How To Set Realistic Goals: The Secret of Microchanges


Tired of setting goals you aren’t reaching? Here’s how to set realistic goals by harnessing the power of microchanges.

Here at Clutter Keeper®, we are all about helping you get organized and stay organized. Getting into the right mindset is the very first step to organizing your house. Before you even open your junk drawer, read this guide.

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Why Goals Are Important

We all have a huge list of things we know we either need to do or want to do. Either way, that list can sometimes feel a bit out of control and overwhelming. And the longer those things go without getting done, the worse we feel.

Stop that cycle!

It’s possible for you to live in an organized home. You can clean up your house and keep it that way.

Realistic goals are the key to taking all of the things that need to be done and actually doing them. Goals are important because they speak your dreams into existence. They set you up for success just by writing them down.

But, it’s super important that you set goals that are achievable. And that’s what we’ll discuss in this article. Just writing down a super-long to-do list isn’t effective. It will still lead to feeling overwhelmed and like you’ll never be able to do it.

Instead, you need to make goals that you know you can do. We call those microchanges.

What Are Microchanges

If microchanges are the secret to setting goals that work, what are they?

Microchanges are teeny little changes that make a BIG difference.

For example, throwing away all the trash that’s in your bedroom. Or, organizing all of the papers on your desk and creating a space you can store them.

When you make microchanges part of your goals, you’ll feel a surge of pride and accomplishment when you meet them. You’ll go from feeling like goals are impossible, to setting more goals because you know what you can do.

See? Microchanges are small steps that lead to big results! And it’s pretty easy make microchanges part of your goal-setting; here’s how.

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How To Set Realistic Goals

The best way to set realistic goals is to start at the bottom – with daily habits! This guide will look at that and more) but first, make sure to check out the Change Your Habits Guided Workbook! It takes you step-by-step through forming (and sticking to) healthy habits.

Are you ready to take goal-setting to the next level? Here’s how to set goals that you know you can do. Setting realistic goals is half the battle! Once you know you can do them, all the stress and worry basically evaporate.

Think Smaller

First, before you set your goal, think small. Do you want to organize your drawers? Start by cleaning out all the trash from your drawers. Then create a list of how many organizers you need and what you will keep in each drawer.

And if organizing a drawer still feels overwhelming, start with organizing your thoughts. The Declutter Your Mind Workshop helps you sort through your fears and worries, get it all on paper, and prioritize tasks so that they don’t overwhelm you anymore.

Set A Date

Next, write down your goals and set a due date. It’s amazing how motivating due dates are!

Look at your work schedule, social calendar, and anything else you have going on. Then, schedule time for you to work on these small goals.

You’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals when you put them on your calendar.

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Make Them Bigger

After you schedule your goals, slowly start to build up to bigger ones. Remember to make changes slowly. Microchanges are still important!

For example, after you organize your pots and pans, make a goal to organize your kitchen cabinets. Your small goals should naturally lead up to another, slightly larger goal.

Track Your Progress

When you can see how far you’ve come and how much you accomplished, you’ll stay motivated! Checklists aren’t just for kids.

So, if you’re trying to make changes in your health, use the Clutter Keeper Self-Care Journal. All of the spaces for goals and checklists help you see how well you’re sticking to new habits and give you a place to list out your self-care plan.

Or use the Tackle Your Closet Toolkit to organize your closets once and for all! With the tips, instructions, and checklists, you can see the progress every day (even before your closet is completely organized in real life).

Give Rewards

It’s not silly, and don’t skip this step. Another secret to setting realistic goals is to reward yourself when you accomplish them!

Tie the rewards to the task – that way, you’ll want to keep checking them off your lists.

For example, after you organize your bathroom, reward yourself with a new set of bath towels, or new bathroom decor. (Remember, when you buy new things, donate your old stuff. This way you don’t accumulate more clutter).

Do It Together

Finally, set goals with a best friend, spouse, or family member. When you do things together, you can encourage each other and help each other overcome road blocks that might be distracting you or slowing you down.

You’re never doing this alone! We even have a 4-week Fresh Start System that includes access to a private Facebook group where we answer your questions, give you tips, and help you set better goals if your current ones feel unreachable. You’ve got this!

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Final Thoughts

See? It’s easier than you might think! Once you learn how to set realistic goals, the sky is the limit! You’ll have an organized, peaceful home in no time at all. Start today so that tomorrow you’ll be one step closer to reaching those bigger goals.

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As you begin to set realistic, achievable goals, here are some more resources that will help you get into the best mindset.

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