Accessories and Jewelry Organization: Your Complete Guide


You can keep on collecting necklaces and rings with these tips. Learn all about accessories and jewelry organization and get your stuff under control.

Do you have more scarves, purses, watches, necklaces, rings and other fashion accessories than you know what to do with? Today we’re sharing everything you need to know about jewelry organization.

Your complete guide to jewelry and accessory organization. Everything you need to know. Get organized. Stay organized. Blue and white small tweed bag on its side with accessories and contents spilling out, including a scarf, sunglasses, wrist watch, earrings and a partially eaten chocolate bar

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Accessories and Jewelry Organization

What is the most difficult thing to organize in your bedroom, closet, and bathroom? Chances are it’s the things that you keep on collecting more of and for which you can’t find a place to belong.

All those accessories sure dress up an outfit, but they can also create chaos in your closet. It doesn’t help that they are small and their collections expand like shaving cream.

Usually, the first step is to get rid of some of your things before you start organizing. But in this instance, let’s find a way to keep everything you have! Accessories are difficult to de-clutter because you actually do use and wear them – even if it might be once or twice a year.

How to organize jewelry and accessories. A close-up of the top of a dresser, focused on a tall necklace holder shaped like a T with two cross bars. Large metal gold necklaces are hanging from the jewelry organizer. A white bowl below the necklace holder contains a watch and a necklace.

This guide will walk you through how to organize all your accessories and jewelry. These include ideas that are just pure genius and will give you more room to add even more things to your collection.

Table of Contents

Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide:

The best ways to organize jewelry and accessories, an overhead view of a white leather purse. The zipper is open at the top and the contents are spilling out including make-up brushes, necklaces, rings, a bracelet and other jewelry.

Types of Accessories

The first step in organizing is sorting. Yes, if you have some accessories that you won’t ever wear, donate them. After you have only the accessories that you know you will wear, it’s time to sort everything by category.

These are the most common accessory categories:

  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Purses and Bags
  • Belts
  • Socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Ties

There might be more to this list. Put your things in piles and then decide how you are going to store them. That’s where this guide is going to help you out. Read on to see how to store all your accessories and jewelry.

How to Sort Jewelry

Let’s start with jewelry. Before we look at some smart ways to organize it, there are three main ways you can sort your jewelry.

How to sort and organize jewelry, a close-up of a gold necklace with a triangle shaped white stone.

Before we go much further, try to donate the pieces that you honestly don’t wear and won’t wear. It is a lot easier to organize jewelry if you know you are storing things that you will definitely use.

By type

First, you can sort them by type. This is the most common way people organize their jewelry. They keep their rings in one drawer, bracelets in another, and necklaces in another.

Here are the most common types of jewelry:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Hair beads/feathers
  • Bangles
  • Brooches
  • Cufflinks

By Color

Another way to sort them is by color. This will make it easier to find what you need and make putting an outfit together a lot faster.

If you are feeling extra ambitious, display your jewelry in a rainbow pattern. You will be shocked at how beautiful that is and how happy it makes you to look at it!

By Frequency of Use

The last way is by frequency. Maybe you don’t wear that string of pearls because it is way too special to you. That’s ok, just store it somewhere away from your everyday pieces.

Those are the three most common ways to sort and organize jewelry. Find a way that works for you and your collection.

11 DIY jewelry organization ideas, an overhead view of a green plant and a small gold and white plate filled with make-up, earrings and a large emerald ring

DIY Jewelry Organization Ideas

If you struggle with organizing and storing your jewelry, this list is for you! This list has some super-smart jewelry storage hacks that you’ll be so glad you found!

1.) Use an Old Frame With Hooks

For this idea you can actually hang up your necklaces, bracelets and earrings on the same thing – and it looks like art. All you need is an old picture frame and some hooks.

Take this idea and make it your own. You can also hang up your sunglasses here too.

2.) Bowls in A Drawer

Another super simple idea is to store your things in little dishes in the drawer. This will keep them separated and they are a cinch to put back too.

A really budget-friendly place to find dishes like the ones in the photo above is a thrift store. Browse flea markets too. You might find some incomplete dish sets that are fabulous to repurpose as organization systems.

3.) Use Command Hooks

If you have an empty space on your bathroom or bedroom wall, just add some command hooks and you instantly have a place to store necklaces. Measure your necklaces so you aren’t stacking them on top of each other.

This is a great tip if you have some closet wall-space that isn’t being used. It will free up drawers and dresser space for other things.

4.) Store Earrings in Bead Holders

You’ll find bead organizers like this one at every craft store you walk into. The little cubes are the perfect size to store pairs of earrings.

These little storage places are also great for delicate bracelets too. They keep things organized and you can see all of your things at once.

5.) Store Bracelets Standing Up In A Box

If you have lots of bracelets, a sectioned box like this one will be a lifesaver. You can instantly see the one you want and putting it away is just as easy.

In fact, browsing jewelry organizers online is a really fun way to get even more ideas that you can use in your space. If you are going to shop for things like this online measure your space first so you don’t buy something that is too big.

6. Create A Burlap Earring Holder

Something as simple as a length of burlap can be used to store and display earrings.

The best thing about this craft is that it can be hung up in your closet, saving you even more space. Or, it’s beautiful enough to be displayed in your bedroom too.

7. Stack Dishes to Store Jewelry

It’s pretty simple to stack different sized bowls and plates together and create your own DIY jewelry stand. It can hold everything from necklaces to bracelets. Artsy Fartsy Mama painted terra cotta plates and glued a candle holder to them to create the neon organizer in the picture above.

If you like the more Bo-Ho look, you can also just buy some bowls and dishes from a thrift shop and glue them together.

This idea could lead to your necklaces and/or bracelets becoming tangled, so be careful as you use it.

8. Stack Bracelets on Old Soda Bottles

Use old soda bottles to store bracelets - jewelry storage hack

Down Redbud Drive has a fantastic tutorial that even super-beginning crafters can do. Use old glass soda bottles for bracelet storage.

This little hack can also be used to store hair ties and watches. Basically if it is round and can fit around the soda bottle, it can work.

You might be able to find some vintage glass bottles at an antique shop, which will bring out a rustic charm in your room.

9.) Use Knobs and Drawer Pulls

create a rustic jewelry organizer out of old knobs

The Flying Couponer found some vintage drawer knobs and created a way to hang up her necklaces, hair ties, and bracelets. It’s rustic and super easy – it only requires a few tools.

10.) Repurpose Food Containers

Another budget-friendly idea is to store your bangles and bracelets in food storage containers. Sum of their Stories discovered this hack. You can organize them by color and you can see the bracelets easily, making them a cinch to find.

11.) Upcycle an Old Cell Phone Box

Create your own DIY travel Jewelry box out of a cell phone box

Save your smartphone box – it can be reused as a ring-organizing jewelry box. In fact, Smart Fun DIY added a ribbon so it could be tied shut during travels.

7 Space Saving ways to organize your accessories, an overhead view of a brown leather purse laying on its side with a blue and white striped scarf tied around the purse strap.

7 Space-Saving Ways to Organize Your Accessories

Jewelry isn’t the only accessory you have to organize. Here are some space-saving ways to store all the other things you use to make your outfits pop!

1.) Storage for Ties

To store ties, roll them up and display them on the wall behind your door. You can repurpose a spice rack for this space-saving hack.

Other ways to store ties:

2.) Sunglasses Storage Ideas

Be careful about how you store sunglasses. If you just throw them in a drawer, they could become scratched. To prevent scratches, store sunglasses standing up.

You can either store them in a drawer with partitions to keep them safe. Or you can hang them up on a wire in a picture frame like in the photo above.

Other ways to organize sunglasses:

3.) Sock Storage Ideas

Socks are the easiest accessories to become disorganized. It’s just convenient to roll them in a ball and throw them in the drawer. But when you need to find a specific pair of socks, this can eat up a lot of time.

Keep your socks organized by rolling them the KonMari way instead of in a ball. Even if you learn how to fold socks another way, the simple art of folding your socks will allow you to organize them in your drawers.

Here are some more ways to organize your socks:

  • Use a sock organizer
  • Store them in a hanging organizer in your closet
  • Fold and display socks standing up in your drawers

4.) Handbag / Purse Storage

Whether you call it a purse, a handbag, or a pocketbook, chances are you have more than just one. You might have one for everyday use, another one for work, a few for different nights out, and maybe one for travel. Whatever the occasion, the purse can change the look of an entire outfit.

Shoving your purses in the closet can damage and crease the leather or scratch the metal hardware.

Storing your purses correctly will prolong their life. The most common way to store a collection of bags is on shelves.

If you don’t have any free shelves, here are some more ways to store your bags:

  • Hang them up in the closet with a purse organizer
  • Store them in a box with a lid
  • Keep same sizes together
  • Repurpose a bookshelf to store purses

5.) Belt Organization

Why do people roll their belts? This is because it saves a lot of room in your drawers. If you have a real leather belt, you will want to be careful and either gently roll them or hang them up. Avoid creases and scratches from other belt buckles.

Here are some ways to store and organize your belts:

  • Use a belt hanger – hang them up in the closet
  • Roll them up and use a drawer divider
  • Hang them on the wall on hooks

6.) How to Store Hairbows

Are hair bows taking over your bathroom? It’s really easy for bow collections to grow and become out of control. Thankfully, there are a lot of creative and beautiful ways to store and even display hair bows.

Ultimately, the best way to organize and store hair bows is by hanging them up.

Here are some more ways to store and display hair bows:

  • Store them in plastic drawers
  • Hang them from a clothesline
  • Display them in glass food containers

7.) Label and Use Small Plastic Drawers

Decorate and label plastic drawers to organize accessories

These small plastic drawers can sit in your closet or on your dresser and can hold everything from lip balm and cosmetics to bracelets and sunglasses. To keep everything straight, label the drawers. Crafts by Amanda has a tutorial so you can learn how to make them just like she did in the picture above.

Accessories and Jewelry Organization Made Simple

It really is possible to organize and get your accessories and jewelry under control. All you have to do is establish what you are going to keep, decide how much room you have to store everything, and then create solutions that fit your space.

Use this guide for organization inspiration whenever you need a few more ideas.

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Everything you need to know to organize your jewelry. Your complete organization guide. Trendy straw clutch purse open at the top with it's contents spilling out including make-up money, a cell phone, earrings, jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories.

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As you keep organizing your bedroom and closets, here are some more really helpful guides with some space-saving ideas.

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