10 Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom


Is your bathroom so small that you feel like you have no storage? Find more storage space without moving to a new house. These 10 ways to organize a small bathroom are just what you need.

10 Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom, two wooden toothbrushes and toothpaste on a linen towel in a tiny bathroom

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Small Bathroom Organization Tips

Not having enough space is super frustrating. This is where piles form and how stuff gets lost. You end up searching through messy drawers and still can’t find what you need.

As you browse Pinterest and Instagram, you might start dreaming about what it would feel like to own a super-spacious bathroom with both a tub and shower and tons of cabinet space.

But until you get that dream home it’s important to work with what you have. Even the smallest bathroom can look luxurious if you keep it clean and organized.

10 Genius Ways To Organize a Small Bathroom

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to find more storage space for your tiny bathroom. It’s possible for everything you own to have a home even if you don’t think you have enough space.

10 Genius Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom, close-up of a toothbrush holder filled with 4 wooden toothbrushes

Try out one or all of these genius small bathroom hacks and ideas. Soon you’ll have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Create a bathroom cabinet inventory

The first hack will help you get rid of expired items without having to sort through your bins and baskets. Imagine all the time you will save!

Just keep a running inventory of your medicine and first aid supplies. Then, when they expire, you’ll know by looking at your sheet.

A bathroom cabinet inventory and an organized bathroom cabinet.

You can download this free printable from Sunny Day Family. She also has some printable labels too that you can use to label totes like she did.

2. Use storage baskets for towels

Next, if you don’t have cabinets, invest in a bathroom vanity that has room for baskets. You don’t need a separate cabinet for washcloths and towels, you can store them right in the baskets under your sink.

Storing towels in black baskets in the bathroom

From House to Home used color-coordinating baskets to help the entire bathroom decor tie together.

Another benefit of using the baskets is they are easy to pull out and take to the laundry room.

3. Create DIY Toothbrush holders that attach to the door

Another space-saving tip will also save you money too.

Keep your toothbrushes from cluttering up your countertop. Put them in a decorated toothbrush holder made out of PVC pipe. Then attach these pipes to the inside of a door or put them directly on the wall.

Crafting in the Rain shows you how to create toothbrush holders out of PVC pipes. You can even decorate them for each member of the family.

4. Store washcloths on hooks

Another genius idea is to store extra washcloths on curtain hooks. Then, you can attach them all to a book rack on your bathroom wall.

Hanging up washcloths and books on the wall in a bathroom to save space.

Tagan and Tibby have a really inspirational before and after where you can get some creative ideas.

You can also hang up baskets from these hooks and store small toiletries or makeup in them too.

5. Use wall space for storage

This next idea is actually a pretty smart IKEA hack! Everyone loves a good inexpensive IKEA hack, especially if it saves you space and money.

Hang up some stainless steel caddies on the wall. These can hold anything from toothbrushes to curling irons and makeup brushes.

DIY wall caddy for small bathrooms.

April GoLightly shares her super easy IKEA hack for small bathrooms. This one doesn’t take very long and gives you a lot more storage space.

6. Build Recessed Bathroom Shelves

If you have ever wished that you had some more shelves but don’t want to block the space in front of your mirror, consider putting in recessed built-in shelves.

These will actually add more room to your small bathroom.

Recessed bathroom shelves you can build yourself

The Handyman’s Daughter gives you step-by-step directions. It does involve a little demolition, but it’s a pretty easy home renovation idea for beginners.

7. Be creative with toilet paper storage

Storing toilet paper can be a pain, especially when you don’t have very much room. Store extra rolls of paper in a decorative bucket on top of the toilet.

Put toilet paper in a decorative bucket in a small bathroom

Repurpose and Upcycle has this idea and some creative DIY shelf ideas you can follow too.

8. Build DIY shelves over the toilet

The space over your toilet is valuable, so use it wisely. The best thing about building your own over-the-toilet storage shelves is that you can set the height.

So if you have to work around a window (like in the photo below) you can do that pretty easily.

DIY cedar shelves for the over the toilet storage.

Charleston Crafted has a really simple DIY tutorial. You can make your own shelves in no time at all. They used cedar for their wood. It’s a natural deodorizer so it’s perfect for bathrooms.

9. Install Floating Shelves

Not only do floating shelves look amazing in a bathroom (that modern look is pretty fabulous) but they give you a few more inches of storage space.

You can put baskets on them without having to worry about brackets getting in the way.

DIY floating shelves in the bathroom

Amy Lanham has a really easy to follow tutorial. You’ll wonder why you haven’t installed floating shelves yet.

10. Use mason jars for counter storage

Finally, look around your house and find storage containers that you can redecorate and upcycle.

Organizing your bathroom can be done on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy containers. Use what you have.

The most important thing is giving each thing you own a home. Create a place they belong

Mason jars as storage in a small bathroom

Organized 31 shows you how to decorate upcycled materials with washi tape for a fresh new look. Washi tape is a fairly cheap decoration tool that will give anything a new look.

Things to Remember When You Organize A Small Bathroom

All of these hacks and ideas are going to free up so much space. But when you start organizing your bathroom, keep these three things in mind. These things will keep you focused and help you stay organized.

Important Reminders for Organizing a Small Bathroom, a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and toothbrush holder on the counter in a tiny bathroom

1. Don’t keep too much

First of all it is so important to continuously throw or give things away. Don’t hold onto things that you aren’t using.

When you have a small bathroom you will have to learn how to embrace a minimal lifestyle.

Here are some ideas that will cut down on the amount of things you own:

  • Use a multipurpose hair tool. Don’t keep both a curling iron and flat iron. Keep one thing that will do both.
  • Only buy simple nail polishes. Pick out colors that can work for multiple outfits and holidays.
  • Don’t stockpile supplies. Keep what you store in your bathroom to a minimum.
Essential Small Bathroom Organization Tips, two glass jars filled with cotton Q-tips on a counter in a tiny bathroom

2. Use wall space

Next, always consider how you are using your wall space. There are a ton of hacks out there that show you how to hang up storage on the wall.

The most common place you’ll find clutter is the countertop. It’s a flat surface that seems to attract loose stuff.

Put things away after you use them and hang them up on the wall to get them off the counter.

3. Only keep what you use

Finally, make a mental note about what you actually use in the bathroom.

Only keep things in the bathroom that you use in that room. Find other places to store things that you use in your bedroom or other rooms.

This one act alone will give you even more space too!

How to Organize a Small Bathroom, a small wooden stool next to the shower in a bathroom with tile floors. On top of the stool is a plant, a bar of soap, a glass bottle with pump, a towel and a scrub brush. Another towel is hanging on the wall by the shower.

Small Bathrooms Can Be Organized

It’s very possible for even a super small bathroom to be well organized. And there are so many benefits to an organized bathroom.

You’ll feel happier and think clearer when you walk in. Plus, organized bathrooms are so much easier to keep clean too.

You want your bathroom to be a relaxing oasis, a place to decompress from the day. These space-saving small bathroom tips will give you a bathroom just like that.

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More Bathroom Organization Ideas

Here are some more tips and guides to help you completely organize your bathroom and keep it organized.

The Very Best Small Bathroom Organization Tips You Need Today, a toothbrush holder and hand towel on the counter in a tiny bathroom

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