Spring Organization: Your Complete Guide


This is everything you need to know about spring organization. As the weather gets warmer, this is what you need to organize first.

Isn’t spring one of the best seasons? That feeling of joy that you get when you can finally open the windows and let the warm breeze in – it just can’t be matched. There is a reason that so many people love spring cleaning. The changing seasons is the perfect time to refresh your home with new sunlight (and new organization systems too).

Your Complete Guide to Spring Organization

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Your Complete Guide To Spring Organization

From rainy days that keep you inside to the bright and glorious shiny days that draw you outside, there is nothing quite like spring! With the changing of a new season comes all new tasks and checklists.

When you are in the mood for spring cleaning, this guide will show you how to tackle your spring organization goals!

There are so many fantastic reasons to place this high on your priority list. When you feel like redecorating from the warm tones of winter to the cheerful pastels of spring, create new organization systems that will make all your outdoor activities easier to do.

If you want a room-by-room spring cleaning guide, check out this complete guide. It even has a free printable spring cleaning checklist!

The EASY process for spring organization

Spring Organization E.A.S.Y. Process

Before you make a single list, I want to introduce you to the Clutter Keeper E.A.S.Y. process. If you follow it, you will be able to create a step-by-step process and organize any area in your house. You can literally use this everywhere to organize everything.

Here is more about this process and what each letter means.


E stands for empty. The first step is to empty the area you will organize completely. Move everything out of the area you are organizing and clean it.

Wipe it down and make sure it is completely clean before you start sorting and putting things back away.

This step makes the next part easier to do.


A is for assess. This is the step where you will look at everything you pulled out. Assess whether your current organization’s containers are still adequate. If you think you need more containers or a different size, do it at this step.

Make a list of everything you need before heading to the store. Then, you will be able to zone in on what you need when all the gorgeous organization products try to distract you! (There are some beauties out there).

At this step, you also want to decide what to keep, what to throw away, what to donate, and what you need to place into long-term storage.

Remember, your organization systems need to fit into your daily life. Make sure that your bins and containers are easy to reach and easy to use. For example, don’t stack your everyday shoes in a box on the top shelf.


Now it’s time to store everything in your containers. I think this is the most fun step of the entire process. I love putting things back into the containers and seeing them all organized and pretty.

As you put things into the containers, consider using smaller containers to keep the larger ones organized too.

Then, label your bins or baskets too. Print out some matching labels or purchase some personalized labels on Etsy. You can also buy some chalkboard erasable labels online. This option lets you change the name frequently (which is really helpful).


The final letter and step in the process is Y for Yearn. This means you need to set yourself up for success so that it is something you yearn to maintain.

For example, where do you most commonly set your keys when you walk in the door if you are organizing your entryway? This is the spot you need to put a small container to keep your keys.

If your system is set up in a way that is totally different from your daily habits, you won’t use them. It’s just a fact. Help yourself out and create systems you can easily reach and use daily.

How to organize for spring: closets, decor, garden, and more

Spring Closet Organizing

The very first (and perhaps most important) thing to organize is your closets. This is especially true if you live somewhere the seasons change drastically. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to organize your closets in no time at all!

These steps are perfect specifically for the transition from winter to spring. If you want to organize your closets thoroughly, check out the closet organization guide.

Change Seasonal Clothes

The very first step is to take out all of your winter clothes or coats and switch them with your spring coats and clothes. If you don’t have a system for this yet, start a new one.

The best way to store clothes is in plastic tubs with sealable lids that will keep bugs and dust out.

As you switch clothes around, look at every single item and decide whether to keep it or donate it. This is a lot like the KonMari method. If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t keep it.

Set Up A Frequency Check

One of the best ways to know whether to keep or give something away is to identify how often you use it. If you haven’t used something in the past 3 months, you probably don’t need it.

The best way to track how frequently you use something in your closets is by turning the hangers the opposite way. Then, the first time you wear it, turn the hanger around the other way.

After 3 months, you know which hangers hold the items that you don’t use enough to justify keeping.

Store Sentimental Things Safely

Every season we create or acquire more memories, and those memories tend to stack up in the closets. If you find a bunch of sentimental things in the closet, find a way to store them safely. Wrap up the breakables in bubble wrap and put them in a tub or bin that you clearly label.

This long term storage guide tells you how to store just about anything and everything you want to keep safe.

Use A Hanging Organizer For Spring Accessories

Finally, plan ahead and put some hanging organizers inside your closet to hold all your spring accessories.

The options are endless! Plus, at the end of the season, you can just move the entire organizer to another closet and swap it for winter accessories.

How To Organize Spring Decor

The next thing you will be organizing and switching around is all your home decor. This is a very fun part! Your home will go from a winter wonderland to blooming with cheerful colors!

Here are some tips for storing home decor and how to systematically organize your home in the quickest way possible.

Go Room By Room

The easiest way to redecorate your home for spring – and stay organized while doing it – is to decorate one room or area at a time.

The most systematic way to do this is to start with the front door and entryway and work your way through the house.

Another way to do it is to start with the most-used areas and work your way outwards. For example, start with the kitchen and living room and then work your way to the other areas next.

However you decide to do it, just finish one room completely before you start the next one. This will keep you organized and give you a feeling of euphoria as you see an entire spring-fresh room.

Create A Theme For Each Area

Another thing that will keep you organized and focused as you decorate your rooms is to create a theme that you stick with. This can be as simple as a unifying color palette or as broad as a decorating theme like modern or farmhouse.

This will also help you save money because you will know exactly what items fit into your theme and rooms and what doesn’t.

Store Spring Decor Somewhere Easy To Reach

As you go around your house and decorate each area, keep all your spring decorations in a place you can easily reach.

Keep them in a basket or bin in a room or closet that you can reach easily. Also, set a deadline for your decorating. This way, you will be more motivated to finish your decorating within a certain time frame. When the deadline passes, store your extra decorations in the garage, attic, or another closet.

Keep Outdoor and Indoor Decor Separated

Finally, as you decorate, keep the outdoor decorations and indoor decorations separated. This is going to be extra helpful as you try to decorate outside and work around rainy days and other weather issues.

Store the outdoor decor somewhere like the garage or the shed so that it doesn’t take up space inside your house.

6 essential tasks to get your home ready for spring

6 Essential Tasks To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Are you excited yet? I know I am! After 3 long months of staying inside and bundling up, it’s wonderful to breathe in the warm air finally. Even the chilly rainy days are worth it.

There are 6 very important things that you shouldn’t skip as you prepare your home for spring. Here they are!

#1 Change And Update Calendars And Command Centers

First, if you have a command center, go through and update the calendars and add some space for tracking springtime activities.

Some people like to decorate their command centers to reflect the current season. Others prefer to just add some spots for seasonal activities, such as gardening and their family’s spring sports schedules.

Make your command center area work for you and create any changes that are necessary to it.

#2 Set Up A Spring Cleaning Schedule

Next, plan out when you are going to do all of your spring cleaning. This complete spring cleaning guide even has a free printable checklist so you can mark off what needs to be done.

Give yourself ample amounts of time to accomplish each task. The worst thing you can do is try to get too much done and let yourself down. This is where procrastination comes in.

Instead, plan more time than you think you need. Then, if you finish your tasks earlier than planned, give yourself some much-needed free time!

#3 Redecorate

I mentioned decorations earlier, but I want to say it again. This is a very important step. When you redecorate your home, you put joy into it and make it a more enjoyable place to be.

The more you love your home, the more you’ll enjoy keeping it clean and organized.

#4 Prepare For Rain

Everyone knows that springtime is the rainy season, so prepare ahead of time for it. Set up a place for umbrellas and coats by the front door. Make sure you have plenty of supplies for those rainy days.

#5 Spring Home Maintenance

At the start of spring you should also check your home for common maintenance issues. These are things that will matter especially as it warms up and the weather starts to bring in those springtime storms.

These are the most important things you should check:

  • Exterior – Check the roof, walls, and deck and fix any holes or places that are wearing out
  • Interior – Check the major appliances and change air filters.
  • Basement – Make sure there aren’t any leaks or cracks in the foundation. Check for bugs and rodents.
  • Lawn – Clean your yard of any debris that might suffocate the grass underneath it. Double-check that all the sprinklers and hoses are in working order.
  • Furniture & Grills – Prepare for springtime parties and make sure your furniture and grill is working and don’t need to be replaced.

#6 Bring The Outside In

Finally, don’t forget to open up your windows and let the sunshine pour into your home. Fresh air is healing and rejuvenating.

Add some new plants to your living room and set a bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table. Allow spring to fill your home with beauty!

6 essential tasks to get your home ready for spring

Prepare For Spring Gardening

Spring is the best time to start gardening! As you set up your spring organization plans, include gardening. Even if you haven’t tried it before, there is no better time to start.

Organize Your Shed

Set aside an entire day to organize the gardening tools in your shed or garage. Put them somewhere you can reach easily that isn’t in the way of other tools.

The most successful home organizing systems are ones that are easy to maintain. If you need more tubs for your gardening tools, invest in some.

Plan Your Gardening With A List

Next, create a calendar with a list of all the things you must accomplish in your yard. Some plants need to be planted after the last frost, so pay close attention to the weather.

Make a list that you can check off. Don’t try to remember everything – put it on the list.

Set Up Gardening Stations You Can Reach

Put together a gardening station in your shed or garage. Fill this basket or tub with all of your tools – soil, fertilizer, a gardening stool, gloves, and your spades and rakes.

Keep everything together so that you don’t waste time searching for it when you need it.

Spring Organization: Let The Sunshine In

There you have it! Just about everything you wanted to know about spring organization. Spring is a time of new life and rebirth. Set new goals and enjoy a season of accomplishing more and setting brand new goals.

Struggling to get motivated? Sign up to get our FREE guide, The 30-Minute Organizing Secret, and discover easy ways to overcome the chaos of clutter – even with kids at home!

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