Laundry Room Cabinets Ideas


What kind of cabinets are best in your laundry room? And what do you keep on your laundry room shelves? Discover some laundry room cabinets ideas that fit in your space.

Clever Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas and Storage Tips

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Laundry Room Cabinets Ideas

Let’s face it. We save the laundry room organization for almost last. It’s the room we go to because we have to, not because we enjoy spending lots of time in there. Even if you don’t really like doing laundry, having clean and tidy laundry room cabinets will make you feel a little better.

Whether you have a corner laundry closet or a spacious laundry room, these ideas will help you create a beautiful space that makes even this dreary chore more enjoyable.

What do you store in your laundry room?

The very first step – even before buying new cabinets and redecorating your entire space – is to establish boundaries. What are you going to store in your laundry room?

What to store in your laundry room cabinets, clothes dryer full of clothing with an open door

Don’t let this place become the “I don’t know where it goes so let’s stuff it in here” place. If you keep your laundry room organized, you will feel better about spending time there.

These are the essentials you need to store in your laundry room cabinets.

What to store in your laundry room cabinets:

What not to store in your laundry room cabinets:

  • Extra clothes you don’t wear
  • Cleaning supplies you don’t use
  • Tools
  • Lost items that don’t have a home
7 genius ways to use your laundry room cabinets - clothes dryer full of clothing with an open door

Now that you know what to store in your cabinets, let’s look at some ideas that you can use.

1.) Upper and Lower Cabinets

The most popular style of laundry room cabinets is to install both upper and lower cabinets. This provides the most storage space. Having cabinet doors makes the entire room look polished and organized.

Plus, there are lots of additional “extras” you can add to the cabinets like pull-out drawers and places to store hampers/laundry baskets.

2.) Rustic Laundry Room Cabinets

One of the best things about having cabinets in your laundry room is the ability to make them match your style. If you have a rustic-themed home, install some rustic cabinets.

The one in the image above is a perfect example. You can use barn wood for your cabinets or even just choose some doors with natural wood finish.

3.) Colorful Cabinets

Use the cabinets to add some pops of color to your laundry room. There are so many beautiful paint colors from which to choose. You could go bright like the one in the photo above. Other people have chosen darker shades like navy blue.

4.) Glass Cabinet Doors

Most glass cabinet doors are used in dining rooms and kitchens. But if you want a unique way to decorate your laundry room, give this idea a try.

5.) Drawers for Laundry Supply Storage

As you can see in the image above, drawers in your laundry room cabinets can hold whatever you design them to. This one is deep enough to hold a laundry basket.

Other ideas for laundry room drawers include:

  • Detergents
  • Soaps
  • Buckets
  • Baskets for lost socks
  • Sewing supplies

6.) Pull-Out Ironing Board and Drying Racks

Custom cabinets can have this helpful feature added in – a hidden sliding drying rack. You could also choose to make it solid and use it for ironing too.

If you prefer DIY, this tutorial can help you create your own pull-out drying rack.

7.) Countertops for Folding

Even if you just install a countertop above your front-loading machines, a flat surface for folding clothes is a must. When you take your folded clothes to your room, half the battle is finished.

6 Brilliant Ideas to Use Shelves in Your Laundry Room

Laundry Room Shelf Ideas

The other option for storing your supplies is to use open shelving. This is an affordable option. It makes small spaces appear roomier too.

Here are 6 popular laundry room shelving ideas that will store all your things and keep your room organized.

1.) Room for Hanging up Clothes

The first benefit to open shelves is the ability to hang up clothes. Leave enough room in one side of the shelves to install a closet rod.

Closet rods are affordable. Plus, when you hang up your clothes you save yourself time ironing.

As you can see in the image above, you could choose to make the closet rod the entire length of the room. Or you can just install a smaller rod on part of a wall and install more shelves.

2.) Laundry Basket Storage Shelves

Next, install deep enough shelves to fit laundry baskets. This is really helpful when you are sorting clothes or if you have a top loading machine.

3.) Totes with Labels

The only drawback to open shelves is that they show off your things. There aren’t any doors to hide behind.

So fix this by purchasing matching baskets and labeling each basket. It will help your room feel uniform and organized.

4.) Pull-Out Drying Rack

Drying racks are useful for clothes that need to hang to dry. You can install a fold-out drying rack easily in your laundry room. They take almost no room at all.

5.) Colorful Backdrop

One thing that open shelves lets you do is add colorful paint or wall paper to your room. You can really make your laundry room reflect your unique style.

6.) Wire or Wood Laundry Room Shelves

The biggest choice you’ll have to make is what kind of shelves to use in your laundry room. Should you use wire or wood shelves?

Wire shelves are more affordable and match every single decor theme. However, you will have to use baskets or bins because some things like loose change might fall through the cracks.

Wood shelves can be painted and reflect your personal decor. Since these are solid, they can hold a variety of decor like picture frames.

Laundry Room Cabinets – A Part of the Decor

There you have it. Cabinets and shelves in your laundry room – no matter the size – will double your space. It will also add to your decor theme. Keep browsing more ideas online and create the exact space that helps you enjoy this mundane chore.

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