42 Essential Organizing Products For Your Home


These are the best and most essential organizing products for every room in your home. From closet organizers to things that keep your tools organized, you are sure to find something you need.

So, you’re ready to totally organize that room that you’ve been putting off. But what are the best organizing products for you? I’ll go through and break it down room by room!

42 Essential Organizing Products For Your Home

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The 42 Best Home Organizing Products

Here on Clutter Keeper®, I’ve shared some tips for getting your home organized. As you go from room to room and sort through your stuff, using the right products is really important.

That’s why I compiled this huge list of the best home organizing products out there. These things will sort your stuff and keep them separated and easy to find.

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Table of contents

Storage and Organizing for Small Spaces

Closet Organizing products

First, let’s start out with how to keep your closet organized. You need hanging organizers and products with a specific purpose.

Always measure your closet first and make a list of the things that you need to store before buying anything. Buy the organizers that you know will work.

#1 A Hanging Organizer

A Hanging Organizer filled with bras, underwear and socks on a hook on a closet door.

Find an organizer that will hold everything you need it to. Bras, bags, scarves, and belts all fit in these extra-large pockets. It’s double-sided so it fits anywhere in the closet.

#2 Rubbermaid deluxe closet organizer kit

If you basically need an entire closet kit in one box, this is the one you need. It has everything in it, and it’s completely customizable.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 hanging 5-shelf organizer

If your bedroom is too small for a dresser or you need more drawer space, then this is essential. It has 5 shelves and can store all sorts of clothes on it.

Buy it on Amazon.

Drawer Organizers

Drawers are so easy to overlook. They are one of the first things that get disorganized in our home. And keeping them organized goes beyond just learning different ways to fold your clothes. These drawer organizers will help you out!

#1 Drawer Divider Set

I love how this set has separate pieces. You can split it up and use it however you want. Use them together or split them up between different drawers.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Socks, Belts and scarves organizer

I could just look at these pretty octagons all day. Every single belt and pair of socks are split up within the drawer.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Adjustable drawer dividers

If you really want full control, then you need some simple, plastic, adjustable drawer dividers. Use them to separate your shirts or undergarments in a drawer.

Buy it on Amazon.

The Best Products for Home Organization

Under the Bed Organizing products

Another place that is notorious for collecting random things is under the bed. But this is the perfect place to store things like out-of-season clothes, extra blankets, and mementos. You just need the right storage totes that fit under the bed. Try one of these!

#1 Storage Bags

These storage bags are super roomy and fit under your bed with easy handles. There is a clear section so that you can see what is in the bags and never lose your things again. They are perfect for storing clothes and blankets.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Stockyfy under bed storage with dividers

These have dividers. They are designed to store things like shirts and shoes. They are nice and slender so you can fit lots of them under the bed at once.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Plastic storage bin with wheels

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have something that is solid and has wheels. If you have memories or something that you don’t want to get crushed, then this might be a really great idea for you.

Buy it on Amazon.

Versatile Organizers for Your Favorite Things

Shoe Organizer

Shoes seem like they are just impossible to store sometimes. Have you ever felt that crazy feeling, sorting through a pile of shoes to find a match? Use one of these organizers and you won’t have the problem ever again.

#1 Over the Door hanging organizer

This list would not be complete without this product. It’s so popular because it’s so useful. I love using that space behind the door, it’s often overlooked.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Free Standing shoe closet

If you have the room for it, this little shoe closet is beautiful. There is enough room so your boots can stand up without getting crushed.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Homyfort under bed shoe storage

And don’t forget about that space under your bed. This storage container can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and it zips up to protect them from dust.

Buy it on Amazon.

Genius Solutions for Everyday Organizing Needs

Desk Organizer

What is piled on your desk? How do you organize your office supplies? Desks are like a magnet for loose papers and pens. It’s so important to invest in one or all of these desk organizers. Spend less time searching for things and more time getting work done.

#1 Monitor stand with storage

Even if you have a laptop, you can use a monitor stand to give yourself a little more space on your desk. This one stands out because it has extra storage space on the sides and underneath.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Desk organizer with A smartphone holder

Where do you put your phone and pens when you are at your desk? This organizer will keep your phone sitting upright within your eyesight. It also has places for sticky notes and pens.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Pen holder with drawer

Do you sit at your desk and decorate your paper planner or bullet journal? If you love collecting lots of pens, then this is for you! It sorts and displays all your pens in separate cubicles.

Buy it on Amazon.

Cube Organizing products

One of the most versatile organizing products is the cube organizer. You can use it for almost anything. It looks perfect in living rooms, bedrooms, and even your linen closet. They are so simple! Here are the best ones we could find, you’ll love them.

#1 Rustic Gray 8-Cube Organizer

This is a basic and versatile cube shelf system. You’ll need to buy the bins separately, or just use it as a bookshelf.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Foldable cube bins

We love how anyone can use these fabric bins anywhere. They can store things in your closet, bathroom cabinets, and living room. They are a must!

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Metal wire cube storage

When you are buying cube storage, don’t forget about your garage. This metal unit is durable enough for your basement, garage, or shed.

Buy it on Amazon.

Simple and Affordable Home Organizing Solutions

Jewelry Organizer

How do you organize all your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings? When you have something as precious as these, it’s important to store them correctly so they last longer and you don’t lose them. But go beyond a jewelry box. These are some genius solutions that will help your jewelry stay organized.

#1 Hanging Jewelry Organizer

This unit hangs up in your closet with a wire hanger. It has spots on both sides and places to store necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Jewelry Cabinet

If you have a lot of jewelry, then invest in something like this one. It’s 47 inches tall (that’s almost 4 feet tall). The front has a lovely mirror, and inside are drawers and hangers for every kind of jewelry imaginable.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Rustic Jewelry Organizer

If you want something with a little more rustic/bohemian flair, then this one is even better. It has hooks for necklaces and a wire top for earrings. It will dress up your walls.

Buy it on Amazon.

Smart Organizing Ideas You Will Love

Pantry organizer

Lots of professional organizers have told us that one of the things they organize the most in people’s homes is the pantry. It makes sense. How many times do you find canned peas from last year or discover a bag of flour is leaving a trail behind it?

These are simple and affordable ways to keep your pantry organized.

#1 Stackable Can Rack

Every single pantry should have one of these. Forget stacking cans the old way, make it so you can find what you need quickly.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 airtight food storage

This storage set keeps your food fresh for longer. You can store everything from flour to pasta in these perfectly-sized containers. Plus, when you buy a matching set of containers it makes the entire pantry look unified.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 stackable plastic food storage

Fun fact: clear plastic things make small spaces feel bigger. When you store food in these plastic containers you trick your eyes and the entire pantry will feel bigger.

Buy it on Amazon.

Organizing Products Your Kids Will Actually Use

Toy Organizer

When you are looking for toy organizers, try to find something that is easy enough for your young kids to use. You also want to avoid anything that is too deep. Really deep toy boxes are tough to sort.

These are all so smart and make keeping your kids’ toys organized so much easier!

#1 bath toy organizer

Bathtub toys can finally stay out of your tub! This little organizer is so easy to use that your kids can help you keep their toys put away after bathtime.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 toy storage with plastic bins

There is a reason that almost every preschool in America has one of these. The plastic tubs are super durable and you can take them out to pick up the toys all around the room.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 kidkraft wooden wall storage

If you want something that looks a bit dressier that can grow with your child, then check this out. It has a lovely wood finish and plenty of shelves and places to store various toys and books.

Buy it on Amazon.

Products that Help You Stay Organized

Bathroom Organizer

What do you need to store in your bathroom? What are the most annoying things that you struggle to keep put away? Whether it’s under the sink, the endless amount of shampoo and soaps, or the towels, these are the products that will help you keep your bathroom organized.

#1 above the toilet shelves

If you don’t already have something above your toilet for extra storage, get this one. Don’t ignore this easy place where you can store makeup and extra towels.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Hair dryer and hanging rack organizer

This hanging rack organizer has a place for your hairdryer, curling iron, and hairbrushes. It keeps your counters free from all that stuff.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 under sink organizer

Don’t neglect that messy spot under your bathroom sink. This simple organizer doubles the amount of space you can use.

Buy it on Amazon.

Our Favorite Products to Make Organizing Fun

Purse Organizer

Nope, this isn’t a room. But anyone that carries a purse around knows the pain of keeping it sorted! I found some really helpful products that will take your purse game to the next level.

#1 felt purse organizer insert

I love how many pockets this thing has. There is literally a different spot for your phone, keys, and pens, and even more!

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 hanging handbag organizer for the closet

Instead of organizing inside your purse, use this to actually keep your purse collection organized in your closet. It can store tons of bags in a small space.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 set of 5 packing pouches

Sometimes it can be tough to find an organizer that fits inside your purse. That’s why I picked out these packing pouches. Pick out the one that fits inside your purse.

Buy it on Amazon.

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Shelf Organizer

I love organizing shelves! There are so many ways to do it, from a rainbow to decorating with a theme. I love finding things – like these organizers – that add beauty to my shelves while also being super practical too.

#1 Closet shelf divider

One of the sore spots in a closet is that top shelf. But just using a simple divider like this one can make all the difference. Now your sweaters won’t fall on top of your hats.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 bamboo shelf organizer

The simple design is so alluring. Keep your books and other knick-knacks organized with it.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 magazine file holder

Finally, a magazine file holder is another super-versatile product that you can use in tons of ways. These 11 hacks are some of the best ways to use them.

Buy it on Amazon.

Organizing Solutions That Make Great Home Decor

Spice Organizers

Spices are so fun to organize! You can sort them alphabetically, or by frequency. Some people even really get into it and create uniform labels. However you do it, these organizers will help.

#1 Spice organizer with drawers

I love how this one has drawers that pull out so you can find the spice you need. It’s such a charming little shelf.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 revolving countertop spice rack

You can store up to 20 jars of spices on this little rack. It’s a space-saving little invention that you’ll be so glad you have.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Slide-out spice rack

I like how this one slides out and goes back into the cabinet. It’s slim and doesn’t take up very much space. So if you have a small kitchen then invest in this spice rack.

Buy it on Amazon.

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Tool Organizer

Finally, let’s look at the things that will keep your tools organized in your shed or garage. Don’t get frustrated looking for that one wrench or screwdriver again. These genius products will help!

#1 hardware cabinet

Never search for that one screw or nail again. Keep them all organized and sorted out with this cabinet. Don’t forget to label it so you can find them easier.

Buy it on Amazon.

#2 pegboard organizer

Every single garage needs a pegboard organizer. Hanging up your tools keeps them in arm’s reach where you need them.

Buy it on Amazon.

#3 rugged tool organizing bucket

I love how durable this tool bucket is. Not only does it make your tools portable, but it has tons of pockets to keep them sorted.

Buy it on Amazon.

Organizing Products for Every Room in Your House

Organizing Products Keep Even Small Things Organized

There you have it! Grab a few of these organizing products and have fun sorting your stuff. Just looking at everything in its own place is so satisfying. Plus, it’s so much easier to keep things organized when you have the right tools.

As you organize your house, refer to our Take Back Control book. It outlines in easy steps how to control your home’s chaos and get it under control.

Then, write down and keep track of your task lists and cleaning goals with the Take Action Printables Binder. This is literally everything you need to manage your home!

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More Organizing Tips and Tricks

Keep the organizing going! Here are some more posts with lots of clever tips for all those problem areas in your home.

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