Laundry Room Organization: Your Complete Guide


A completely organized and tidy laundry room is just a few steps away. Discover new laundry room organization tips that will create a serene and beautiful space.

Learn everything you ever wanted or needed to know about laundry room organization. Whether you have a small laundry closet or an entire room, you'll find both DIY storage ideas on a budget and more conventional space saving tips.

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Laundry Room Organization Guide

Laundry room organization can be a challenge. As you can imagine, laundry rooms come in all different sizes and configurations. Some small apartments have a stacked unit in the kitchen. Others sit in the hallway or in the basement. And then there are the beautiful, large rooms dedicated entirely to the act of washing and folding laundry.

Every single laundry area has its own struggles. Let’s look at each of them and discover some hacks that will give you more space and help you enjoy doing laundry.

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This post will cover:

5 Types of Laundry Rooms and How To Organize Them All

Types of Laundry Rooms

Before we jump into laundry room organization ideas and solutions, let’s look at all the different types of laundry rooms. Depending on whether you live in an apartment or a newly updated home, your laundry area will look different.

Every type of room has its own strengths and weaknesses. As you read about your type of laundry area, look at the other areas too. Maybe you can update your area to one that will be more functional for your space.

1.) Laundry Closet

Laundry closets are the most common places people keep their washer and dryer. This includes closets with or without doors.

If your washer and dryer sit off of your kitchen or inside a small indentation in the wall, you have a laundry closet.

These are wonderful because they don’t take up very much room. You have easy access to your laundry at all times.

However, they can be difficult in some ways too. There isn’t a lot of extra room for storing laundry supplies and there isn’t anywhere to put the laundry baskets.

2.) Laundry and Folding Room

This next one is the one we all dream about and want in our home. There are photos on Pinterest of picture-perfect laundry rooms large enough for cabinets, countertops, and even room to sort all the laundry.

This is often one of the first renovations or changes people make to their homes.

There are lots of benefits to this set-up. There is plenty of room for everything you need to do and it keeps the laundry out of site.

The only negatives are that it can be costly to add a laundry room like this if you don’t have one yet.

3.) Hall Laundry

Another very common setup is having a washer and dryer sitting in the hallway. This is extremely helpful because it is really easy to just walk by, put the laundry in the dryer, and keep walking.

The only downside is it limits where you can put the hampers or laundry baskets.

4.) Garage Laundry

Do you remember the show Home Improvement? That set had the laundry area in the garage. This can be a wonderful setup, depending on your garage and what else you are storing in it.

Some garages can have lots of room, so you can put a folding table, countertops and extra shelves around your appliances.

The only real negative is if you live in colder climates and the garage isn’t heated. It can sure make doing laundry one of the things you want to do least.

5.) Basement Laundry

The final place that lots of homes keep their washer and dryer is in the basement. This is a little better than the garage – most basements have heat and air conditioning. Plus, there is room to expand the laundry area if you ever want.

The only real downside to keeping it in the basement is how inconvenient it can be to walk up and down the stairs for every load. This can encourage procrastination and an overall dislike for the chore.

A completely organized and tidy laundry room is just a few steps away. Discover new laundry room organization tips that will create a serene and beautiful space.

How to Store Laundry Supplies

Doing laundry requires a lot of supplies – from stain removers, to fabric softeners and even detergent. One of the first steps in laundry room organization is to figure out how to store them all.

Instead of just keeping these things on top of your appliances, here are 7 ways to store your laundry supplies.

1.) Vertical Storage

Look around your laundry area and see if there is any vertical space that you can utilize for storage. Hang a vertical organizer from the ceiling and store some of these items in it:

  • Dryer sheets
  • Lint rollers
  • Containers to hold coins and other small items found in the laundry
  • Single-use detergent packs
  • Stain remover
  • Washing machine cleaner

2.) Back of Door

Next, think about using the back of the door for laundry room organization. It’s a great way to store a few of those items listed above. You can either install a hanging organizer on the door or you can put a pegboard and baskets on the door.

3.) Laundry Room Cabinets

If you have enough room to add some cabinets, this is a perfect way to create storage that shows off beautifully. You can organize the cabinets and then the doors create a finished and polished look.

There are a variety of cabinet options. You can either buy a box set from stores like IKEA or Home Depot. Or you can purchase a custom cabinet or even build your own.

4.) Shelves and baskets

Another easy option for laundry room organization and storage are shelves and baskets. Installing shelves above your appliances instantly provides space for laundry detergent, and all your cleaning supplies.

You can even use shelves to store extra towels or other clothes.

5.) Rolling Portable Cart

Rolling carts are helpful solutions when you don’t have much space but need a little extra storage.

Double the use of your rolling cart by using it to store other cleaning products like carpet and floor cleaners.

6.) Pegboard with Baskets

For really small spaces, a pegboard on the wall can hold baskets and store things on hooks like scrub brushes and lint rollers.

You can also attach calendars and plastic containers that have handles on the hooks too. A pegboard is a creative storage solution when you have a variety of things you need to store.

7.) Utilize Wasted Space

Finally, look around your room and observe all the wasted space you could utilize.

Do you have extra space near the ceiling? Suspend some shelves.

Is there wasted space between the machines and the wall? Build a custom shelf. Wasted space can hold some of the best places to store exactly what you own.

Common Laundry Room Struggles

What do you struggle with most in your laundry room? Here are the most common laundry room storage issues people have and some ideas to solve them.

Learn everything you ever wanted or needed to know about laundry room organization. Whether you have a small laundry closet or an entire room, you'll find both DIY storage ideas on a budget and more conventional space saving tips.

1.) Keeping it Clean from Dust

The first problem lots of people face is dust and lint in the laundry area. There are a few ways to fix this.

  • Always clean the lint catcher.
  • Store used lint in a trash can with a lid.
  • Check the exhaust vent and make sure it isn’t loose.

2.) Nowhere to Store Supplies

If your laundry supplies are overflowing and you can’t find a way to keep them all organized, consider trying one of these ideas.

  • Only keep what you need – the less you keep, the less you need to store
  • Invest in multi-purpose products – If you can find a product that does the job of 2, it will save you storage space
  • Install more shelves – Create more surfaces for boxes and containers to hold your stuff
  • Stack your washer and dryer – free up space for more cabinets and shelves by stacking your washer and dryer. This works best with the front loading varieties.

3.) Where keep laundry baskets

Laundry baskets are a big problem, especially if you have a unit in in your hallway or in a closet.

If you have an entire laundry room, consider adding a shelf unit with railings that can stack laundry baskets.

But if if you don’t have an entire room, install a countertop or wood surface above your machines. You can store the laundry basket on top while they are empty.

4.) Not Enough Folding Space

One of the most common complaints about laundry spaces is the lack of room for folding and sorting clean clothes. Unfortunately, if your machines are stored in a closet or hallway, there isn’t much you can do.

But if you have a little extra space, install a countertop of some sort. You can even install a folding table that can be stored in the wall. This video shows how to build and install one yourself.

5.) Keeps Getting Disorganized

The only real solution to your disorganized laundry room is to try and figure out why. Set up a schedule and declutter your room and change your storage ideas when they are no longer effective.

If you need some ideas for keeping it organized, here are a few.

Laundry Room Organizing Tricks to Make Washing Clothes Easier

How to Keep Your Laundry Room Organized For Good

These laundry room organization ideas will help you long term. Use any of them that will work for you and your space.

1.) Create A System You Can Stick With

First, only use laundry room organization systems that you know you will be able to manage. If it feels foreign or awkward, don’t keep trying. Pick something new.

2.) Solve Every Storage Issue

Next, don’t let any storage problems go unnoticed. They will become bigger problems. Create a solution for every single thing you store in your laundry room and you’ll have a cleaner room for longer.

3.) Minimize What You Keep

Minimization is the secret to clean living. Do not keep something just because you used it once. If you don’t use it, don’t try to figure out how to store it.

4.) Schedule Laundry Room Organization Days

Once a month, go through and wipe down all the surfaces in your laundry room. Decide if your methods are working and buy more baskets or reorganize if it needs it.

When you actually schedule times to clean and organize, it prevents the work from becoming overwhelming.

5.) Keep It Simple So Others Can Help

When you create your storage solutions, keep them simple and label your containers. You want to encourage your family members to help keep it clean and a complicated laundry room organization system only you can understand won’t do that.

9 Genius Laundry Room Hacks

One thing that will help you attack your laundry and stay on top of it, is having the right hacks that make the job easier. These 9 laundry room organization hacks will make your laundry area a place you enjoy being in – even if it’s just a little more enjoyable.

Learn everything you ever wanted or needed to know about laundry room organization. These laundry hacks will save you time with everything from tips on folding to organizing ideas.

1.) Hide Washer & Dryer With A Curtain

If your washer and dryer are in a hallway or somewhere in the open, installing a simple curtain or skirt can dress up the area. It can make the entire room look tidier and put together.

The following photo from Instagram is a perfect before and after example. Just look at the difference the skirt makes.

2.) Store Baskets Vertically

If you have a little extra space, you can install a few simple rails that will store laundry hampers vertically. This removes them from the walkway – giving you more walking area – and helps with sorting too.

Here is a tutorial for how to make a vertical basket organizer out of wood pallets, like the one below from Cook Eat Go.

DIY Laundry Basket Organizer out of Wood Pallets

3.) Create a Magnetic Laundry Chart

Sharing a washer and dryer with others in your home can be a headache. Speed up the process with a magnetic laundry chart. Using magnets on a dry erase board lets you make changes to the schedule whenever a roommate leaves or someone needs extra help.

You can also use laundry care reminder cards so no one accidentally tosses delicate or stain-treated clothing in the dryer.

4.) Hang Things From the Wall

If you don’t have extra space for shelves, install some hooks or a pegboard and hang up the laundry detergent and other supplies on the wall. If you use a pegboard, I suggest hanging things inside baskets. The Container Store has some really sturdy (and cute) baskets that hang on pegboards.

5.) Build a DIY Washer and Dryer PEDESTAL for Extra Storage

Lift up your machines and install pedestal drawers underneath. You will be surprised at how much extra storage space this provides.

There are lots of products online you can buy. If you enjoy doing it yourself, you can follow this easy tutorial.

6.) Label the Laundry Baskets for Easy Sorting

Another time-saving hack that is super simple – label the laundry baskets. If you sort laundry, label them “lights, darks, towels.” If you prefer to sort by person, label baskets with names.

Labeling the baskets will prevent bottlenecks from happening and keep the laundry going.

7.) Install a Hidden Folding Table

Folding clothes is one of the most complained-about laundry chores. You get the clothes all washed and cleaned, then load them in the baskets, and then you still aren’t done.

It is frustrating.

Installing a hidden folding table will provide space right at the dryer to fold your clothes. Then you just have to carry the folded clothes to the bedrooms and put them away.

You can either make one yourself or buy a cabinet with a pull-out table. Even something as small as the size of a cutting board will give you a place to fold and place in the basket.

8.) Use a Mesh Bag to Keep Socks Together

Prevent socks from being lost in the wash. The solution is almost too easy. Use mesh bags to wash socks! It keeps the socks together (and saves you folding time too). The only way this won’t work is if the socks aren’t placed in the bags correctly.

9.) Hang Crib Springs from the Ceiling

The final hack will give you more areas for drying clothes indoors. A crib spring hung from the ceiling turns a large area into a place to dry clothes. Here is a tutorial with lots of pictures.

Need more ideas? Here are 11 more cheap and easy laundry room organization hacks.

Organized Laundry Rooms We Adore

Laundry Room Ideas

Still need some laundry room inspiration? Here are some breathtaking photos from Instagram that will really make you want to redo your laundry area.

The space and natural light in this photo just fills the room with beauty!

Stacking the units with a pull-out folding space is a wonderful idea if you live in a small home.

Add some color to the cabinets for a really eye-popping room.

Completely hiding the washer and dryer behind doors is another creative solution.

Adding a sink to the laundry room helps with those really super dirty clothes or pretreating stains.

Sometimes, a transformed laundry room just needs shelves and baskets for a really bright and polished look.

Which of these laundry room organization ideas will you try first? Leave us a comment below and let us know which tip was the most helpful for you.

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More Room Organization Help

Now that you know how to organize your laundry room, here are some more tips for other smaller rooms in your home.

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