How to Know When You Need a Professional Organizer


Do any of these things apply to you? Here’s how to know when you need a professional organizer – and how to find one near you!

Have you ever looked around your house and found it so disorganized, you simply weren’t sure where to start cleaning up your piles of stuff? If you answered “yes,” you aren’t alone. Try as we might to keep our homes and our lives in order, shifting priorities and changing obligations can make it tough to stay organized, and once things start to get a little chaotic, it can be easy to lose control and find yourself facing a total mess.

That’s where professional organizers come in!

How to Know When You Need a Professional Organizer

What Is A Professional Organizer?

There are people out there who are so good at organizing and implementing systems to manage your mess that they do it for a living. They’ll come to your house, look at your space, and help you find a way to get organized – and, more importantly, stay organized.

A professional organizer is someone who provides ideas and methods that organize your physical or digital space. There are all sorts of different ways they can do this. Some organizing experts offer online classes with printables and personal accountability.

Others will come into your house and actually get in your closets or messy rooms and really organize them for you.

Whether you want them to merely provide direction and ideas or want them to do all the physical work too, it’s your choice.

5 Signs You Need A Professional Organizer

Messy, disorganized homes can cause us unnecessary stress and get overwhelming, fast. If the state of your home is making you feel this way, one of the best things you can do for yourself – and your home – is to call in a professional organizer to help you bring order to your space.

While many of us might shrug off the idea, knowing we’re fully capable of cleaning up our own stuff, having an unbiased, nonjudgmental third party offer advice and help can make a surprising impact on our space – and our mental state.

How do you know when it’s time to hire a professional instead of just trying to do it yourself? Here are 5 signs that you need a professional organizer.

5 Signs You Need a Professional Organizer

1. You Don’t Think You Have Enough Space

The first sign that you need a professional organizer is when you are trying to clean up and you feel overwhelmed, thinking you don’t have enough space for all of your things.

This is either a sign that you should get rid of some of your things or, just maybe, you have more room than you think.

These professional organizers have a super hero talent for sorting and storing things in such an orderly way that you end up with even more room than you ever knew you had. The crazy thing is that they actually enjoy this part of the job, too.

It’s like Julie from A Space To Embrace said, “It makes me happy to see things in order.” So if you don’t know if you have enough room in your house, call the experts!

2. You Keep Putting off organizing

How many times do you walk by the closet and think, “I should really do something about that,” only to walk away?

Procrastination is often a sign that a job is either too emotionally draining or too time-consuming for you to do on your own. If you can relate to this, then you should call an expert organizer.

3. You don’t even know what’s in your closets

Another sign you should call an expert is when you stare at a closet or a bunch of boxes and have zero idea what’s even inside.

Another amazing benefit of hiring an organizer is that they bring a fresh new perspective to your stuff and how you think about all of it.

Susan from Organized 31 summed it up like this: “Thanks to transformational TV shows, many people think that organizing only is accomplished in one marathon session. But that doesn’t work for everyone. We’re not on TV, you are in control, you decide which way you want to tackle it.”

Not only do they help you reorganize your space, but they help you figure out a method that will help you keep things organized too.

What to Do When You're Overwhelmed by Home Organizing

4. You don’t have time to organize

It’s ok to admit that you just don’t have time to organize your pantry or your closets. If life is busy, hire an organizer to create systems that will make your home more efficient.

Imagine how relieved you will feel to walk into your organized kitchen, able to find everything you need immediately! You deserve that feeling.

5. The Thought of organizing gives you anxiety

Lots of people feel so overwhelmed when they look at their piles of stuff that they feel physically anxious. There are so many physical and psychological benefits of a clean, organized home. If your house is making it difficult for you to focus and sleep well, then you need to hire an organizer.

If you feel overwhelmed, you aren’t alone. Morgan from Morganize With Me said she hears that all the time. “How/where do I start? I hear this the most, along with my clients telling me how ‘overwhelmed’ they feel.” She prioritizes a list with them and makes their spaces tidy and calming.

How and When to Hire a Professional Organizer

How To Find a Professional Organizer Near You

If you are ready to hire one, don’t delay! The best place to look is in the National Association of Productivity and Organizing website. NAPO members are highly trained and have lots of experience.

Another website you can browse to find local organizers is Find My Organizer.

When you find one that you think you want to hire, always ask for examples of their work and any certifications they have.

You are well on your way to having the peaceful and organized home of your dreams!

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How a Professional Organizer Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Home

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Here are some more home organization tips that will help you organize your home and keep it organized.

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