are organizing a drawer, look for smaller baskets. Do not just throw everything into a large basket.
  • Hang things up. Hanging things on your wall or inside of a door is a wonderful way to get that clutter off of your countertops.
  • Label it. Any inexpensive box or tub will look fancy with the correct labels.
  • Sort in small containers. Don’t just buy larger boxes, look for ways to store that large bin with even smaller ones.

Smart Dollar Store Organizing Ideas That Saves You Money

All of the ideas on this list will help you create order out of chaos and give you places to store all that stuff that you have laying around. Browse this list and I hope you find some cheap organizing ideas that you’ll use soon!

DIY Picture Frame Necklace Organizer

This is a really cute way to store necklaces. Just attaching some empty picture frames together. You can even hang up the picture frames if you want to create more space on top of your dresser.

It seems like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces pile up and get all tangled if you don’t store them correctly. Here are even more ways to organize jewelry too!

Cork Phone Stand

This is the perfect home office hack. Use some corkboard and a cheap picture frame and you have the best stand for your phone. When you are wondering how to organize office supplies, this DIY hack will be the one you make first.

Magnetic Spice Rack

All you need to make this DIY hanging spice rack is some dollar store magnetic containers and labels.

These little jars don’t hold much spice, so I suggest still keeping larger jars in your cabinet. This is a way to keep them easy to find and within arm’s reach while you cook. It’s one of my favorite pantry storage ideas that I’ve seen!

16 dollar store organizing hacks to try today.

Lunch Containers To Store Dry Goods

This post is full of amazing money-saving hacks and ideas – including this one. Some inexpensive plastic lunch boxes easily store dry goods like rice and flour. The labels really tie everything together perfectly.

Hang Up Food Wrap

Grab some inexpensive adhesive hooks and create a food-wrapping station. You can store them on the back of your pantry door so they are easy to reach. No more bending over and digging through the space under your sink! It’s a kitchen organization hack that saves you time too.

DIY Drawer Organization

With a few packs of really cheap baskets, you can completely transform your bathroom drawers. This is a wonderful way to organize a tiny bathroom. Drawer space is a precious commodity, so keep every inch sorted and tidy.

Cheap organizing ideas with dollar store containers.

DIY Magnetic Sign

Make a homemade magnetic sign to hang up next to your command center. This will give you a spot to jot down reminders, funny notes, and help you free up space in your mind.

Bathtub Toy Storage Idea

If you have kids, then this dollar store hack will help you keep all the bathtub toys in one place. The supplies are all super affordable and this makes a huge difference when you are looking for bathroom storage ideas. Your bathtub can be clear of toy clutter for good!

DIY Receipt Folder

Keep your home office organized with this DIY receipt folder. All you need is some pieces of cardboard, contact paper, and card stock. Even if you don’t keep receipts, you can use this idea to store bills, letters to mail, or even love notes.

Wire Basket For Books

This is such a creative idea! Turn a closet into a study nook. From the wire baskets to the clear glass containers, almost all of the storage ideas in this article are cheap and easy to find.

Storage containers don’t have to match, they just have to be effective and hold what you need them to.

Paint Hat Boxes

You can use these painted hat boxes in your closets, your bedroom, or even your office. There are so many ways you can use them.

I love the idea of painting them. This way, you can make them match your current aesthetic.

If you are going to use them to store small objects, use mini dividers or smaller containers to keep them sorted.

15+ amazing dollar store organizing ideas.

Chalkboard Paint Spice Jars

Buy some small plastic containers and use them to store your spices, earrings, or even small craft supplies.

Then you can use them to organize your spice rack. When all your spice jars look the same, it dresses up your cabinet in a huge way.

DIY Wood Crate

There are so many ways you can use plain wood crates. Paint a wood crate and use it for cookouts, or to organize your garage. Some wood crates are already divided, or you can create your own dividers too.

Create A Homework Station

This hack is genius! Store homework (or office) supplies in a dish rack. It’s portable, so you can use your kitchen table to do the work, and then carry it to the closet and store it away.

Not only does it keep all the office supplies in one place, but it protects them from becoming smashed under piles of clutter.

Organize Pens and Pencils

This hack had me saying, “why didn’t I think of that?” This is a wonderful substitute for pencil bags. Store pens and pencils in a plastic travel toothbrush holder. Then, you can grab them and take them with you. It keeps your purse or bookbag organized and keeps loose pens off your desk.

Laundry and Cleaning Bins

Use matching labels on some dollar store bins and you have some beautiful-looking laundry storage containers. The labels don’t just look lovely, but they serve a necessary purpose too. Since you can’t see what’s in the buckets, the labels easily show you what you are looking for.

Get organized with 16 clever dollar store organizing ideas.

Save Monday and Stay Organized

You honestly don’t have to spend lots of money on expensive baskets or tubs. In fact, there are ways to repurpose things you already have. I hope these tips give you some fresh ideas and inspire you to organize a small area in your home next!

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More Organizing Ideas

As you keep organizing your house, here are some more storage and organizing ideas that I think you’ll enjoy next!


  1. These are some creative, low-cost ways to get and stay organized on a budget. Good job coming up with these great ideas!

  2. Great ideas! Anything you can do to make it easier to stay organized, you should do, whether that means looking for inexpensive organizers or springing for a new closet system for your home.

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