Yarn Organization: Guide To Organizing Knitting & Crochet Supplies


Whether you have a large yarn stash, knitting needles, or crochet hooks, organizing them is important. This yarn organization guide has you covered!

Yarn crafts are some of the most satisfying ones you can do. You can make just about anything with the right hook or needle and yarn. The real challenge is how to keep your yarn stash, supplies, and works in progress organized.

That’s where we come in!

Yarn Organization: Guide To Organizing Knitting & Crochet Supplies

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Yarn Organization Guide

If you knit or crochet, what do you have the most difficult time keeping organized?

Is it your yarn stash? Your knitting or crochet supplies? Maybe it’s your patterns or works in progress?

How about all of the above?

This guide will dig into what’s keeping you disorganized and help you take back control of your knitting and crochet habit. Keeping everything sorted and organized will make you even more efficient. Imagine all the projects you could accomplish if you had more room and more time.

As you organize your yarn, download the Take Back Control reference book. It’s packed with encouragement and easy steps for every room of your house.

Then, when you’re ready to finally organize your entire craft room, use the Clear Your Craft Room Toolkit. It’s got checklists, planner pages, printable labels, and MORE!

How to Organize Your Yarn Stash

How To Get Your Yarn Crafts Organized

If you are having a tough time finding the exact yarn or tools that you need, or your works in progress are taking over your craft room, then this guide is for you!

Just follow these 5-simple steps to totally revamp your yarn organization techniques to regain control.

Depending on how disorganized and crazy your area is, you might have to break these steps down into different sections. Start in small areas if you need to until you finally tackle the entire area.

1. Take everything out

First, lay everything out on a table or on the floor. This will give you a chance to clean your shelves and boxes. It will also show you what you have.

If you have too much stuff to take out all at once, you can do this step in shifts. Maybe first go through and organize all of your yarn, then your unfinished projects, and then your tools and supplies.

Pick something to organize and take everything out and lay it out so you can see it all at once.

This leads directly to the next step.

2. Sort Your supplies

Now it’s time to sort through all of your supplies and tools. This will give you a chance to see what you use, what you don’t, and how much storage space you actually need.

Again, it’s ok to do this step in shifts. If you don’t have room to lay everything out and create different piles, you can do this step a little bit at a time. Organize one section at a time until you make your way through everything you own.

This is also a time to evaluate whether any of your old works in progress are worth keeping. Life changes and it’s ok to change with it. If you have some projects that you probably won’t finish, take them apart and either reuse or donate the yarn.

Even though you might think of more yarn and patterns you want to buy, try to refrain from buying more stuff until after this is all organized.

3. Give or throw away unused items

Now you are ready for one of the toughest steps of all – letting things go!

Throw away anything that you can’t use or that is broken. That’s the easy part.

Then, give away any yarn that doesn’t bring you joy or that you haven’t used in at least a year. If you haven’t used it, you probably won’t. This is a very tough step for lots of crafters because you probably have ideas of how you might want to use it someday.

Remember, you need to reserve your storage areas for yarn and tools that you know you will use and are currently using.

4. Buy The Correct containers

Take a look at everything that you are keeping. Sort them into piles based on how you want to store them.

There are tons of ways to do this, do it the way that makes sense to you. That means you can sort everything by project type, yarn type, or even by color.

After you sort things, decide what kinds of containers you need. Buy containers or bins that are large enough to hold everything and will keep them sorted.

5. Label your bins

Finally, after you put everything in their own bin or tub, label them. This will keep your tubs organized. When you need to put things away, you’ll be able to know exactly where they belong.

This will also help you find things quickly when you need them too.

Yarn Storage Inspiration for Crochet and Knitting Lovers

The Best Yarn Organizers

When you are ready to store your yarn in an organized way, try one of these genius yarn organizers. All of them are easy to customize and will transform your yarn organization system into one that stays controlled forever.

Cube Storage Organizer

One of the most versatile ways to store your yarn is to use a cube organizer. There are lots of different ones out there. I really like how the kealive organizers come with 20 cubes that you can stack in any way that you want. Plus, they come with doors where you can attach labels.

If you want something with smaller drawers where you can store your knitting needles or crochet hooks, then this system from Neaterize is perfect. It comes with wheels so you can easily move it around your room, and it’s small enough to fit in even small craft spaces.

Another modular system that I love is the one by LANGRIA. It’s plastic, so it’s a bit more durable. Plus, the doors on it are translucent. This will allow you to keep everything tucked securely in the cubicles but still be able to see the pretty yarn colors!

Hanging Yarn Organizer

If you are really crunched for space, then get this hanging organizer by Innovative Home Creations. It fits easily inside any closet and has pockets and spaces for all of your supplies and patterns.

Portable Yarn Organization Tote

Don’t just pile all your yarn and tools into a huge open bag. Invest in a tote that was designed for knitters and crocheters. The best ones will have all sorts of pockets and areas to keep your yarn packed away and your tools accessible.

The Luxja knitting bag has places for hooks, needles, unfinished projects, and even room for 4 small skeins of yarns. It’s also waterproof and has a nice carrying strap so you can keep it in your car and everything will be organized and protected.

The Katech yarn storage bag also has lots of compartments for yarn supplies and even has smaller spaces inside to keep your yarn separated. My favorite thing about this bag is how it has a place for the yarn to actually pull through the top without having to pull out the entire skein of yarn.

Plastic Bins

You can never go wrong with a reliable plastic bin. They are stackable and you can label them. The ones from mDesign are a classic. It comes with a lid and durable metal hinges. Buy as many as you need and stack them for a clean and organized room.

How to Store Yarn in Your Craft Room

How To Organize Knitting supplies

If you enjoy knitting, then you probably have a nice collection of knitting supplies that is tough to keep organized. Here are some of my favorite tips.

Keep Double-Pointed Needles (DPN) Together

There are tons of hacks and DIY ways to store double-pointed needles. Whichever way you choose, just keep them together in small containers so they won’t get lost in a pile of needles.

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Use rubber bands to keep DPNs together – tuck a piece of paper inside the rubber band as a label
  • Store DPNs in mason jars that are sorted by their size
  • Use labeled pencil boxes to store DPNs

Separate and label Everything

No matter which idea you find and use, label everything. Label knitting needle sizes so you can find the correct size very quickly. Label boxes with things like scissors and small tools.

Every single box and tub and bag should have a label.

You can use printable labels or even hand write them.

Make Your Own Needle Holder

There are lots of DIY needle organizers out there. Here are a few links to some of my favorites.

Protect knitting books in a plastic tub

Next, if you have a collection of knitting books or magazines, then you should keep them safe from water or dust damage.

Store them in plastic tubs with lids that will keep out moisture and air.

Store loose paper Patterns In A Binder

Go through and make a neat pile of your loose paper patterns and then put them all in plastic sleeves in a binder. Then, you can even organize the patterns by type.

Store Notions in A Makeup Bag or smaller bottles

Now you are ready to find a place to store all those little tiny notions. For smaller things like these, use smaller containers. There are lots of options. Here are some of my favorites:

Clever Ideas for Organizing and Storing Yarn

How To Organize Crochet Hooks

Storing crochet supplies is about the same as storing knitting needles. There are a few differences. Crochet hooks and knitting needles lend themselves to different storage techniques.

Here are some ways to store your crochet hooks.

Create a zippered bag

You can either buy a zippered bag, reuse a makeup bag, or crochet your own. Storing crochet hooks in bags means you can keep them organized without them falling out.

Store Hooks In Bottles

You can also upcycle a Crystal Lite container or a Pringles Can into your own DIY storage. Skip To My Lou has a super-easy tutorial. The best thing about this way of storing them is that you can label each can or container.

Store Hooks in Jars

Since crochet hooks are about the same size and shape as pens, you can store them the same way you store your favorite writing utensil. I love how they look in these cute jars below!

Yarn Organization Tips To Keep It Organized

No matter which type of yarn crafting you enjoy the most, follow these final tips to help keep it all organized.

Do What Works For You

When it comes to yarn organization, it’s all about finding what works for you. That’s why I shared a variety of products and ideas. read through this guide and pick out the things that work the best for you and your space.

If you are constantly crafting while away from home, then invest in more totes that will keep your yarn organized.

If you spend most of your time crafting at home, make a space that encourages creativity and keeps all of your supplies within reach at all times.

Be Creative With Yarn Organization Storage

You should also embrace creativity with your storage too. Upcycle items like paper towel rolls and plastic salad containers for your supplies. The most important thing is to make sure every single type of tool and supply has a home, a place it belongs. What that place looks like is up to you.

Change it As often as you need

Change your yarn organization often, especially if your life changes in any way. Keep changing as your collection grows or shrinks. Keeping things organized is an ongoing process that never truly ends.

Creative Yarn Storage for Crafty People

Yarn Organization: Final Thoughts

I hope you got some fantastic inspiration here! Sometimes, all you need is the motivation to begin. The goal of yarn organization is to keep your projects and supplies where you can find them easily. If you ever have to sift through chaotic piles, then it is time to get organized!

Struggling to get motivated? Sign up to get our FREE guide, The 30-Minute Organizing Secret, and discover easy ways to overcome the chaos of clutter – even with kids at home!

More Craft Room Ideas

I hope you enjoyed this yarn organization guide. As you tackle organizing your craft supplies, here are some more craft room organization ideas that will inspire you.


  1. I enjoyed reading this article about organizing and storing yarn and supplies. I love the idea of portable storage totes that hold absolutely everything. After reviewing them online, I think it is overkill for my needs. I find that buying hand bags or tote bags from thrift stores to use as portable single project totes work just fine for me. This way, I don’t need to take absolutely everything with me. I use a make up case for keeping some supplies like cable needles, row counters, tapestry needles, etc. I sewed my own crochet hook holders; one for steel hooks and another for plastic/metal hooks. My knitting kneedles have their own case but I store the larger ones in a tall whiskey tin. My circular needles are now kept in an accordion file; though I do like the idea of keeping them in a small binder. Recently I have learned how to get even more organized by weighing unlabelled yarns so I know exactly how much yardage there is. This helps after I rewind the yarn into cakes using my winder that hubby bought me as a birthday present. Yes hubby supports my addiction. LOL. I proved to him what a great space saving gadget it would be. I’m so addicted to re-organizing my yarn now. Sorry…I just realized I might be rambling on about this subject. I’m so excited to be getting organized…finally. Thanks for all the great tips and suggestions. I am constantly on the prowl for new ideas. I hope some of my ideas might find their way to others in need.

    1. Hi Eugenia,
      These are fantastic ideas! Thank you so much for taking the time to share how your organizing your yarn, knitting and crochet supplies.

      Best wishes,
      Clutter Keeper

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