Master Bathroom Organization: Your Complete Guide


Need some ideas for your private bathroom? This master bathroom organization guide has you covered! Get inspired and find a design that works for you.

A master bathroom sounds like a roomy luxury. Even so, it comes with its own share of organization issues. Not to worry, here at Clutter Keeper® we want to help you get organized and stay organized. And that’s exactly what we are going to do.

Master Bathroom Organization: Your Complete Guide

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Master Bathroom Organization Guide

A master bathroom can be a wonderful thing. It’s a place all your own that you don’t have to share with anyone (except your spouse). But it comes with its own set of challenges.

This guide will give you lots of fresh ideas for your master bathroom. Browse the photos and read about the best bathroom organizers.

As you organize your master bathroom, refer to the Take Back Control book. It will guide you through organizing your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and entire house!

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Master Bathroom Organizing Ideas You'll Wish You'd Seen Sooner

Master Bathroom ideas

Here are some seriously inspirational master bathrooms. We even pulled out the most amazing features of each bathroom and explained how you can use them in your own bathroom.

Install cabinets with storage

If you ever get the chance to change your bathroom cabinets and add more drawers, do it. You’ll discover so much more storage space than you knew existed.

Even that small area with the toilet has a small cabinet. Above the toilet are some beautiful shelves with even more storage.

Sarah from Must Have Mom renovated her master bathroom and put lots of beautiful cabinets in. She also installed cute farmhouse shelves above her toilet for extra storage.

Use Mirrors to give the allusion of more space

This tip is more for the design than storage, but it’s such a great tip that we had to share. Did you know that mirrors open up a small space and make it feel bigger? It’s true!

I love the master bathroom reveal from Run to Radiance. Even though the actual room isn’t that large, it feels like it is spacious. Some of that credit goes to the extra-large mirror against the wall.

Use design tricks like this to make even small master bathrooms feel larger.

Keep A tray in between sinks

The trouble with a double sink vanity is that stuff tends to pile up between the two sinks. That’s why I love this solution so much. It solves that problem by making this space useable.

As you can see from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry, placing a tray in between the two sinks will minimize things from piling up.

ladder for towel storage

The towel ladder in this picture adds to the rustic charm in this beautiful master bathroom. It also means you won’t have to find a place to install a towel rack.

I love how A Home To Grow Old In utilized the small space between the tub and the wall. This small space now has a specific use.

Use wood crates as shelves

If you have a smaller master bathroom with just a shower, this idea is for you. Save money by stacking wood crates in the corner. Then you can store things in them just like you would on a bookshelf or cabinet.

It’s beautiful how Sustain My Craft Habit carried her beach theme throughout this bathroom and created so much storage. I’m also drawn to the cute beach-themed hanging shelves above the toilet.

Use Built-in cabinets and shelves

Updating your master bathroom with built-in cabinets will be one of the smartest decisions. It gives you so much storage space and keeps the room looking clean.

This is a dreamy bathroom! Simplicity In the South turned an extra bedroom into a dreamy master bathroom. Go and see the entire process, it’s jaw-dropping. What I love about this idea is how they installed built-in cabinets to store everything so it was out of sight.

Create shower organization

Something else that will keep your shower organized is if you create a place inside the shower for your shampoo and body wash. Now you won’t trip over them anymore!

Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog showed off her master bathroom. When they renovated their bathroom, they added plenty of storage places in the shower.

If redoing the entire shower isn’t in your budget, keep reading. I’ll share some of my favorite shower caddies that you can buy on Amazon for cheap.

Freestanding sink vanity

This master bathroom is farmhouse chic to the max! It is absolutely dreamy. And the best part is that it’s all easily doable.

The best thing about the bathroom from Making It In the Mountains is how they used freestanding sinks on the vanity. This is another way to solve that problem of things junking up your countertops.

Their vanity is gorgeous and has tons of storage underneath it. I also love how they installed built-in cabinets next to the sinks.

How to Share a Master Bathroom

How to share a master bathroom

When you share a master bathroom, you have twice the things to keep organized. But even so, there are ways to keep everything in its place.

Here are some really helpful tips that will keep your master bathroom nice and organized.

Give Everything a home

The first thing you should do is make a list of everything that is sitting out or that you have a tough time putting away. Every single thing in your bathroom should have a place it belongs.

Open and organize the drawers in your vanity. If they are too crowded and full, create new solutions.

You will be more likely to put things away if you can find the place they belong.

Don’t Keep More Than You Can Store

Next, don’t keep more things than you have room for. If a drawer is getting too full, you might own too much stuff.

Go through and throw away anything that’s broken or unusable. Then, donate anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months.

After you go through and purge your things, you’ll see what you actually use. These are the things that you should store in the bathroom.

If there are things that you use seasonally (like the winter-frost scented lotions) then find a place to store them during the other seasons.

Design it together

You are sharing this space so you should design and organize it together. You and your partner will both be more likely to keep it organized when you feel like you had some choices on where your things are kept.

Designate personal space

Another life-saver is giving each other separate spaces for your stuff. Install two towel racks and make sure there is enough space for all of your things.

Sometimes one person has more bath and beauty products than the other person. In this case, discuss how much space you each need and create custom solutions that work for you.

Make it easy to put things back

Finally, don’t over-organize. When you create systems, make it easy to use over again. If something is too high to reach or takes too many steps to put back, you’ll be less likely to put it away.

Best Bathroom Organizers

Best Bathroom Organizers

One of the best things you can do for your master bathroom is to invest in some effective organizers. You want things that are made to store everything you own.

These are the best bathroom organizers that you can buy on Amazon.

Hair dryer hanger

There are lots of different options out there that will keep the hair dryer and curling irons organized.

Maybe buy a basket that you can store under the sink or on the counter. Or you can buy an organizer that mounts to the wall.

Look for something with enough sections to hold all the beauty products that you own. That way, everything will have a home, off of your countertop.

Under the sink organizer

Underneath the bathroom sink is the other easiest place to become messy and disorganized. This area almost requires an organizer of some sort.

Buy some pull-out drawers so you don’t have to reach in so far. These plastic baskets even come with the ability to sort them however you want.

Another option is a shelf organizer with room for the pipes. If you choose this option, you’ll be doubling the amount of storage you have. You can finally stack things in a double layer and still keep it all sorted.

Above the toilet cabinet

Another space that is often overlooked is the area on top of the toilet. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can make a toilet caddy pretty easily.

If you’d rather buy something that gives you lots of storage, there are some excellent options out there.

This above the toilet cabinet can be used as a medicine cabinet. It has doors to keep all your things hidden away nicely.

But if you’d prefer something that a more minimalist vibe, then some stainless steel shelves will do the trick. This is a good choice to store extra toilet paper and bath supplies.

Bathroom vanity with storage

Upgrading your vanity will be worth it when you discover how much more storage you get.

Look for a vanity with drawers. These are easier to organize and keep things in. From there, you can find one with one sink or two, depending on your space.

Some vanities have both drawers and shelves. This one has tons of storage, even leaving space underneath it for even more storage.

If it is in your budget, you could even hire a custom cabinet builder to measure and build one just for you, designed with your storage needs in mind.

Bathtub organizer

When it comes to organizing your tub supplies, it all depends on what you have to store. Do your children use your master bathroom for their baths? Then you might need a toy storage solution.

But if you are the only one that uses your tub, then you probably just want something to hold your bath salts and candles. A bathtub tray like this one will keep all your bath things sorted and displayed beautifully.

Shower organizer

Last but not least, it’s so important to keep your shampoo and soaps neat in the shower. They can be terrible tripping hazards.

Does your shower have a corner? Then hang up a corner organizer. It has two levels so it can hold lots of products.

Or maybe pick an organizer that hangs from your shower head. There are a ton of different kinds that hang from the faucet. Pick one that can hold all the things you own.

I really like this one. It has a vertical tension rod that stands alone in the corner. It has 4 levels of shelves and plenty of hooks to hold your razors or loofas. It’s small and keeps things beautifully organized.

The Secret to Keeping the Bathroom Counter Clean

Keep the Counter clean

The most common place for disorganization in the master bathroom is the bathroom vanity counter. Here are some tried and true tips that will help you maintain an organized countertop.

Put things away immediately

First, make it a habit to put things away as soon as you are done using it. One exception to this rule is curling irons since you have to let them cool down first.

This one habit will keep your bathroom organized long-term. If you share a bathroom, get the other person involved too. It’s a team effort.

Help each other out

That brings me to this next point. If you share a bathroom, help each other keep it organized. Is one person better at putting things away? Is one person more absent-minded?

Find ways to help each other out without any resentment. If one person doesn’t enjoy always being the one to pick up the bathroom, maybe find a way to set reminders for quick bathroom cleanups.

Make the organizers easy to reach

If you want to keep the bathroom organized, make sure all your organization systems are easy to reach. If they are too high or too low and it’s a pain to get to them, you’ll be less likely to use them.

Don’t spend all this time organizing your master bathroom only for it to get unorganized in a day.

Evaluate your systems. Are they easy to use? If not, how can you make them easier?

How to Keep Your Master Bathroom Organized

How to Keep the Master Bathroom organized

There you have it! It can be pretty simple to organize your master bathroom. Whether you have one all to yourself or share it with a spouse or partner, these tips are accurate and helpful.

The best thing you can do to keep it organized after you do all the hard work is to pick up a little bit at the beginning or end of each day. The longer you ignore it, the worse it will get.

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More home organization tips

What other rooms in your home need some organizing? Here are some ideas that we hope you find helpful.

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