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Abby Lawson, owner of Just A Girl and Her Blog, recently created a brand new course for people like herself who don’t have the “organized gene.” We are honored to share her time-tested tips and information about how you can enroll in the course.

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Who do you go to when you need advice about how to clean and organize your home? Maybe you ask your mom, or your best friend, or you go to Facebook or Pinterest.

This Organizing Experts series on Clutter Keeper® will help you discover more people to follow and fresh places to find inspiration. Some of them own their own professional organizing business and some are online influencers. All of them have relatable stories to share.

And this time we are thrilled to introduce you to Abby Lawson!

Abby lawson – just a girl and her blog

Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog

Meet Abby. She’s the owner of Just a Girl and Her Blog, a place where she shares inspirational tips about organization, productivity, and home decorating tips.

Abby’s work has been featured in print in HGTV Magazine and Country Sampler, on the websites of Forbes, The Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens, in Marie Kondo’s newsletter, and more.

When she’s not blogging, you’ll find Abby curled up with a good book, running on the local trails, and going on adventures with her husband Donnie and their two sons, Connor and Caleb.

She also released a brand new online home organizing course called Impactful Habits Organized Home. You’ll read more about it as she shares with us some secrets about the course!

What (or who) inspired you to create the Impactful Habits Organized Home course?

I’ve been blogging about organizing for a while now, and I come across so many people who are similar to how I would have described myself years ago.

I am naturally very scatterbrained and didn’t really think I had the “organizing gene” that you needed to have a neat and tidy home. But I loved the *idea* of being organized, so I just started working at it and trying to get better. And what I figured out was that organizing isn’t something that you either “have” or “don’t have” and can’t do anything about it. Sure, there may be people who are more naturally inclined to organization than others, but organization is also made up of habits and strategies that can be learned and honed over time.

I wanted to create Impactful Habits, Organized Home to help people learn those strategies and habits so that even if they feel like they’re not naturally organized, they can learn, improve, and reap the many, many benefits that come along with having an organized home.

Abby Just a Girl and Her Blog Entryway

The course is called “Impactful Habits Organized Home.” What are some habits that you have found help to keep your home the most organized?

One habit that I talk about a lot in the course is what I call “scan and fix,” and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Every time I open a cabinet or a drawer to get something or even just walk through the room, I try to scan the space for anything that’s out of order or laying out where it shouldn’t be and take a few seconds to fix at least one thing and put it back the way it should go.

It hardly takes any time out of my day at all, but over time, all of these little fixes add up. It makes it way easier to maintain our organizing systems for the long haul because we’re fixing things before the clutter adds up and spirals out of control.

A craft corner for kids from Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog

Is this course something someone can do at their own pace, or should they do it all at once?

It’s definitely something people can do at their own pace. In fact, I recommend that people don’t try to rush through it so that they have time to build one habit and make it a part of their routine before they try to add in something else.

The living room in Abby's small townhouse

You have mentioned before that you have experience living in both a small apartment and a single-family home. Which one do you think is more of a challenge to keep organized and how did you meet that challenge?

Well, when I lived in smaller spaces, I used to think I would have it made when I moved to a bigger house, that organizing would suddenly get so easy! But what I’ve learned is that every space has its own unique organizing challenges. Some of the organizing systems that worked perfectly in the little townhouse we lived in a few years ago don’t work in our current house at all, even though overall we have more square footage to work with.

I think the key to staying organized in any size house is decluttering so that you’re only dealing with the items that you truly love and/or use often, giving items a designated home, and then developing good organizing habits to maintain the systems you have in place for the long haul.

Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog - the organized kitchen

What made you really enjoy organizing in the first place?

It took me a while to learn to love the organizing process, but I stuck with it because I really love the outcome! I love how peaceful and calm our house feels when it’s uncluttered and has solid systems in place. And after experiencing that over and over again, I really did start to love the actual organizing process.

At this point it kind of feels like doing a puzzle to me– I love when I can fit all of the pieces in just right so that my end result is a beautiful and functional space for our family.

Who is your inspiration? How have they inspired you?

The first organizing blog I ever read, even before I started a blog myself, was Jen Jones’ blog, I Heart Organizing. After reading her site I felt encouraged to start trying organizing projects in my own home.

A year or so after I started blogging, I read Marie Kondo’s books, and though I haven’t adopted her method in its entirety, some of the things she teaches really resonated with me and changed the way I thought about organizing. (And she introduced me to the file fold, which I love! 🙂 )

And as far as habits go, I have really been inspired by James Clear. His book, Atomic Habits, is excellent for anyone looking to improve their habits in any area.

What is your favorite room to organize?

My answer to this is kind of surprising even to me, but I actually really love storage spaces.

We’ve organized both our basement and our garage in the last 18-ish months and though they were huge projects to tackle, they were so gratifying to finish. Having them organized has made a tremendous positive impact on our home. (We can park both cars in the garage during the frigid Pennsylvania winters, and even just that one perk has made all of the organizing worth it!)

IKEA Algot shelves

What are some of your favorite “must-have” storage products?

I love the ALGOT shelving system from IKEA. Between the two houses we’ve lived in since I’ve had the blog, I’ve used it in two pantries, two bedroom closets, an office closet, a playroom closet, an entry closet, and in our garage.

I also use a lot of IKEA’s SKUBB boxes. They’re great for organizing dresser drawers, and I use them in my office drawers to organize party supplies and pretty hand towels and pillow covers as well.

Acrylic stacking drawers are another favorite. I especially like to use them to maximize vertical space under the sink. We use them to hold washcloths and sponges in the kitchen and extra toiletries in our bathroom.

More about that amazing course – how can people enroll?

Enrollment for the course is open and you can sign up now. If you want to get a little taste of the course before you sign up, we have a free guide that helps you figure out the best place to start your next organizing project that you can snag.

6 Essential Projects to Help You Organize Your Home

If you could give everyone ONE piece of advice or word of encouragement, what would it be?

I would say that organizing can feel like a bit of a battle, especially if you’re just starting to get into it, but the end result is well worth the fight.

For me at least, the peace and calm that comes with having an uncluttered space really lowers my overall stress levels and helps me think more clearly and excel in the other areas of my life because I’m not having to worry about dealing with stuff all the time.

And that is a really freeing feeling. If you’re one of those people like me who feels like they’re not naturally an organized person, it is possible to learn to be organized and even to love the process!

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