Jennifer from the Chaos Boss: A Natural Born Organizer


You know that best friend that inspires you to be a better person? You’re going to feel that same way about Jennifer Ferrari from the Chaos Boss. We are thrilled to introduce you to her and share her wisdom today.

2023 Update: We wrote this post in 2019. As of 2023, Jennifer’s business isn’t taking new business. We hope you’ll still learn some organizing tips and tricks from this experienced pro!

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This is part of an on-going series where we interview professional organizers and home organization enthusiasts. There are so many people that inspire tidiness and order every single day. Where would we be without them?

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Jennifer Ferrari – The Chaos Boss

Jennifer Ferrari from the Chaos Boss.

Jennifer Ferrari is the owner of The Chaos Boss, a professional organizing service that specializes in home, family, and business organization solutions. Through her work as a professional organizer and organizational strategies blogger, she helps clients and followers consolidate, organize, and simplify in order to optimize their lives.

Before organizing, Jen was a visual art teacher in the Massachusetts public school system. She is a proud alumnus of both UMass Amherst (BFA Art, BA Communication) and Springfield College (M.Ed).

In addition to helping clients “become the bosses of their own chaos”, she is the mother of two very active young boys. In her “spare time”, Jen enjoys being crafty, yoga, reading, hiking, running and working in her family’s garden.

We are thrilled to share some of her secrets with you!

What Are the most common questions you are asked as an organizer?

The most common questions I receive as an organizer are always about getting started: “How do I start?”; “When should I start?”; “Where do I start?” I always answer these questions with the client’s best interest in mind.

I should really call myself a personal organizer because I always cater to the needs of my clients. Organizing a home is incredibly personal. My job requires the client to trust me completely with their belongings, and I, in turn, need to honor and respect that trust by doing the best job possible.

What are your favorite storage hacks?

I have three that I love:

Use Vertical Space – don’t let it go to waste! (see my blog post about how to utilize and maximize it)

Use pictures to label things instead of words. For anyone who struggles with written cues and is more visually oriented, having picture labels would help to minimize confusion about what goes where (especially helpful for families with kiddos who can’t read yet).

“Prep time”: This is not so much a storage hack as it is a life hack. Spend the last 10 minutes of your day setting up things for the next day. Clear countertops, put away dry dishes, lay out clothes, make lunches, pack bags, set out important papers or bills you need to take care of… all of the small things you prepare today will help you to have a smoother, less stressful tomorrow.

A perfectly organized child's room by Jennifer Ferrari of The Chaos Boss.
A tidy and lovely child’s room Jennifer organized.

What made you really enjoy organizing in the first place?

I’ve always been an organized person. All people are born with innate interests and passions. My mom still tells me stories about when I was 2 or 3 and would line up toys (such as cars or blocks) by size, shape, or color. But my main passion when I was a child was art. Over the years, I’ve taken that passion and turned it into a purpose.

My purpose in life is to use my creativity to help others visualize the possibilities of their spaces so they can enjoy being in them. I was very lucky to have support from family and friends along the way, and that (coupled with my post-secondary education in fine art and communication) has helped me greatly as I developed both as an individual and as a professional organizer.

Who is your inspiration?

Walt Disney was my first and most important role model. He inspired me to develop my affinity for all things art into a career. He was also integral in my mindset regarding success, failure, and professional growth. Disney always used the success of his last project in order to work toward developing his next idea, and was always trying to invent new ways of seeing the world.

George Parks was one of my college professors and had a huge impact on my outlook on life. He instilled within me a drive to always give everything I did 110%. Whenever I do something, I do it with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement – because why bother doing it any other way?

Joanna Gaines is a more recent addition to my role models. About 5 years ago, I really got interested in Fixer Upper in terms of the design aspect. But after reading and learning more about her, her family life, her past struggles, and her passion projects (such as raising money for St. Jude’s), I can’t help but add her to my inspirations. She is just overall the kind of person I strive to be: the best possible, truest version of myself.

This is more of a movement, but minimalists such as Joshua Becker are inspirational to me as well. I am inspired by other parents who are drawn to minimalism as a way of raising their children. I wouldn’t call myself a “true” minimalist, but I am inspired by parents who share a similar desire to highlight experiences for their children over material items such as toys (which quickly lose their novelty).

Just start. The biggest hurdle to overcome is beginning the organizing process. Once you begin and get past the initial hesitation, momentum will take over and help see you through until the end.

– Jennifer from The Chaos Boss

What is your favorite way to label things?

I use my Dymo label maker for most things, but sometimes I enjoy making custom labels with my Prismacolor markers: there’s a creative side to organizing that I enjoy almost as much as the tidying / decluttering aspect.

What are some of your favorite “must-have” storage products?

It’s a tie between kitchens and basements. They are so different from one another, but both so much fun to work in!

Has anything funny or memorable happened to you when you were on a job?

  • I once cleaned a pantry and found spices that expired in 2008.
  • Not memorable or funny, but I LOVE seeing items I grew up with that aren’t around anymore (CD players, Tomagotchis, film negatives, etc.)

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