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Learn fantastic organizing hacks from Lisa Trigsted – Owner and Lead Organizer for Neat Freak McKinney. Get to know this amazing organizing expert!

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Meet the Professional Organizers That Organize Your Life

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional organizer? Here at Clutter Keeper® we are going to feature some of our favorite ones.

These business owners and bloggers are rockstars! They have serious talent for creating order out of chaos. And that deserves a standing ovation!

Lisa Trigsted – Neat Freak McKinney

Meet Lisa. She’s a professional organizer and owns Neat Freak McKinney in McKinney, Texas.

Lisa grew up the oldest of seven children, in Lewiston, Idaho. Being the oldest child in a large family must have made her enjoy that fast-paced life. Because today she is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 8. She is also a teacher and a small business owner!

She currently lives in McKinney, TX with her husband, Mark. This May marked the end of her teaching career and she is very excited to organize full time! Lisa finds joy in helping others tackle clutter and take back their homes. Organizing is her passion.

We are thrilled to share some of her secrets with you!

What is the most common question you are asked as an organizer?

How do I stay organized after you leave?

The answer is: I put systems in place that will work for you and your family (they don’t have to work for me, but have to work for my clients) I teach them as I go.

We sort, purge, donate, and then only keep what they actually use.

I teach my clients to buy less, (you don’t need it just because it is on sale!) that will help keep the clutter down. Use what you have or let it go is my motto.

What is your favorite storage hack?

I always say it’s doesn’t have to cost a lot to be organized. Use shoe boxes for bins if you want.

Make everything in your home work double duty. Baskets and ice buckets that you use only for parties, for example, can hold pantry items when not in use

What made you really enjoy organizing in the first place?

I honestly feel I was born this way! I believe everyone has a gift, and when they use that gift, they are at their happiest.

I am the oldest of seven and my mom was a neat freak too. I learned early on that work came before play, so it’s been my way of life as far back as I can remember. I also find comfort and have less anxiety when my home is in order.

Who is your inspiration?

My grandmas were my biggest inspiration. They taught me so many great homemaking skills that have stayed with me my whole life. I learned to cook, stretch a dollar, host parties, recycle, make something out of nothing, and to be content with what I had from them both.

I found such comfort in being with them. I also find inspiration in the amazing community of organizers that I surround myself with. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing. I have learned from them all.

I learned early on that work always came before play. It was one of the best things my parents ever taught me.

-Lisa from Neat Freak McKinney

What is your favorite way to label things?

Of course, I love all the beautiful vinyl labels, but I also use my Sharpie oil pens and hand write labels.

I love using gift tags to hang on baskets, and there’s nothing better than old school label maker labels! Whichever label you choose, be consistent for a unified look.

What are some of your favorite “must-have” storage products?

The white all purpose bin from the Container Store is my all time fave, the price point is perfect for any budget (1.99-5.99) and they come in several sizes to fit any space.

I also love baskets, acrylic rounders (lazy Susan’s), and drawer dividers too!

I would say my most popular is pantries/kitchens. A close second is closets.

Has anything funny or memorable happened to you when you were on a job?

The funniest thing is finding things like flip phones, or floppy disks from the 90’s! My clients and I always have fun when we come across things like that. I have found expired spices from as far back as 1998.

I make working with my clients fun so they feel comfortable with me. I’m in their “stuff” and it could be embarrassing for them if I didn’t have a “no judgment“ policy…we laugh a lot!!!

Lisa Trigsted’s Best home organization blog posts

Now that you know a little bit more about her, go check out some of her work! She is an organizing genius. You’ll learn so much from her and these posts are the perfect places to start:

1. The Farmhouse Bin

Lisa shares how to create a beautiful space with a charming and versatile farmhouse bin. It’s a cloth basket that can hold or sort so many things.

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A completely organized refrigerator from Neat Freak McKinney

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3. Nanny T

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4. Spring Cleaning

Want to know how a professional organizer deep cleans her own home? Lisa spills all the secrets in this post!

5. Lisa’s Pantry Organization

Canned foods organized in a pantry.

One thing she organizes the most in Texas is the food pantry. Here are some pictures of her favorite pantries. These ideas will inspire you to sort your food and create more space.

Where To Find Lisa

She serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in Texas. If you are looking for a professional organizer in Dallas look for Neat Freak McKinney.

Lisa Trigsted – Owner and Lead Organizer for Neat Freak McKinney – McKinney, Texas (serving the DFW area)

Before and After Room Organization Reveals

Want to see Lisa’s work? Here are some surprising and seriously inspiring before and after pictures. She’s a miracle worker!

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