How To Fold Towels To Save Space


If you live in a small space, you need this guide! Learn how to fold towels and save space in your bathroom.

Are you struggling with a small bathroom? Towels are one of the biggest space hogs – especially if you have fluffy ones! Folding them in fourths might actually be the least-productive way to do it.

Keep reading to discover three easy ways to store your towels and washcloths in your small bathroom. I’ll share some videos so you can follow along and learn how to fold (or roll) your towels in the best way.

How to fold towels to save space.

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Towel Folding Ideas

There are a bunch of different ways to fold towels. You can fold towels into shapes (like fancy hotels do) or stack towels and washcloths to look luxurious.

But today, we’re interested in learning how to save space with towels. Because, let’s face it, fluffy towels take up a lot of space! Thankfully, there are a few different techniques and ways to fold towels so that you get space in your closet back.

If you’re stressed out and mad at your tiny bathroom, keep reading! You’ll discover more room than you ever knew you had!

#1 – Spa Fold

If you have a large family in a small home, then this method will save your sanity! There’s a reason that spas use this technique. Even spas need to conserve space!

You might see variations of this technique called the army fold or ranger fold. The army is all about working smarter not harder, and there is a way to roll towels that takes up less space, and it is a lot like the spa fold.

The video is below. Here’s a description of it that you can read, too:

  1. Lay the towel out flat.
  2. Bring the bottom-right corner up to the middle of the towel.
  3. Take the bottom-straight section and bring it up to the top, matching the bottom left corner to the top left corner of the towel.
  4. Gently flip it over so that the seams are now facing down instead of up.
  5. Start with the flat piece on the left hand side and begin rolling it tightly to the right.
  6. When you get to the end, insert the tip into the top of the towel roll.

That’s it! Here is a video showing you how to do it this way:

Bathroom towel folding and storage.

#2 – KonMari Folding

When you do it this way, you can put the towels in a basket or a drawer instead of trying to find an empty shelf. This method saves you a bunch of space, especially if your shelves are full.

Here’s how to fold towels just like Marie Kondo:

  1. Lay the towel flat and take the bottom of the towel up and fold it until it reaches the top of the towel. It should now look like a square.
  2. Repeat this step so that it looks like a smaller rectangle.
  3. Smooth the towel with your hands – you don’t want any wrinkles!
  4. Fold the shorter side on top of the opposite side by placing your hand in the center of the towel. It will look like a smaller square.
  5. Finally, take the folded side and move it to the opposite side. Now your towel is able to stand up on it’s side.

Watch this video to see this method in action:
Space saving towel folding hacks.

#3 Deep Fold

If you have deep shelves and need to add more rows of towels, then use this technique. It will let you stack towels in front of each other and utilizes all the space efficiently.

It is a lot like your traditional towel-folding technique, but the size of the towel becomes even smaller (yay!).

Here’s how to do the deep fold:

  1. Fold your towel in half so that both short sides touch.
  2. Fold the towel up towards the top in three parts. Fold it in 1/3 of the way, then the rest of the way. Your towel should look like a very long rectangle.
  3. Turn the towel 90 degrees so that the shorter side is facing you.
  4. Fold it in thirds again. Now you have a very compact square!

Here’s the video showing you the deep fold.

Hand Towels and Washcloths

Consider your space before you store the wash cloths and hand towels with the bath towels. Do you have room? Here are a few space-saving hacks for storing them so they still look good!

  • Hang up a basket! Fill the basket with rolled towels and washcloths.
  • Keep them under the sink. To save space, put them in a basket or a small tub with a lid.
  • Keep them on a shelf near your washing machine. You don’t have to stuff them in the bathroom if they don’t fit. Move them somewhere else.
How to fold towels to display in the bathroom.

Learn How To Fold Towels

That’s it! And there are so many other techniques out there! Google a few, check out more videos on YouTube. The best part about learning how to fold towels is that your bathroom won’t just be organized, it will look good, too!

And part of the fun of organizing your bathroom is having it look so good that you’re proud to show it off!

Bathroom towels: folding vs. rolling for home organization.

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