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10 Space Saving Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen

Struggling to organize a small kitchen? If there never seems to be enough room in your home, you’ll love these 10 space saving hacks for your tiny kitchen.

Whether you’re renting an apartment, or all the square footage in your home didn’t end up in the kitchen; then you know the struggle of having a tiny kitchen. There is never enough space to move around, and let’s not even talk about the fact that small kitchens rarely have a pantry! Read on to see which of these space saving hacks can work for you. 

Struggling to organize a small kitchen? If there never seems to be enough storage in your home (especially if you're in a rental home or apartment), you'll love these 10 space saving hacks and ideas for all the tiny spaces in your kitchen. #kitchenorganization #organization #clutterkeeper

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Space Saving Hacks for A Tiny Kitchen

Don’t let having a tiny kitchen frustrate you anymore. Here are 10 space-saving hacks that will make your small kitchen finally store everything you own. 

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1. Use vertical storage

When you have limited space in your kitchen, the next place to go is up! Using a vertical pegboard can easily allow you to add more storage to your kitchen without adding anything to the counters.

What can you store on a kitchen pegboard? 

Be creative. A pegboard is the perfect place to store any of the following things: 

2. Hang things on the wall

If you don’t have much storage space, you may still have some space on your walls. A magnetic knife rack or hanging your pots instead of storing them can free up a lot of valuable kitchen space. Make sure to hang them securely so you don’t break any of your items.

How do you hang kitchen stuff on the wall? 

Light items like potholders and kitchen utensils can hang on command hooks

For heavier items like cast iron skillets, you will need to install hooks directly into the studs of your house so they don’t rip out of the drywall. 

3. Use sliding storage

If you have space in between your fridge and the wall, or anywhere in your kitchen, consider adding some sliding storage. Can organizers, drawers, baskets, and caddies can add additional storage in shelves, cabinets, and in between tight spaces.

Another thing that is a lifesaver to store in a sliding storage unit is a spice rack. Organize the spices alphabetically and you’ll never waste time searching for a spice again. 

4. Maximize the area underneath the sink

While it might sound silly, you may have a ton of great real estate right under your kitchen sink! Look for ways to mount or organize this space, so you have more room for things like paper towels and napkins, that can be stored under the sink.

When you invest in under sink organizers, you will maximize the storage space. 

Don’t forget about the back of the door. This is the perfect place to store sponges, trash bags, and even paper towels. 

5. Take advantage of your cabinets

Next, look inside your kitchen cabinets. How are they being used? Is there a way to reorganize them so you can free up more space? 

Your cabinets have a ton of extra storage waiting to be used! You can mount your measuring cups or spoons to the wall, or even add a sliding basket to the shelves.

Invest in some cabinet organizers so you can stack different sized plates or store more cans and food packets. 

Struggling to organize a small kitchen? If there never seems to be enough storage in your home (especially if you're in a rental home or apartment), you'll love these 10 space saving hacks and ideas for all the tiny spaces in your kitchen. #organize #organizing #clutterkeeper

6. Use a rolling kitchen cart

A rolling cart is an excellent way to add storage to your kitchen and easily move it around as you need. You can keep items you don’t use frequently and bring it out when you need it.

If you have the space, you could even think about using a portable kitchen island. This will give you lots of storage space and also more food prep area. 

7. Attach storage to your shelves

Underneath your cabinets and shelving is a great place to add storage. Use magnets to hang jars on the shelves or consider installing baskets underneath the shelving unit.

Just by adding a few storage solutions underneath your cabinets could increase your storage capacity by at least a third. 

You could also build drawers under your cabinets too. It’s easy with the right tools. 

8. Open your unopenable drawers

Don’t you hate those fake drawers in your kitchen? With a little bit of research, you can figure out how to open them up and add your storage solutions right inside!

What can you store in false drawer fronts? Turn this into a way to store kitchen sponges and other cleaning tools

9. Make your shelving

Don’t have any shelving? Create your own. You can mount shelves to the wall or underneath your cabinets for additional storage.

Adding more storage spaces to your kitchen will increase the value of your entire home. If it is too small for you to use, it is probably going to be too small for the next home owner as well. 

If you have an empty wall, add some open shelves on it. Then, store some kitchen appliances on top. It’s amazing how much more space you will free up with just a few extra shelves. 

10. Get creative with where you are storing your items

Just because you use the item in the kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be stored there. If you are pressed for space, consider converting a nearby closet into a pantry or making a storage area for your appliances.

Go through all of your cabinets and drawers. Get rid of your junk drawer. Look at how much stuff is in your kitchen and try to cut it down by at least half. By cutting down on how much stuff you keep in your kitchen, you will free up space for food prep. 

Plus, a kitchen with less stuff inside of it feels more open and inviting. When you crowd your kitchen with too many unused piles of papers or appliances, it is more difficult to clean and less welcoming to guests. 

Just because you have a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful space! These ten hacks can make your kitchen feel twice as big on those days it may feel twice as small.

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