Craft Room Organization: Your Complete Guide


Create a craft oasis with this easy craft room organization guide. Discover new hacks and storage tips for every kind of hobby.

Crafting is messy. Creativity is a process – one that isn’t always tidy. Even if the process of arts and crafts is messy, nothing feels like that amazing euphoria when you walk into a clean, perfectly organized craft room. Yes, craft room organization is so important, even if it isn’t fun at first. Let’s get started!

Your Complete Guide to Craft Room Organization. Everything You Need to Know. Get Organized. Stay organized.

Craft Room Organization

This craft room organization guide is going to take you step-by-step through the entire room and help you create your own little piece of Heaven.

The perfect companion to this guide is our Take Back Control book. Download this book and go through each room of your home and create a calm and organized area that brings you peace and joy!

Then, when you’re ready to finally organize your entire craft room, use the Clear Your Craft Room Toolkit. It’s got checklists, planner pages, printable labels, and MORE!

This guide will cover:

  1. How to get your craft room under control (start here)
  2. Craft Room Storage Hacks
  3. The Best Craft Room Storage Products
  4. Craft Room Tour – for inspiration
  5. Craft Trends – try something new with one of these 11 popular crafting methods
How to Get Your Craft Room Under Control, organized craft supplies on a table top including washi tape, string, tags and paper confetti.

How to Get Your Craft Room Under Control

Let’s start here. If you have a craft room and you’re wondering how to organize it, just follow these easy 5 steps.

Step 4 – the actual organizing of all your stuff – might be the step that takes the longest to complete. There are lots of storage hacks below to help you find ways to keep your stuff sorted and easy to find.

1.) Identify the Problem

Before you even touch a single item, take a look around. What is your biggest struggle with your craft room?

Some common craft room problems are:

  • Too many craft supplies
  • Not enough places to store what you own
  • Too many works in progress
  • Not enough clean space to work

Once you identify your problem, you can begin to solve it.

2.) Cut Down on How Much You Own

This seems like the most logical next step, but it can also be the most difficult one. Every single craft supply you own could be used on a future project. Getting rid of them is like giving up hope of possible creations.

One very important question you have to ask yourself: When was the last time you touched those supplies?

If it has been longer than a year – or perhaps there are things still unopened after a few months – either put them in long term storage or give them away.

Don’t keep more stuff than you have room to store.

3.) Create Zones

Next, it’s time to store all your craft supplies. The easiest way to organize your room is to create zones. These are the zones you will need to establish to make your craft room usable:

  • Storage area
  • Working area
  • Craft Type zone
  • Inspiration

Make every area of your craft room have a specific purpose. Identify where you are going to do your crafts – leave a flat work area cleaned off at all times.

And in addition to the work area, keep some room dedicated to spurring on more ideas. Display a mood board or some sort of inspiration area.

The Best Craft Room Organizing Ideas, a bunch of paint brushes ready to be organized with other craft supplies

4.) Create Storage systems – make them pretty

After you create zones, it is time to put all your supplies away. This is the fun part! Create storage systems everywhere. Use small boxes in drawers to keep similar things together. Use tubs and baskets in cabinets to keep everything separated.

The most delightful part of this process is labeling it and sorting it all by color. Store things in the rainbow pattern. It will brighten your room and make it feel more fun and inviting.

As you create tubs and bins for your supplies, don’t forget to label them. You can go as basic as a label maker or as detailed as creating your own vinyl decals.

5.) Display Finished Projects

Finally, remember to show off your finished creations. Displaying them will fill you with pride and inspire you to keep creating! So leave a portion of your room for showcasing your works.

10 Genius Craft Room Organization Hacks.

Craft Room Organization Hacks

Now that you know how to organize your craft room, let’s get into some super helpful storage hacks. Some of these are perfect for any kind of craft supplies. Some of them are pretty craft-specific.

Look around your house and upcycle/reuse what you can as storage containers. Chances are you have exactly what you need right in your house!

1.) Use a Peg Board for Craft Supplies

A peg board for organizing craft supplies.

First, every single craft room needs a pegboard. These are super useful in the garage and in the basement too.

Why are pegboards used in craft rooms? When you create DIY projects, chances are you will be using lots of different tools. Storing them on the wall is super easy. It keeps them within arm’s reach. Plus, a pegboard lets you hang and re-organize all your supplies over and over without filling your wall with holes.

Want to know how to create a craft room pegboard? Teach Me Mommy has a very helpful tutorial.

2.) Store Thread in a DIY Stool

Turn a stool into thread storage.

This next storage hack is specifically for anyone that sews or embroiders. You can turn a simple stool into a thread organizer without much effort.

This tutorial is from Super Mom No Cape! It’s a low-cost option and keeps all your threads easy to find.

If you don’t sew, consider purchasing furniture like this stool and store extra supplies inside.

3.) Create an Ironing Cart with Storage

This next hack is perfect even if you don’t use an iron for your DIY projects. Use a rolling cart, a board, and plastic drawers for a combination workstation + storage space.

If you do iron things in your craft projects, follow the tutorial from Quilter’s Planner. You’ll have a portable ironing station that is a cinch to put together.

If you don’t iron, skip the padded board step and just use a painted board or countertop instead.

4.) Use the Back of Your Door for Craft Room Organization

Store craft supplies on the back of the door.

The back of the door is the perfect storage real estate, and there are so many products you can use here.

In fact, the example from Home Road stores small items like twist ties, stamps, and pens in jars on the back of the door. Take a look at the Home Road room – there are lots of unique repurposing ideas listed in the room tour.

You can also hang up our Deluxe Gift Wrap Organizer on the back of the door. You can store so much more than just wrapping paper! There are zippers and pockets galore.

5.) Store Yarn in A Cabinet

Storage cabinet full of yarn.

Anyone that knits or crochets knows the struggle of storing all the yarn. One solution is to dedicate an entire cabinet to your yarn stash! Of course, sometimes you need more than just a cabinet. You can also use mini-shelves to keep them all separated.

You might also want to consider individual baskets to sort your yarn stash by color, type of yarn, and even project.

6.) Make the Most Out of The Rolling Cart

Another craft room organization staple is the rolling cart. They are so useful! You can store what you need on them and literally roll them around the room whenever you need them.

But if you use a rolling cart for supply storage, make sure you get the most out of it. Just like in the example above, attach buckets to the side for smaller items, divide larger items with magazine holders.

The goal of rolling cart storage is to use lots of smaller containers to keep everything divided by category.

7.) Store Stickers in Magazine Racks

If you scrapbook or decorate planners, stickers are something that tends to get a little out of control.

Magazine racks attached to the wall are the perfect hack for storing sheets of stickers and scrapbook paper. They attach to the wall and are a perfect size.

8.) Label Everything – But with Rainbows

If you are going to label things in a craft room, you might as well make it pretty! The image above is the perfect way to take a totally basic set of plastic drawers and elevate them to super cute status. All it takes is some colored card stock and a vinyl cutter.

9.) Store Vinyl Vertically on the Wall

Speaking of vinyl, if you have a Cricut, you know the “joys” of storing all the vinyl colors you own. Store them vertically like in the Pinterest Pin below. You can repin it below or check out the tutorial from Daily Dose of DIY.

This is a genius storage idea because you can reach the vinyl super easily, with virtually no effort at all.

10.) Hang Buckets From Towel Rack

An organized craft room with tidy shelves.

Finally, a simple towel rack can be used to store buckets and even a tool box. These are great for holding:

  • Markers / Pens
  • Paint brushes
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Washi Tape
  • Anything small enough to fit in your hand

These are things you want to keep within arm’s reach and that are small enough to fit in your hand. You could label these buckets, but chances are you will be changing what you store in the buckets.

In the above example from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry, the buckets are organized by color, making a rainbow!

The Best Craft Room Organization and Storage Products including watercolor paints and brushes.

Best Craft Room organization and Storage Products

What are some of the best products for organizing craft supplies? Here are the 7 “must-have” organization products you need for your room.

1.) Clutter Keeper Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

You can store so much more than just gift wrap in it. Our Clutter Keeper Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer hangs up in any closet and stores your supplies vertically. You can store almost anything in the easy zippered pockets.

2.) Storage Bags

If you have fabric, yarn, or works in progress that you need to store, try some storage bags. They are roomy enough to hold blankets and sheets. Imagine how many things you can store inside.

They have soft, foldable edges. Store your supplies in boxes inside the storage bags. They have handles, making them easy to lift.

3.) Pegboard

Every single craft room needs a pegboard. They are affordable and incredibly versatile.

How to Organize Your Craft Room, organized craft supplies on a table top including washi tape, ribbons, scissors, string, tags and a pencil.

4.) Plastic Bins

Even if you buy a really effective cabinet, you will still need plastic bins to keep your items separated. Before you buy a bunch of boxes and tubs, layout your things and try to buy boxes that fit your stuff.

You will be amazed at what a huge difference a few plastic tubs makes in achieving your craft room organization goals.

5.) Canvas Totes

Canvas totes are great if you need something with handles so you can pick them up and take them with you. These are especially helpful if you knit or crochet and need to take your “work in progress” with you away from the house.

6.) Rolling Cart

Another craft room must-have is the rolling cart. You can store so much on it! And with wheels, it’s super easy to move around as you rearrange the room.

7.) Storage Cabinet

Finally, invest in a high-quality storage cabinet. Ask yourself if you prefer shelves or drawers. Pick something that will store everything you own in a way you can keep up with.

Craft Room Tour

Are you ready for some real-life inspiration? Room tours are fascinating. You can see how others organize their things and glean a few ideas from them. The following video is wonderful! It shows not only how clean a craft room can be, but how to sort and organize each shelf and drawer.

You can also find a complete craft room tour on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

What are the most popular DIY craft hobbies? Bluprint recently released their craft trends list. We agree with the list and took a few from them and added some more of our own observations.

11 Trendy Crafts You Need to Try, yarn and knitting needles on a table top.

If you are thinking of picking up a new craft – and have the space in your craft room to store more supplies – try one of these:

1.) Soap Making

With the increased popularity of essential oils, it is no surprise that soap making is high on the list. In addition to soap, lots of people are getting into DIY beauty products like sugar scrubs, face masks, and bath bombs.

2.) Everything Rainbow

No matter what you want to create, the rainbow craze is all over the place! Rainbow blankets, rainbow planners, and even DIY rainbow furniture.

3.) Llamas and Sloths

Unicorns and mermaids are still a really popular thing in the craft world. But creeping up and slowly taking over are llamas and sloths. These animals are just so adorable and you can find them at every popular craft store.

4.) Pyrography

Burning patterns into wood is also becoming a huge trend this year. It creates such a unique look. You can make them personalized and they stand out from other crafts.

5.) Dirty Pouring

Dirty pouring is also called pour painting or fluid art. It’s so popular because it is so easy to do and every painting comes out looking unique. Basically, you mix acryllic paints and pour them onto the canvas.

6.) Anything with yarn

Crocheting and knitting will never go away. It’s a timeless hobby that can create some of the most intricate and beautiful things. There are even people that can knit with their arms and extra-large tools.

7.) DIY Signs

Rustic decor is still very popular and making your own signs is a really fun hobby. You can use a Cricut or even just a paintbrush and stencils.

8.) Sewing

Sewing will always be a really fun hobby. Whether you are into quilting, making your own clothes, or creating toy plushes, sewing can create endless amounts of beautiful projects.

9.) Planner / Scrapbooking

Keeping track of things in your planner is the new scrapbooking. You can now find planner accessories at almost every craft store.

10.) DIY Home Decor

Larger home projects are taking over too! Now with the help of a few tutorials (and some power tools), you can build your own furniture and give older pieces new life.

11.) Card Making

If you love stamps and pretty paper, then card making might be for you. You can punch out lovely designs and layer stamp colors for some really neat effects. And the best part? You have some meaningful cards to give someone you love.

Essential Craft Room Organizing Ideas, a hand holding a bunch of paint brushes.

Craft Room Organization is essential

Organizing your craft room might seem like a monumental task at first. But once you tackle it, you will feel amazing! Few things feel as good as walking into a perfectly organized craft room.

Just break down the steps and complete them one at a time. Before you know it, you will have the craft room of your dreams.

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Everything you need to know to organize your craft room. Your digital organization guide. Organized craft supplies on a table top, including washi tape, a tape dispenser and a candle.

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