A Room By Room Organization Plan for Your Entire Home


Organize your home without being overwhelmed. This room by room organization plan shows you how to begin so you can tackle each room, one at a time.

As the seasons change, we may start to find ourselves spending a little more time indoors than we had planned. Instead of curling up under a blanket and watching Netflix for hours, why not start organizing your home! To keep this grand task from feeling daunting or too overwhelming, we have broken it up into a room by room organization plan so you know where to start, and you can tackle each room one at a time.

Room by room organization: an easy plan to organize your entire home.

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Room by Room Organization Plan

Let’s get your entire home organized with a few easy steps. This room by room organization plan will walk you through each room, one by one. 

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Table of contents

No two houses are exactly alike. Some homes have dining rooms and home offices. Let’s look at the most common rooms that every house will have and organize those. 

Kitchen Organization

The first room you should organize is the kitchen. 

For many of us, the kitchen is one of the most unorganized rooms in our home. Since we spend most of our time in this room, it is only fair that we start here.

Clean Out Food Storage Areas

The first step is to clean out your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Get rid of anything that you don’t need anymore, or has gone bad. This is going to free up your space for new organization systems, and new food down the road. Once you have cleared out these spaces, take the time to organize what you have left and group them together to make things easier to find.

Organize Drawers and Cabinets

Next, move on to your drawers and cabinets. Take everything out and wipe them down. Add in shelf liners and even drawer organizers to help keep your contents from sliding around and making a mess.

Organize Plastic Food Storage Containers

Lastly, don’t forget about your Tupperware! We all have cups, containers, dishes, and bowls that are spread out across the kitchen. If these areas are starting to burst from the seams, consider donating your current set and starting over with a set of nesting dishes.

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How to organize your whole house, one room at a time

Bathroom Organization

Next, move on to the bathrooms and clean them out. 

While you may have multiple bathrooms throughout your home, all of the steps in this section will apply to all of your bathrooms.

Clean the Showers and Under the Bathroom Sink

First, start with your shower and under the bathroom sink. These will likely be the two areas that need the most help. Take everything out of this space and give it a good clean. Shampoo bottles and lotions can make a mess, and you may need to do some scrubbing. Next, group items together and store them in bins by item.

Clear off the Counters

Next, find a way to keep your bathroom counters clear of extra items. Limit your counter space to only the items you use every single day, and find a way to store everything else in the storage areas you have available. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and use lazy susans to cycle through your hair products, or drawers for holding your makeup.

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Tips to create a room by room organization plan.

Living Room Organization

Your living room is likely going to be the most organized space you’ve come across so far. Since this is the room where we usually entertain guests, we naturally have storage solutions in place to make things look nicer.

Take Note of Problem Areas

First, start by evaluating how your current storage solutions are working, and where you may need an extra hand. Is your DVD collection contained, or is it bursting from the shelves? Are things piled up all over the floor, or are there clearly marked bins and baskets (a label maker works great for this) for your items?

Sort Everything Into Categories

If you’re not sure where to start, take everything out and put it on the living room floor. Sort it into categories, and think about where you use these items. Once you’ve determined where you use them, think about how you can store them without turning it into an eyesore.

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Organizing ideas for every room.

Bedrooms Organization

Organizing your bedroom will be one of the easiest projects, which is why we saved it for last! The items in your bedroom should fall into three categories:

  1. Items you use for sleeping
  2. Items you use before bed
  3. Items you use for getting dressed

Anything else that doesn’t belong in one of these categories needs to go! Do not let your bedroom turn into an overflowing storage unit! Move the items that don’t meet these criteria into another room where they can be properly stored.

Conveniently Store Items Near Place of Use

Once you are left with only these three types of items, it’s time to organize! Start by looking for storage options near where you use these items. For example, put your clothes in your dresser or closet, your book you read before bed on your nightstand, and so on.

From there, if you need to further organize your items, think about the most practical option available. If you need to look at your purses in order to see what you have, don’t keep them in a storage bin. Find a way to display them so you can easily browse through them when you need to.

Organizing your entire home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Follow these tips for organizing your home by room, and you’ll have an organized home in no time.

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Room-by-room organizing: kitchen, bath, living room, bedroom.

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