Bedroom Organization: Your Complete Guide


How do you clean and organize your bedroom? Use this guide to get everything you need to know including step-by-step bedroom organization instructions and small space hacks. You are going to love your organized bedroom!

You are about to discover how easy it is to have a bedroom you are proud of and love spending time in. This bedroom organization guide is easy to follow and even easier to do! 

Whether you have a master suite or a tiny bedroom corner, there are hacks and ideas for every sized bedroom. 

How do you clean and organize your bedroom? Use this guide, it has everything from DIY ideas for the entire room to tips on organizing your master closet! Read step-by-step bedroom organization instructions and small space hacks.

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Ultimate Bedroom Organization Guide

Is your bedroom disorganized you don’t know where to start? Thankfully, it’s easy to clean and store everything in no time at all. Use The Back Control eBook and follow the easy steps to organize not only your bedroom but your entire home!

This bedroom organization guide is going to walk you through every single step to store everything you own.

First, you will make a few decisions. Then, you are going to actually get in there and organize everything. And it will wrap up with even more ideas and hacks.

By the time you are finished, you’ll have everything you need for an organized and tidy bedroom. 

Table of Contents

  1. Bedroom Organization – 5 Decisions You Need to Make
    1. What is your bedroom’s purpose?
    2. What is your biggest struggle?
    3. What needs to be stored?
    4. When will you clean it next?
    5. How much stuff are you willing to let go?
  2. How to Organize Your Bedroom
    1. Start small
    2. Organize horizontal surfaces
    3. Organize hidden areas
    4. Clean up side tables
    5. Conquer the closet
  3. Small Bedroom Organization Tips
    1. Use every space
    2. Don’t keep extra stuff
    3. Bring something in and take something out
    4. Hang it up
    5. Communicate
  4. Bedroom Storage Hacks
    1. Install shelves along all the walls
    2. Hang your laundry hamper on the back of your door
    3. Use vintage suitcases as a nightstand
    4. Store tank tops on shower curtain rings
    5. Use bed risers for even more under the bed storage
    6. Use a wooden hanger with cup hooks to store belts
    7. Turn old drawers into floating shelves
  5. Bedroom Organization Furniture
    1. Bed headboard
    2. Bed frame with drawers
    3. Trunks
5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Organizing Your Bedroom

5 Decisions You Need To Make

Before you actually organize your stuff, you need to organize your thoughts. After you make these 5 decisions, you will be ready to roll your sleeves up and get to work. 

1. What is your bedroom’s purpose?

The first decision you need to make is, what is your bedroom’s purpose? Do you want it to be a place of relaxation? Or does it double as a home office?

You need to create a goal for your bedroom organization project. Decide what you want it to look like and how you want it to function. 

This decision will guide every action you take and actually help you make difficult decisions – like what to give away.

2. What is your biggest struggle?

The second decision you need to make is to admit your biggest cleaning and organizing struggle. Do you have a hard time throwing things away? Do you just not have enough places to keep your bare essentials? 

Admitting the areas you struggle with will help you find the help you need. Search for articles with solutions. There are so many free resources out there. Like our article on how to let go of stuff guilt

Deciding how to overcome your organizing struggles will also prevent you from giving up too easily when things get tough. 

3. What needs stored?

The third decision you need to make is what needs stored.

Look around your room. Without moving anything, make a list of everything that is sitting out. Do you need more ways to store your shoes? Is the problem your books? What about clothes? 

Write down everything you see that doesn’t have a “home” and decide how you are going to handle them. This will save you so much time when you actually get started. 

4. When will you clean it next?

The next decision you need to make is to resolve not to let it become this bad again. 

Create a calendar reminder to go through and organize and clean your bedroom again. Staying on top of your cleaning will save you time – it won’t take as long if you do it more often.

5. How much stuff are you willing to let go?

The final decision you’ll need to make is how much of your stuff you are willing to give away or throw away. 

Make this a challenge. If you are comfortable letting go of 25%, try to give away 33%. Often, people keep things they don’t use and don’t need.

Keeping unnecessary things like that creates storage problems and adds to feelings of being overwhelmed. Don’t let your stuff win. 

Now that you have all the difficult decisions out of the way, you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. 

5 Steps to an Organized Bedroom

How To Organize Your Bedroom – Step-By-Step

Your bedroom organization is just 5 easy steps away. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the entire process. And it is easier than you might think. 

1. Start small

The first place you want to start organizing are your drawers. Drawers are small and can be accomplished quickly. Plus, when you organize them, you are freeing up more storage places. 

Organize anything that has a drawer: clothes dresser, nightstand, jewelry boxes – anything.

You can buy drawer dividers online. Or, you could also just make your own dividers out of cardboard.

Consider organizing your drawers in such a way that you can find what you need quickly, without having to wade through piles of stuff. 

2. Organize horizontal surfaces

Next, start organizing anything with a horizontal surface. Attack the tops of your dressers, nightstands, bookshelves – anything. 

Find a home for everything that is loose or just sitting out. When you get all of this cleaned up and organized, you will feel so much better.

Put small things like hair pins or paper clips into small containers or jars. Keep papers in a box. Find a storage solution for everything so you keep these surfaces clear.

You are halfway finished! Look around and take in what you have accomplished so far. 

3. Organize hidden areas

The third section to organize are all those “out of sight” places. Yes, you are going to sweep underneath the bed and clean out any baskets that are just “catch alls.”

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you keep ignoring it. This is probably where most of the stuff you are going to throw away is hiding. 

If you find a few sentimental things you want to keep, try to find a storage solution for them so they don’t get ruined or forgotten again. At the bottom of this post are a bunch of storage hacks for these very things. 

4. Clean up side tables

The next area to organize is a really simple one. You deserve a break, so move onto organizing your side tables. 

Wipe them down, clean out around them. Make sure your side tables aren’t being used to just pile stuff. Every item sitting out should have a purpose or use. 

5. Conquer the closet

The last area to organize is the closet. Yup, saved the worst for last! But you’ve got this. 

Organizing your closet can be accomplished in just a few steps: 

  1. Clothes first – Just go through your clothes and give away what you aren’t wearing. Fold out of season clothes and put them in storage bags on higher shelves in your closet.
  2. Trash – Look for anything that is unusable and trash it. 
  3. Sentimental storage – What are you storing that is just laying around, getting torn up? If it means something to you, then try to find a solution for keeping it nice. 
  4. Accessories – There are tons of hacks for storing belts, jewelry, ties and more. 
  5. Shoes – Find a solution for shoes. Either hang them up or find a shelf for them. 

Congratulations! You made it through all 5 steps of bedroom organization! Now let’s look at some tips and hacks to make the job even easier. 

How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom Organization Tips

Do you have a small bedroom? Not having a lot of space really does create issues when you are trying to keep things neat. So here are some tips for keeping even a small bedroom organized. 

Use every space

First, discover and use the space in your room creatively. Some of the most common areas to find extra storage space include: 

  • Under the bed
  • Behind your door
  • Around the top of the wall
  • On the wall

Using storage bags under your bed is great for things you don’t use all the time, like extra blankets and seasonal clothes.

After you decide which areas of dead space you are going to utilize, begin storing only your essentials in them. You want to avoid cramming everything in your room like a jigsaw puzzle. 

How to use every space for bedroom storage: from on the wall to under the bed

Don’t keep extra stuff

When you don’t have a lot of extra space, you have to be very picky about what you keep. 

Use the 6-month rule. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, pitch it. What do you do with clothes you don’t want? Try one of these 5 ideas for getting rid of unused clothes.

When you bring something in, take something out

In addition, when you bring something new into your room, get rid of something else. You only have so much space. Don’t start piling things on top of each other. 

Yes, this can be a tough rule to follow. It’s especially difficult when you receive gifts and want to keep all of them. 

But you only have so much space. If you don’t have anything else you can remove, think of different places you can safely store them. 

If you resolve to keep your bedroom organized, it is more likely to stay that way. 

Hang it up

One of the most unused spaces in a small room is in the closet racks. Use a hanging organizer to hang up things you might not have thought to otherwise.

Hanging organizers are great for : 

  • Clothes accessories
  • Socks
  • Seasonal items
  • Office supplies


This last tip is for anyone that shares a bedroom. Communicate with your roommate (or spouse). Decide together how you are going to keep the area clean and create solutions together. 

It took two to make the mess and it will take two to keep it organized. 

Do you need some bedroom storage hacks too? Read on! 

7 Bedroom Storage Hacks You Can't Skip

Bedroom Storage Hacks

Congrats! You are well on your way to a super organized bedroom! Here are some storage hacks that will make staying organized way easier.

Install shelves along all the walls

Install floating shelves along the perimeter of your room, near the ceiling. You can store books and anything sentimental up there.

Not only does this protect your things from the floor, but it also lets you display things you are proud of. 

Hang your laundry hamper on the back of your door

Use a cloth laundry bag and hang it up on the back of your bedroom door. This keeps your clothes off the floor and gives you more storage space inside your closet.

Use vintage suitcases as nightstand

Vintage suitcases just look cool in a bedroom as nightstands. But they also offer plenty of storage too. 

Use them to store (and protect) things of emotional significance. Or you can store seasonal things like blankets or extra sheets. 

Store tank tops on shower curtain rings

Free up space in your clothes dresser by hanging up your tank tops on shower curtain rings. You can fit more than 20 tank tops on one hanger.

You can also hang up scarves and even boots. 

Use bed risers for even more under the bed storage

Under the bed is a fantastic place to store things. Increase the storage area by lifting up your bed on risers.

They even make bed risers that have electric outlets.

Use a wooden hanger with cup hooks to store belts

Make a DIY storage solution for belts. Screw a few hooks (commonly used for coffee cups) into a wooden hanger.

Now you have a place to hang up a bunch of belts. 

Turn old drawers into floating shelves

Turn your walls into a place to store books, office supplies, and anything sentimental. 

Remodelaholic has a very easy tutorial for turning old dresser drawers into floating shelves. This is a really great idea if you have an old dresser that you want to get rid of.

Another great way to get extra storage is to buy furniture that can double as storage, such as a bench at the foot of your bed.

Bedroom Organizing Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

Bedroom Organization Furniture

Honestly, the best way to organize your bedroom is to use furniture that can double as a way to store your stuff. So here are some genius bedroom furniture pieces that can also store stuff too! 

Bed headboard

There are a lot of amazing headboards out there that provide extra storage.

You can use these headboards to store extra books, toiletries, and even extra clothes and sheets. 

Bed frame with drawers

Another popular option is to use bed frames that come with built-in storage.

These can give you extra room for more clothes and sheet sets. 

The benefit of built-in storage in your bed frame is that it makes everything you are storing easier to reach. It also adds more protection for your stuff and it keeps the area under your bed cleaner. 


Either use a cedar chest or even vintage trunks at the foot of your bed. You can store quilts and seasonal blankets. 

You can also store extra office supplies or turn it into a filing cabinet. 

Trunks and chests are beautiful accents for your room. You can find one to match your decor and theme.

Congratulations! You have everything you need for an organized bedroom. Start small, create achievable goals, and then celebrate when you accomplish them. 

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Bedroom Storage questions

Where is the best place to donate stuff?

If you have things that are in like-new condition, donate them to local children or women’s shelter. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are both reliable places that accept donations.

Where do you store extra pillows from your bed?

Buy a storage bench that you can place at the foot of your bed and place your decorative pillows inside of it.

What clothes do you put in a drawer and what do you hang up?

Deciding between a dresser drawer and the closet can be simple. If you have an article of clothing that wrinkles easily, hang it up. Almost anything can be stored in the closet if you have enough room.

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