Cricut Storage: Your Complete Guide


Using a vinyl cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut is fun, but how do you organize all your supplies? Use these Cricut storage tips!

There are endless amounts of crafts and things you can make with a vinyl cutting machine. Do you follow any crafting bloggers? Chances are they have some free SVG files and Cricut tutorials! What’s really amazing is how many supplies you’ll collect when you start crafting with one yourself.

Cricut Storage: Your Complete Guide

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Your Complete Guide To Cricut Storage

Whether you are a beginning crafter or you’ve become a master at vinyl cutting projects, these tips will help you master your Cricut storage problems. These tips come directly from other experienced crafters who know what it’s like to have vinyl cutting supplies they have to organize.

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Table of Contents

Cutting Machine Supplies

What are some of the supplies almost all vinyl crafters have on hand? Let’s look at all of the products and things you need to organize before we get into the specifics.

Here is a list of the most popular vinyl cutting supplies people use. If you are just starting out in this hobby, here’s what to plan for so you can prepare storage space before you buy it. This is just a quick overview. Tastefully Frugal has a complete list of supplies you need and the ones you can live without.


It’s so much fun to make your own custom t-shirts when you use iron-on transfers. Other people make personalized towels or add designs to quilts. Some people prefer to keep a stock of t-shirts on hand so they can make one whenever the inspiration hits them.

Vinyl Rolls

There are so many more things you can cut with your cutting machine than just vinyl, but vinyl remains one of the most popular things people use it for.

Lots of home organizers love making custom labels for bins and totes. It sure makes your pantry look stunning!

Cutting Machine

This should go without saying, but you’ll need a cutting machine too. The good news is that most cutting machines are relatively slim and don’t take up very much space.


Mats or cutting boards are essential whether you are cutting vinyl, card stock or fabric. There are lots of durable and strong craft cutting boards out there.

They come in two different sizes – 12 by 12 or 12 by 24. Experienced crafters suggest having one of each size because you never know what size of project you are going to make.

You’ll also need to consider how strong of a grip you need your mat to have. Some are made to withstand cutting fabric and card stock and others are just for lighter projects.


An iron is optional. You really only need it if you plan on using iron-on transfers onto customized clothes.

Iron-On Transfers

If you are going to create designs on pillows or clothes or any other fabrics, then you will need some iron-on transfers. Craftables has a thorough guide that walks you through everything you ever wondered about iron transfers.

They are different than just rolls of vinyl because they are made from a different material. Another word for them is Heat Transfer Vinyl, or HTV.

10 Brilliant Ways to Store Craft Supplies for Cutting Machines

Transfer Tape

If you want to use HTV, then you are going to need some transfer tape. You will use this tape to transfer the vinyl from the backing to your project. (I know, it’s kinda self-explanatory).

Card stock

Another fun craft you can make with cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo is card making. If you ever want to try to make homemade cards, then you’ll need different colors of card stock.

Scrapers and Tools

Finally, there are lots of smaller crafting tools that you’ll use when you make your cutting crafts. Here are just a few of the most popular ones.

  • Glue – for card making
  • Scissors
  • Scraper – to apply transfer tape to vinyl
  • Spatula – removes materials from the mat
  • Weeder – this removes excess vinyl
  • Brayer – helps your fabric lay flat on the mat
Cricut Storage: Your Complete Guide
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How To Organize Your Crafting Area

Now that you know what you will be organizing, let’s look at how to do it. These are the same basic steps that I encourage you to use whenever you are organizing something. Thankfully, if you follow these steps you will have an organized area in no time at all!

1. Sort Your Supplies

First, take everything and lay it out on your floor or table. Begin sorting them.

Throw away anything that is broken or that you know you can’t use. Remember to only keep the supplies that you know you use. If you haven’t used something in the past 6 months, chances are you won’t use it in the next 6 months. Give it away.

Sort things by type, keeping all the HTVs together, the small tools in another pile, and the card stock in another.

2. Clean the Area

While you have everything out, use this opportunity to clean your shelves. Spray it down with all-purpose cleaner and wipe all the surfaces.

If there isn’t anything dirty or sticky you can probably get away with just dusting it. The goal here is to have a fresh and clean place to store all your supplies.

3. Use Bins and containers

Next, decide how many bins you need and store everything in their own, separate containers. I’ll share some really clever storage ideas further below.

When you are ready to buy containers for your cutting machine supplies, it’s important to buy things that fit everything you own. If it’s too big, you could be taking up valuable space.

Another thing to remember is to measure the depth of your containers too. It is so much smarter to buy things that are the perfect depth and then stack multiple containers on top of each other instead of using something that is too deep.

4. Label Everything

Finally, every time that you create a separate bin for your supplies, don’t forget to label them. This is probably the most fun part of all if you enjoy creating your own stickers.

If you are a beginning crafter or you haven’t made labels before, this video is amazing. She goes into detail and shares how to make different types of labels.

Clever Cricut Storage Ideas

No matter what type of cutting machine you have, you are going to collect a bunch of supplies! These Cricut storage ideas work for any other type of cutting crafts, including scrapbooking with the Silhouette Cameo.

Check them out and use all of your favorite ideas in your craft room.

Remember: organizing is a very personal thing. When you store things, keep them accessible. Put things away so that they are easy to reach and easy to put back away. This is not the time to stuff as much as you can on your shelves and show off your Tetris skills.

Clever Cricut Storage Ideas You Haven't Heard Yet

Cricut Storage Cart

The first idea is best for crafting in small places. Use a multi-level cart with wheels to keep all your things separated and organized.

Sunny Day Family created a beautiful and useful cart that keeps all her Cricut supplies within easy reach. I love the beautiful labels she made for it too.

If you check out her tutorial, you will also see how she cleverly hung up her Cricut mats on a hook on the back of the cart.

A Cricut Storage Cart

IKEA makes some really useful rolling carts that are perfect for keeping your vinyl and paper in. Hey Let’s Make Stuff turned the IKEA Alex Drawers into the best way to separate 6 different types of vinyl.

The great thing about a cart with wheels is you can store it in the corner and bring it out when you need it, without any heavy lifting.

No matter where you buy your storage cart, make sure it has plenty of drawers or levels. This will give you more bang for your buck.

Hang Vinyl On The Wall

Our Crafty Mom hangs her vinyl on the wall with a wall organizer from ArtBin. The best thing about this organizer is how easy it is to put together. It just snaps together and then you can hang it up on your wall. All of your vinyl is within arm’s reach.

Sweet Red Poppy has a genius IKEA hack for storing vinyl. She took trash bag holders, hung them up on her wall, and then stored rolls of vinyl inside of them. It’s amazing how many rolls you can fit in them and they are within easy reach.

Store Vinyl Scraps in a portfolio

This is pure genius. Label each page with the type of vinyl scrap. This tutorial even has free cutting files so you can make your own tabs.

I usually advocate for throwing away scraps of paper. But in this case, vinyl scraps can still be used to make smaller shapes. If you are going to keep small scraps like this, a portfolio keeps them secured so they don’t get ruined.

Cricut Storage Cabinet

If you are serious about your vinyl crafts, then you should consider investing in a stunning cabinet. No matter what type of vinyl cutting machine you use, something like this storage cabinet can make all the difference in the world!

This is called the WorkBox and it is a serious investment. This is basically every crafter’s dream come true. It comes with all the totes, drawers, and shelves you will ever need. The table folds out. Then, you can close it back up when you are done. WOW!

Pretty Providence has another storage cabinet that is stunning too. What she does best is using up every inch of space and labeling everything clearly. There is no wasted space and you know exactly where everything belongs just by looking at it.

Labeled Buckets

Lots of people save money by storing all of their supplies on a bookshelf. You don’t have to spend a ton on baskets – just buy some inexpensive buckets and baskets and label them.

The buckets are a great idea if you have more things to store than will fit in stackable bins. They use up the space efficiently and keep everything contained.

Cricut Storage Bag

A Cricut storage bag is essential if you want to protect your machine from dust or you want a way to carry it. Ideally, look for a bag that is padded and has smaller pockets for various tools. This one has all of that and it fits nicely in your luggage.

Cricut Cartridge Storage

Cricut cartridges are kind of a thing of the past, but there are still people that use them. Before the internet and the ability to connect your Cricut to your computer, you used to have to use cartridges that had designs on them.

If you have a machine and still enjoy using the cartridges, use a bin or a storage binder to organize them.

Cardstock Paper Organizer

The best way to organize all of your scrapbook paper and cardstock is by keeping every single color and print separated.

If you are serious about cardmaking, then invest in a wire paper display rack. This looks stunning – just like how they display paper in the craft store.

Another idea is to store your cardstock inside plastic job ticket holders. Then, you can store them vertically on your shelf or in a filing cabinet. It protects your papers from dust and dampness.

Store Supplies on a Peg Board Wall

I love peg board walls! You can store so many things in such an organized way with them.

A Peg Board Wall in a Craft Room

Hey Let’s Make Stuff has a beautiful peg board wall in her craft room. Tour the rest of her craft room – it’s full of stunning ideas!

DIY Cricut Tool Organizer

There are lots of cutting machine organizers you can buy that will store all the little blades and tools your machines use. Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain actually made her own. The best thing about making your own organizers is that you can make as many or as few little spots as you need.

Cricut Storage: Be practical

When it comes to organizing your cutting machines and supplies, you just have to be practical. Keep your organization systems simple, that way you will be more likely to maintain them.

Don’t keep more than you will use. That little bit of advice is perfect for every room in your house!

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How to Store Cricut Supplies: Transers, Card Stock, Tools and More

More Craft Organizing inspiration

As you keep up your creativity, here are some more ideas for craft room storage.

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