How to Prepare For Spring and Summer


As the weather gets warmer, are you ready to spend more time outdoors? Follow these tips so you can stay organized and prepare for spring and summer.

I love that first warm weather after the dreary cold temperatures in winter! What do you like to do outside in the spring and summer? In this guide, I’ll show you how to prepare for spring and summer so you continue to stay organized all year long.

How to Prepare For Spring and Summer

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How To Prepare for Spring and Summer

It might seem like there are a million things to do to prepare your yard and outdoor space for the warmer weather. But this guide will break it down into some really easy steps.

Make this guide even more efficient with our Take Action Printables Binder. It has every in it from a weekly task list and a room by room cleaning guide.

#1 Clean off your porch

The very first step is probably the easiest and it gives you immediate rewards. Look at your porch or deck. It probably needs a bit of attention after the fall and winter months.

Sweep it and clean it off. Prepare it for the warmer days that are coming. This is where you’ll be able to sit and enjoy some coffee or spend time with your family.

How badly did the winter weather affect your porch? Does it need another coat of paint or varnish? This is also a good time to repair any loose boards or holes.

This is also the perfect excuse for redecorating your porch. Spruce it up. Add a new wreath to your door. Add some flowers. This is the fun part!

Smart Spring and Summer Planning Ideas

#2 Rejuvenate your lawn furniture

This is part of the first step – breathe new life into your lawn furniture next.

The winter months can be rough on your patio space and outdoor furniture. From reupholstering chairs to refinishing wood and eliminating rust, this article is filled with great ideas around ways to rejuvenate your existing stuff.

While you are going through and trying to fix up your furniture, take inventory of what you have. Do you have enough chairs? Do you need more for entertaining guests? Is what you currently have abused beyond repair?

Take this time to do a little DIY magic to your furniture or buy a new set so you are ready for the warmer weather.

How to prep Your Home for Spring and Summer

#3 Prepare your soil for gardening

If you’re planning to start a garden, it’s probably time to start prepping your space for the season. Learn all about how to prep your soil and optimize your garden bed to grow your favorite fruits and veggies.

And if you don’t already have a dedicated garden bed? There are lots of quick and easy ways you can make one!

You could even start your garden indoors first while the chance of frost is still too high.

#4 Give your lawnmower a check-up

Once your grass reaches 2-3 inches in height, it’s time for a trim. You may not need to do much maintenance to your newer mower, but if your lawnmower has seen a few seasons, it may be due for a tune-up.

Hire a professional to do the job, or do it yourself and follow this helpful guide. Search for videos on Youtube to show you how to work with your specific model.

10 Things to Do Before Summer Begins

#5 Clean Up Your Garage

Another space you shouldn’t neglect to freshen up before the summer months arrive? Your garage. When the weather’s cold, we want to spend as little time in there as possible, making it easy to gather clutter and mess. But now that temperatures have warmed, there’s no reason you should let it stay that way!

Not sure where to begin? We have a complete guide to organizing your garage that will be a huge help!

#6 Organize Your tools

While you are in the garage, it’s a good idea to make sure all your tools are organized and easy to find. This guide has tons of helpful ideas for organizing your tools.

Ten Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

#7 wash your car

All that salt that’s on the road in the winter could cause your car to rust. When the freezing temperatures are finally over, wash your car and get all that road salt off.

This guide to organizing your car has tons of genius ideas that will help you find ways to keep it clean even when you take road trips this summer.

#8 Clean out your gutters

When the weather warms up and before the new leaves start to fall again, clean out your house’s gutters. If you don’t feel safe on a ladder, try a cleaning wand or hire this job out. But it’s a very important home maintenance step you shouldn’t neglect.

10 Places to Spring Clean Outdoors

#9 Wash and prepare your grill

If you have an outdoor grill, go out and check on it. Give it a good cleaning on both the outside and inside. Check the propane levels. I know some people that grill year-round. But if you haven’t used it in a while, it’s a good idea to check on it.

#10 Double check bikes and outdoor equipment

Finally, go through your garage or shed and look at your bikes and outdoor sports equipment. Before the weather is warm, make sure they are ready to go.

Make sure your bikes have tires that are full of air. Verify that all your outdoor sports equipment is organized and ready to go.

This way, when the weather does warm up, you can just grab your stuff and get out there and enjoy it!

How to Tidy Up Your Outdoor Space

Use the right tools to get organized and prepare for spring

One of my best tips to prepare for spring is to get organized once. Maintaining an organized space is easier once you do all the hard work.

You also want to use the right tools. That means storing things in tubs that fit. We have organization guides for every room in your house. If you run into a home organizing dilemma and we don’t have a guide for it, let us know. We want to help you get organized and stay organized.

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Easy Ways to Prepare for Spring and Summer Now

More Tips to Prepare for Spring

Here are even more spring prep tips and guides that I’m sure you’ll enjoy next!

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