Margaret & Stetson from The Clutter Bee/Everything Envy: Relocation Organization


Margaret and Stetson are a mother-daughter team that owns The Clutter Bee and Everything Envy. They are a company that helps people relocate and move while staying organized the entire time.

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Margaret & Stetson – The Clutter Bee (Now Everything Envy)

Margaret and Stetson from the Clutter Bee, LLC

2023 Update: We wrote this feature in 2019. As of March 2023, The Clutter Bee is now Everything Envy. We are so happy for them! Please keep reading to learn about the dynamic duo behind these two companies.

Meet Margaret and Stetson.

This is the mother-daughter team that owns and runs The Clutter Bee, LLC and Everything Envy. They are relocation specialists. This means they help you stay organized from the moment you decide to move to a new house until the day you unpack your final box.

They serve the southern Oregan region that includes Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland, Jacksonville, and Roseburg, Oregon.

But they also offer virtual moving assistance too. They can help you create a moving plan right over the computer.

They are both incredibly smart and have amazing insights and we are honored that they shared them here with us on Clutter Keeper®.

In this interview, they spill their biggest moving tips and things they’ve learned after helping so many people create new homes.

What are the most common questions you are asked as an organizer – and how do you answer them?

“How do I get rid of the things I don’t want?” This is a great question with so many answers!

We offer all our clients a list of resources to help them make a decision that meets their needs. From estate sale agencies, lists of local donation centers to our personal recommendations for specific items, we try to make it as easy as possible.

We always tell them that if you don’t need it, donate it; someone might be wanting it and will use it all the time! 

The Clutter Bee mother daughter team from Oregon

What is a relocation specialist?

We as relocation specialists differ from a traditional moving company in that we are not certified to move heavy pieces of furniture, but rather we specialize in the management of moving people from one home to another.

Not only do we pack and unpack boxes to ensure that precious items are handled with care, but we also make beds, hang artwork, and unpack every item so that everything is organized, beautiful, and feeling like home as soon as the client arrives.  We orchestrate the whole thing (including hiring movers we trust) to take ALL the stress out of moving.  

What Are Your Favorite Storage Hacks?

Our favorite hack is using BINS! They can make a space look polished on top of keeping likes with likes.  And, even when you are not quite ready to tackle an organizing project, putting all the things you want to eventually go in a bin unorganized still gives the appearance of it being clean from the outside. 

What Made You Really Enjoy Organizing in The First Place?

What keeps us motivated now is the before and afters. We love to see the transformation not only in the space but in our client’s lives. 

However, what started our love of organizing goes all the way to our childhoods.

Margaret’s used organizing spaces in her childhood home to relax, and later to keep her 3 homeschooling children’s lives functioning.  This transferred onto her daughter, Stetson, who has loved organizing and decorating basically since birth.  

“If you don’t need it donate it; someone might be wanting it and will use it all the time!” 

-Margaret & Stetson, The Clutter Bee, LLC

Who Is Your Inspiration?

The Home Sort inspires us daily through their Instagram! We look up to them for organizing product ideas, creative storage solutions, and inspiring us with gorgeous spaces. 

An organized pantry from The Clutter Bee, LLC

What Is Your Favorite Way to Label Things?

Hand labeling baby! We love Sharpie paint pens to not only save money on labels but creating that one of a kind custom look. Also, some bins can be cleaned with magic erasers (even with Sharpie) to change it up later on! 

What Are Some of Your Favorite “must-Have” Storage Products?

Drawer organizers, expanders, and Hyacinth bins from The Container Store. They work in almost every space and give that stunning before and after effect every time!

An organized pantry from The Clutter Bee

Because we’re relocation specialists we do whole house move-in organization every week, which we LOVE!  But our favorite things to organize are pantries; they are always so satisfying!

Has anything funny or memorable happened to you when you were on a job? Please share! 

One day we went to a client’s house to organize her art studio when she told us there was a bat in her house! She asked us if we had any ideas on how to remove it. We cautiously entered the house and found the bat hanging from a light fixture on the ceiling.

So, we put on our hooded jackets, cinched them down tight, grabbed a fishing net and a tennis racket. Caught the bat and set it free! 

What Is One Piece of Advice You Give to People?

Don’t save things for tomorrow, get rid of things today! We see so many boxes that haven’t been touched for 20 years.  Remember, you can have things, or you can have space. You can’t have both!  

Where to Find Everything Envy

Margaret and Stetson are available on social media.

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