Coat Storage Ideas: With and Without A Closet


Whether you have a coat closet or just an empty entryway wall by your front door, these coat storage ideas are just what you need.

If you have a coat closet, then I suggest checking out our closet organization guide. It will help you create more room for bulky coats.

Coat storage ideas with and without a closet.

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Coat Storage: Hacks That Work

Few things clutter up a closet quite like big winter coats! Their size can be pretty difficult to handle, and they take up so much space. So, how do you store coats? How do you keep a coat closet organized?

And how do you store coats when you don’t have a coat closet?

Keep reading to discover hacks that you can use if you have a coat closet or if you just have hooks on a wall.

1) Stack Coats

The bloggers at Charleston Crafted created this idea and it’s genius. Take the shelves out of a closet. Add a piece of pipe to the back of the closet facing towards the door.

Now you have a place to stack coats on top of each other!

This is a fantastic idea for anyone that lives in a condo, apartment, or doesn’t have a dedicated coat closet.

Favorite coat storage hacks.

2) Use A Standing Metal Coat Hanger

Another no-brainer idea is to purchase an affordable standing coat rack. This is the perfect place to hang up coats, hats, and bags. Since they are vertical, they fit in perfectly in the corner.

3) Hooks on The Door

If you only have to hang up 2-4 coats, install some hooks on the back of the door. This might not look the most aesthetically pleasing, but it takes up the least amount of space.

If you don’t like hooks on the door, install them on the wall by the door.

4) Bench With Storage

This idea solves two problems at once! You get a place to store coats and a place to sit and take off your shoes.

This solution only works if you have space near the door, like in a mudroom. If you live in a split level, there won’t be enough space for a bench by the front door. But you can set the bench upstairs in the living room.

5) Install A Peg Board

Peg boards are fantastic because they are so versatile! After you install the pegboard, you can change the configuration to match the seasons.

Add hooks to the peg board for coats. Add a few buckets to hold hats and gloves.

In the summer, use hooks to hold the baseball caps, sun visors, and a bucket to hold bug spray and sunscreen.

6) Turn an Extra Bedroom Into A Closet

This option only works if you really don’t need that extra bedroom. Imagine all the things you could store in that bedroom if you filled it with shelves!

Many people are starting to convert extra bedrooms into closets with shelves. It’s a fantastic way to keep what you need where you can find it easily.

How to store your winter coats.

7) Stagger Hooks Or Rods

This hack will work whether you have a wall of hooks or an entire coat closet. Instead of placing hooks or coat rods in straight lines, stagger them.

When you stagger them, it makes it easier to grab the coats and jackets. And you can fit more of them in a small space.

8) Use a foldable Hanger

You can find these on Amazon. They stack coats on hangers vertically. You can often fit about five or six coats on one hanger.

It frees up a lot of horizontal space in the closet. This is a fantastic tool to coat closets, especially if you have a family and a bunch of coats to store.

Winter coat storage and organizing.

9) Set Up Cube Organizer

Multipurpose units are extremely useful! Fold and store coats in baskets in the cube organizers. Then, when the seasons, change, use the baskets to store other things.

The best thing about a cube organizer is that it looks so good in the hallway, while simultaneously storing all of your essentials.

10. Use a Portable Garment Rack

Have you seen those garment racks on wheels at fashion shows? They are handy because they often have two levels of racks and a shelf for shoes.

You can use them in your hallway during the busy winter season and then put it in your garage or in storage until the next season.

10 coat storage ideas.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! Storing bulky winter coats doesn’t have to give you a headache. Take one of the hacks in this list and transform your hallway or coat closet. You’ll find more room than you ever knew you had!

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