Makeup Storage: Your Complete Guide


Discover the beauty of organized makeup. From DIY makeup organizers to the truth about makeup expiring, this makeup storage guide will take you through every step.

It’s way too easy to become overwhelmed with makeup and beauty products. Whether you are a beauty blogger, a beginning makeup artist, an actor or performer, or just starting out in your exploration of makeup, this makeup storage guide is for you.

Your complete guide to makeup storage & organization.

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So Many Beauty Products

Keeping your makeup organized will keep your face healthier (so you stop using potentially harmful products) and save you time and money. Imagine finally being able to find that lipstick, instead of buying it again (and later finding 3 other tubes of the same shade?).

Makeup storage guide

This is what you’ll find in this guide:

  1. DIY makeup storage ideas
  2. How to organize a makeup drawer
  3. The most-used makeups and how to organize them
  4. Bonus! Jewelry box organization Ideas
  5. Makeup storage ideas for a small bathroom
  6. Where should you store makeup?
  7. When to organize your makeup
  8. How much is too much makeup? (Is there such a thing?)

DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Let’s get into the most fun part first – how to make your own makeup storage. These ideas won’t cost much and will keep everything you use displayed so you can find it in a cinch.

5 DIY makeup storage ideas with tube of red lipstick on a marble counter top in a bathroom.

1. DIY Makeup Organizer Shoebox

One of the most popular ways to store all your makeup essentials is in a shoebox. But wait – don’t just throw everything in an empty shoebox and think that’s organized. You want to use the shoe box to display and separate all your makeup.

And decorating the shoe box is even more fun. You can use your favorite wrapping paper or even shopping bags from your favorite beauty stores!

So, how do you turn a regular shoebox into a glam makeup organizer? This video takes you through every single step. It’s so easy, even beginner crafters can nail it.

2. Wine Glass Makeup Brush Holder

Display your makeup brushes in style by repurposing a wine glass. The pic below from Instagram shows a really gorgeous example.

You can make it just like that one by using any of these ideas:

3. Use Ice Cube Trays To Display Compacts

This next idea is super budget-friendly. And even better – it separates your makeup by type, so you only grab what you need when you need it.

Use ice cube trays to display your compacts and make them stand up. You’ll be able to see them all at once and find what you need quicker than if they were just lying in a jumbled heap.

4. Upcycle a Round Container for Lipstick Storage

Anyone with some decorative tape, a round cardboard container, and some scissors can do this next hack.

If you store your lipsticks in this, stand them upside down so you can see their colors at a glance.

What else can you store in these cute containers? Try some of these ideas:

  • Makeup brushes
  • Liquid foundation
  • Daily facial cleansing products

5. Create a DIY Glamorous Lazy Susan

This next hack elevates your makeup station from plain to FABULOUS! And all it takes are a few different products and some glue. That is all.

The Instagram pictures below take you through every step. The most surprising part is how she used napkin rings to hold her lipsticks on the mirrored shelf. It’s pure craft-genius.

How to Organize a Makeup Drawer

Now that you have some total #MakeUpStorageGoals, what if you just have a drawer – or 3 – for makeup? How do you organize your makeup drawer?

These ideas will take you from chaos to crystal-clear in no time at all.

How to organize your makeup drawer.

1. Throw away as much as you can

Yes, this step is so important. Take some time and seriously KonMari your makeup collection. Only keep what you wear regularly. Things that you might wear someday or pallets that you tried once and didn’t work – they all take up valuable storage space.

Do not donate used makeup. It’s unhygienic. Throw away anything you aren’t keeping.

2. Find boxes or create sections

Now that you can look at your makeup and see only the items you love and will wear, it’s time to organize them.

Organizing a makeup drawer is simple. You can either buy makeup drawer organizers or make your own.

Before you make or buy anything, take an inventory of what you have. Do you need to store mostly compacts? Lipsticks? Nail polish? Buy the organizer that is made specifically for your needs.

You can also make your own out of cardboard. In fact, this tutorial is super easy and has lots of pictures to walk you through every step.

3. Label Everything

Next, don’t forget to label the boxes and containers. This will really help you when you are trying to clean up super fast – the labels tell you where things go without you thinking about it.

Label makers are a super easy way to do this. But if you want something super cute, you can try these creative label ideas:

  • Make your own stickers
  • Hand-letter them
  • Buy beauty labels online
  • Cut out the words from a beauty magazine and glue with Mod Podge

4. Organize By Color

This next tip will elevate your makeup drawer to new heights. Imagine opening your drawer and seeing all your lipsticks, displayed from bold to nude? It will look like a stunning rainbow!

Organizing by color will make you so happy every time you open your drawers. But it also has a practical purpose. When you need a specific color, you will be able to find it quickly.

5. Be a Copycat

Finally, don’t worry if you can’t think of any creative ways to organize your makeup drawers. That’s what the internet is for. Browse Pinterest and Instagram for pictures and copy them.

Here are a few to get you started.

If you have a vanity with one long drawer, this idea is pure perfection. Everything is organized by product type. And the brushes look just as beautiful as the roses on the countertop.

Find a storage system that makes you smile. There are so many ideas out there. The most important thing is to find one that gives you joy when you see it.

This one is incredible. All the colors! All the pallets!

Don’t have a lot of room? That’s ok too. This little organizer is still glamorous and just as beautiful. Instead of cramming it full of random things, they organized it and displayed their products laying down.

Types of Makeup & How to Store them Correctly

Beyond simply happiness, there is something else to consider when you are organizing all your beauty stuff. What type is it? Depending on the type of makeup, there are some tips that will help you organize them even better.

These tips will take you through each of the types of makeup you have and how to store them best.

How to store and organize beauty products.

Lipstick Organizer

Lipsticks should always be displayed with their color facing out. You want to be able to see all the colors at once and pick out your perfect shade quickly.

You can store them either horizontally or vertically – your choice. Here are some super quick ideas for lipstick storage:

How to display nail polish

Nail polish needs to be displayed with the colors facing out. Simply filling a box with a ton of jars of nail polish will make it nearly impossible to find the color you want.

Here are some ideas for displaying and storing your nail polish:

Makeup Brush Organizers

Always clean your makeup brushes to help them last longer. It is so important to separate your used/dirty brushes from your clean ones. Label the jar “needs cleaned” and “clean brushes” so you can see the difference.

Also, always store your brushes with the fluffy tops up to keep them from losing their shape.

Any vertical container will work for storing your makeup brushes, but here are some popular ideas:

Eyeshadow and Blush Color Pallets

What do you do with color pallets and compacts? The easy solution is just to stack them haphazardly in a box and shut the lid. But if you spend just a little bit of time creating a storage solution for your compacts, you will help them last longer and prevent any of them from getting lost.

Store your eye and face colors in a way that helps you find them quickly. It should only take a glance for you to know exactly where everything is. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Store them vertically so you can see them all at once
  • Organize by shade (nudes, blues, pinks and reds)
  • Small round individual eyeshadows will fit perfectly inside bead organizer boxes.
  • Put magnets on the back and magnetize them to a board on the wall.

Creams and Foundations

Creams, foundations, highlighters and alike are all things that benefit from being stored with the color facing out. When you are getting ready, you need to find that perfect shade fast.

Here are some storage tips that will speed up your beauty routine:

  • Keep your foundation and highlighters together. Make them easier to grab when you get ready.
  • Use clear plastic drawers that sit on your counter. This will help you see into the drawers and get exactly what you need.
  • Store them on the back of the door – use a hanging makeup organizer
  • Go retro – use a caboodle!

Blending sponges

Blending sponges tend to fall all over the place and are difficult to keep organized. Store them in containers with lids. Some ideas include:

  • Mason jars
  • Glass cookie jars
  • Old candles with the wax cleaned out
  • Redecorated and repurposed facial tissue box (easy to reach in and grab a sponge!)

How to Organize Your Jewelry Box

Makeup isn’t the only thing you wear when you get dressed up. So as a bonus, let’s talk about some smart organization solutions for your jewelry too.

How to organize your jewelry box - Open jewelry box with a necklace hanging out of the side. The necklace has a pendant in the shape of a letter A.

1. Hang up Necklaces and Bracelets

Hanging up your necklaces and bracelets will prevent them from becoming tangled together. If you don’t have hooks in your jewelry box, put some hooks on a decorated piece of plywood, frame it, and hang it on your wall. Easy DIY necklace storage!

2. Keep Earrings inside smaller boxes

Earrings are the easiest things to lose, thanks to their small size. So keep 1-3 pairs of earrings each inside a smaller ring box. If you feel like going the extra mile, label each box with the types of earrings that belong inside.

3. Use Ring Cushions

Next, prevent your rings from getting scratched by storing them inside ring cushions. You can find slatted ring cushions online for a fairly low price if your jewelry box doesn’t have any.

4. Go Crazy with Mini Zip-Top Plastic Bags

Label these mini plastic baggies with the jewelry and keep everything separated. This is a fantastic tip for travelers. It making packing super easy.

5. Line Drawers with Felt

Felt adds friction to the drawers so the accessories don’t slide around as much. It also prevents them from getting scratched from the bottom or sides of the drawer.

If you have a jewelry box without a felt lining, you can make one yourself. You just need some fabric glue and felt.

Makeup Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Now that you have some ideas about how to organize your makeup and your jewelry, let’s talk about a very common problem lots of people have: a super tiny bathroom.

How do you store all your beauty supplies in a bathroom that has basically no countertop space or cabinets?

Makeup storage ideas for a small bathroom - Lipstick, makeup brushes, perfume jar, blush and mascara sitting on a circle shaped mirror on a bathroom counter.

Here are 5 simple solutions that will work in (almost) every bathroom. Try one out!

1. Hang Things Up On the Wall

Attach some mason jars to a piece of wood and nail that to your wall. The complete tutorial is on the DIY Playbook. It’s very simple and you can store makeup and makeup supplies right next to the mirror where you will use them.

2. Use Glass Containers

See through containers play a trick on your eyes. They make the area feel less crowded, since you can see through them.

Use this little trickery to your advantage. If you have a small bathroom, store your supplies in glass containers instead of dark plastic ones.

3. Create A Movable Makeup Stand

If you don’t have much walking room in your bathroom, store your makeup on something with wheels so you can move it from room to room easily.

There are lots of rolling makeup carts you can buy online. But if you want a simple IKEA Hack, Melissa from Polka Dot Chair has a beautiful one.

4. Use Lazy Susans

You will double the amount you can store on your countertop just by using a tiered lazy susan. They are also called “cosmetic carousels” and they are so smart.

By turning them around, you will be able to find what you need, and they are tiered in multiple levels.

5. Use the Back oF the Door

The back of the door is a perfect place to store a hanging organizer. Hang up something that won’t let the makeup fall out when the door is opened and closed. You’ll even be able to find some that close and latch.

Where should you store makeup?

When you are cleaning up your bathroom and makeup vanity, remember to store your makeup exactly where you will use it most. If you keep your makeup in your bathroom – where you put it on – it will be easier to keep tidy and put away.

The worst idea is to try and keep your makeup in boxes in your closet. This makes it a pain to put away and get back out, and will just encourage you to never pick up your beauty supplies.

When is the best time to organize your beauty products?

Ideally, you should go through all your makeup at least once a quarter. At the start of a new season, reorganize all your beauty supplies and throw away anything you don’t use or makeup that is expired or too old to use.

Does Makeup Expire?

Yes, makeup has an expiration date. Mascara will clump and lose its consistency. Eye shadows will become cracked and unusable.

If you consistently organize your makeup once a season, you can prevent yourself from opening a bad eye shadow pallet or using dry eyeliner.

Get rid of any products that might be past their best-by date. This helpful guide lists the average shelf life for most types of makeup. Spoiler alert – it’s probably shorter than you think!

Makeup and makeup application tools on a white background, including brushes. The complete guide to the dos and don'ts of makeup storage.

How much makeup is too much to keep?

This is a tough question to answer. It really depends on how much makeup you actually use on a regular basis. However, there are a few dos and don’ts of makeup collecting/storage you should follow.


  • Keep colors that compliment your natural beauty
  • Store your products so you can see all of them in one glance
  • Use storage solutions that are easy to maintain


  • Keep old makeup – replace it!
  • Keep makeup you don’t wear
  • Shove all your makeup in a drawer
  • Overfill a zippered makeup bag so full that you can’t zip it up

Store Your Makeup And Make It Beautiful

There you have it! A complete guide to organizing your makeup. You’ll have more fun putting your makeup on when you can find it quickly. Follow these tips and you’ll have a beautiful vanity or bathroom!

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