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Gift Wrapping Station: What You Need & How To Store It

Don’t allow the joy of gift-giving to become a chore. Easily create a beautiful and organized gift wrapping station. This way you have everything you need right at your fingertips the next time you need to wrap a present!

One of the best parts of the holidays, birthdays and other special occasions really is gift-giving. Gift giving doesn’t have to be a chore you dread. Instead, let us show you how to create a handy and beautiful gift wrapping station so you have everything you need ready to go whenever you need to wrap a present.

Don’t allow the joy of gift-giving to become a chore. Easily create a beautiful gift wrapping station in either a room or small spaces like a closet or hanging behind a door! This will help you save time and stress less for events and holidays like a birthday or Christmas. Create your gift wrapping storage area with these tips and ideas for storing tissue paper, bows, and more.

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The Magic of A Gift Wrapping Station

A well-organized and fully-stocked gift wrapping station creates joy and excitement around holidays and birthdays! To create your own gift wrapping station, follow these simple steps.

You Need A Gift Wrap Organizer

The first thing you need in your gift wrapping station is a gift wrap organizer.

The Clutter Keeper® Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer is sleek and fits perfectly in any closet. You could even hang this up on a coat rack or suspend it from the ceiling so it’s within hand’s reach of your gift wrapping station.

The front and back zippers allow you to store any size gift wrap rolls all around it. You can even save odd sections of gift wrap in the smaller pockets – which will save you money!

Tired of having to hunt through your home to find everything you need to wrap a present? Get organized with the Clutter Keeper® Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer. This two sided extra wide hanging organizer is designed with 9 clear pockets for high capacity wrapping paper storage including all of your ribbons, bows, wrapping paper rolls, greeting cards, tissue paper, tape, gift bags, scissors and more. Great for wrapping Christmas, holiday or birthday gifts!

Organize Your Gift Wrap Accessories – Ribbons & Gift Tags

The next thing to organize is your gift wrapping accessories – namely, the ribbons and gift tags. These are things that put the finishing touch on your gifts. If you keep your supply of accessories well-stocked, you will look forward to wrapping your gifts.

Here are a few creative solutions for organizing your ribbons.

Tension Rods for Spools of Ribbons

Tension rods are inexpensive and a fantastic storage solution for all your ribbons. The best part about tension rods is you can put them anywhere there are two columns.

Sew Many Ways uses tension rods to organize her ribbons in between the legs of her crafting table. It’s such a creative solution.

DIY Spice Racks for Ribbons

Have you ever put together a DIY spice rack? It’s one of the simpler DIY projects you can do. Ginger Snap Crafts discovered that spools of ribbon fit perfectly in the spice rack. And there is even space for the ribbons to feed through so you don’t have to take the entire ribbon down to use it.

How to stock the perfect gift wrapping station

Unsharpened Pencils & Erasers As Ribbon Storage

One of the most creative storage ideas for ribbons is using unsharpened pencils and erasers! This idea is actually genius and uses items most people already have around the house. Then, you can easily put the spools of ribbon in a drawer or box.

Clutter Keeper® Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Gift Wrapping Tools – Tape and Scissors

After you organize all your gift wrap and accessories, it’s time to organize and stock all your tools. It is extremely frustrating to get all ready to wrap your gifts, only to realize you are out of tape.

Keep your tools within hands-reach of your station. Use canisters or clear drawers to hold your gift wrapping tools so you can see when they are missing or need replenished.

Creative storage solutions for gift wrapping supplies

Gift Bags & Tissue Paper

Recycling and reusing gift bags saves you money and helps cut down on waste. Organize your gift bags by type and size so they are easy to find when you need them.

Tissue paper can be reused as well, but be careful when opening your gifts so you don’t crumple the paper and make it look too used. Then you can organized your tissue paper by color.

A beautiful solution is to hang up tissue paper on hangers so you can see the colors and grab the ones you need quickly.

Don’t Forget the Cards

The final touch for every gift is the card. Blank cards are the easiest idea because you can use them all year long. Organize cards by season, holiday, and for whom they are directed.

Keep the cards in a box with dividers so you can grab them quickly and see when they need replaced.

The perfect gift wrap organizer

Bonus Items for Gift Wrapping Station

After you have all of the above items you have all you need for a great gift wrapping station! Do you want to take your station from great to amazing? Then don’t forget to include a few of these items.

Fun Pens

Hand-writing cards makes them so much more heartfelt. Felt-tip or gel pens are just more fun and enjoyable to use. These are bonus items because any pen will do, but a fun and bright pen just makes the entire experience extra wonderful.


There are some bright and cheery bows that add a bit of pizazz to any gift you wrap. Stock your gift wrapping station with a few entertaining pieces of flair.


Finally, make sure you have your favorite playlist and speaker ready! Gift wrapping is a ton more amusing when you have music. Hum, sing along, and let your mood fly.

Hanging gift wrap organizer from Clutter Keeper® with two large pockets for gift bags

Gift Wrapping Station – A Dream Come True

There you have it! This is everything you need for a dreamy gift wrapping station! Once you create a space to wrap gifts – and a gift wrap organizer for all of it – you’ll actually look forward to your time wrapping presents.

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How to organize a gift wrapping station (when you have no space)

More Organizing Ideas

Now that you’ve got your gift wrapping station set up, you’re ready to tackle some other areas of your home: 

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