29 Brilliant Laundry Room Hacks


From spacious laundry rooms to cramped laundry closets, there are tons of laundry room hacks that will keep everything tidy and organized. Discover a few that will help you out.

You know that feeling when you discover something that is game-changing? These hacks are that kind of thing. They will make you say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

29 Brilliant Laundry Room Hacks

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29 Brilliant Laundry Room Hacks

How do you organize your laundry room? From custom-built cabinets to DIY baskets on the wall, there are tons of ways to stay tidy. These 29 laundry room hacks are exactly what you need.

Some of them are so easy that you have no excuse – organize your laundry room and finally enjoy doing laundry again.

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1. Behind the door storage

The first hack might seem super simple, but you will be amazed at just how much space you have after you do it.

Hang up your brooms, dusters, dustpans, and cleaning supplies. This will also make your laundry room easier to clean too.

Find the tutorial on I Heart Organizing.

2. DIY Built-in Laundry Basket Organizer

To sort your laundry faster and easier, create vertical hamper storage in the corner. This is a lot easier than you might think.

You can also label the hampers with the names of your family members. This gets the hampers off the floor so you have more room to walk.

Follow the tutorial on Make it Love It.

3. Hang up a pegboard

If you have an entire empty wall, install a really handy pegboard. Then, put some hooks on the laundry bags so you can sort your clothes by color.

Hanging things on the wall is such a space-saver.

Find the tutorial on Remodelaholic.

4. Use crib springs for a dryer rack

Chances are you aren’t utilizing your ceiling space for laundry. This hack is pure genius. Just hang up the springs from a crib mattress from the ceiling.

Now you have room for hanging up clothes so they can dry. This is a wonderful solution if you don’t have very much wall space in your laundry room or area.

See the tutorial on A Diamond in the Stuff.

5. Label Everything

When you have a laundry room full of baskets and bins, you need to label them. It’ll save you time when you need to find something.

And when you label them, it can really make the entire room look clean and put-together. Just look at the image above, isn’t it dreamy?

See this laundry room at Rain and Pine.

6. Wall-mounted lint bin

What do you do with your used dryer lint? Install a lint basket on the wall right next to your dryer. This will make it easier to clean out and give you more space on your floor.

Read the tutorial on Building Our Story.

29 Laundry Room Hacks

7. Use mini drawers

As you organize your laundry room, you might find a ton of smaller items that are more difficult to store.

Those small plastic drawers that people use for jewelry or small office products will be perfect.

To maximize your space, use clear plastic drawers. The see-through nature of these containers will make your shelf and entire laundry space look bigger than it is.

8. Lost Sock Jar

What do you do with random stray socks? Use a clear cookie jar and a personalized label.

This one is super fun and fits perfectly on your laundry shelf.

Find the tutorial on Housewife Eclectic.

9. Create a Weekly Schedule

There are lots of ways to organize a laundry schedule. You can organize by laundry type (like in the example above) or by family members.

Keeping a posted laundry schedule will keep you on track. There’s so much to remember, this shouldn’t be one of them. Just print off and display your laundry schedule anywhere in your laundry room or your command center.

Download the free printable at Crayons and Cravings.

10. DIY Laundry Pedestal

If you have a front-loading washer and dryer, then utilize the space underneath it for laundry basket storage.

This example looks stunning. And instead of labeling the baskets like that, you can even use numbers and post what the numbers mean on a sheet.

Follow the tutorial on Addicted 2 DIY.

11. Hang things on the door

If you have a door in your laundry room, this is a perfect place to store soaps, cleaners, and detergents.

Measure your door and buy a wire door organizer. They are pretty simple to install and will free up lots of shelf space.

See the tutorial on My Sweet Savanna Blog.

12. IKEA Towel Bars as Drying Racks

When you don’t have a really large laundry room, finding space to hang up shirts so they can dry without wrinkling is a problem.

This hack will give you space to dry your clothes without taking up much space. You only need less than a foot of wall space to do it.

Use a folding towel rack. It’s a perfect size.

Check out the tutorial on Hope Longing Life.

Easy Laundry Room Hacks for Every Home

13. Floating folding table

Give yourself somewhere to fold laundry and keep the hampers out of the way at the same time. Install a custom floating table like in the example above.

By making it float, you will gain storage underneath the table too. Don’t forget to install a towel rack or other type of bar for hanging up clothes while you fold.

14. Hide Hampers in the Cabinets

This is another custom cabinet hack – and it’s genius.

Create false cabinet fronts that lean out. Then, put some hampers inside. This way, you can hide your hampers full of clothes and just have a really tidy and pristine laundry room.

15. Put storage between your machines


If you have space in between your washer and dryer, put a cabinet for some extra storage here.

Even if you only have a small amount of space, you can find a rolling cart that fits in narrow spots.

16. Hang up floating shelves


Floating shelves are super stylish and give an airy, roomy, feeling to your laundry space.

Keep these floating shelves free of extra things to help it appear less cluttered and cleaner.

17. Fold laundry into baskets

If you don’t have room to fold in the laundry room, use smaller baskets for easier sorting.

Then you can just drop each little basket in the rooms they belong in.

18. Store Loose Change in a jar

Where do you keep the loose change you find in the washing machine? Make a beautiful and fun loose change jar that you can hang on the wall.

If you don’t have time to make one, you can buy a custom one from Etsy.

Follow the tutorial on Burton Avenue.

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas

19. Build a Countertop over your front loaders

Installing a cabinet across the top of your front-loading machines will give you so much more space.

You can use this countertop for folding or store baskets and bins on it.

20. Hook Keys inside the cabinets

Hang up keys inside the door of your laundry room cabinets

Photo courtesy of My Casa di Bella.

Where do you store your keys? If you have lots of keychains, hanging them up in the cabinet door is a really good idea.

It makes a lot of sense to hang up extra keys. They are one thing you find a lot stuck inside pants pockets.

The best thing for hanging up keys are Command Hooks. You can move them around and they are slim, fitting in almost any place.

21. Wood crates for upper cabinets

This next laundry hack will give you upper cabinets on a shoestring budget.

Buy a bunch of wood crates from a craft store. Then, screw them to the wall.

That’s it!

Now you have places for baskets, bins, and your laundry detergents.

22. Add wheels to your laundry basket

Lugging around laundry baskets can be a pain in the neck. But this hack couldn’t be any easier.

Take a brand new garbage can and attach some wheels to the bottom. Now you have a laundry basket that you can wheel all around the room super easily.

Go see the tutorial on The Shabby Creek Cottage.

23. Liquid Detergent in glass containers

This hack hides your detergents in plain sight. Beautify your laundry room by storing liquid detergent and softeners in a glass drink dispenser.

If you have kids, this might not be such a great idea. It looks so pretty it’s almost inviting you to try a taste.

Find the tutorial on Cottage in the Oaks.

24. Use Galvanized Bins

There are actually two hacks going on in this picture. First, you have some adjustable shelves. These are a wonderful idea if you think your family is going to grow and change (and your organization needs will grow with it).

Next, you can hang up galvanized tin buckets from the holes in the adjustable wall tracks.

These buckets are durable and really great at holding things like dog food and trash bags.

See the entire laundry room on Simplicity in the South.

The Best Ideas for Laundry Room Organization

25. Collapsible Drying Rack

To keep your laundry room looking super organized when you aren’t using it is to use space-saving hacks like this one.

Systems that fold back into the wall will give you more space than ever before. This is a really great tip if you live in a tiny home (or feel like you do).

Get the directions from Jen Woodhouse.

26. Use a breakfast tray as a catch-all

This is such a simple way to put a finishing touch on your laundry area organization. Instead of just leaving things on top of your washing machine, set them decoratively on a breakfast tray.

This breakfast tray looks beautiful and fits in perfectly with the rest of the laundry supplies in various containers.

And what is that underneath the shelves? It’s a closet rod. Installing a closet rod underneath some shelves is a really great way to use wasted space.

These hacks and more are on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

27. Crochet your own laundry baskets

Do you like to knit or crochet? Then you can follow this pattern and create your own mini laundry baskets.

There are so many reasons these are a great laundry hack.

You can create baskets out of each person’s favorite colors.

They are collapsible and fit into small drawers when you aren’t using them.

Finally, you can attach name tags by tying the tags to the bags with a ribbon. This means you can change the name tags as often as you need to without hurting the baskets.

These little baskets also make fantastic gifts too. Find the instructions and pattern on Sustain My Craft Habit.

28. Store things in different-sized containers

This hack is more of a rule you should use in all your organizing projects. Buy containers that fit your things. Don’t try to stuff your things into your containers.

In the example above, you can see they used a variety of containers of different shapes and sizes. Buying the containers in pairs gives it continuity and cohesion. But the different containers also provide some visual differentiation too.

Check out this laundry room on Splendry.

29. Be creative with labels

Finally, make your labels clear and legible. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive vinyl cutting machines to do it.

The Homemade Ginger made these adorable labels out of washi tape and 3D scrapbooking stickers.

Do you recognize the buckets? She got them at a dollar store. The entire setup cost less than just one container at another store.

If you are on a budget, think about using stickers and washi tape for your labeling needs.

Labeling things keeps them organized and helps everyone know where things belong.

Brilliant Laundry Room Hacks

Take a look at your laundry area. Is there any space that you could utilize in a smarter way? Chances are your walls, ceiling, and floor aren’t efficient.

Thankfully these laundry room hacks are here to help!

Be creative with your space. Upcycle items as storage containers. Find organization systems that fit in your unique-sized area.

You don’t need an expansive laundry room to store everything and keep it tidy. You just need to get rid of anything you aren’t using and store the rest in labeled containers.

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29 Brilliant Laundry Room Hacks

More Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Now that you know some space-saving laundry room hacks, here are some more guides and tips that will inspire you to create a dreamy place where you do your laundry.

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