How To Organize Dog Toys For A Happy Home


Are squeaky toys taking over your house? You need this guide! This is how to organize dog toys. Your pup will be happy and your house will stay clean!

Hi, pet parents! If you’re like me, your fur baby’s toys are probably all over your house. These plushies and chew toys are adding chaos to your happy home.

But, what can you do? It’s not like dogs can clean up after themselves, right?

All you need is a bit of creativity and organization! Then, you can transform the clutter into a tidy haven for both you and your canine companion. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s dive into smart ways to keep those dog toys in check and your house clean.

How to organize dog toys for a happy home.

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Types Of Pet Clutter

Just like a baby’s toys, having a dog comes with a lot of stuff. If you have a dog, you already know what I mean.

What kind of clutter do you collect when you have a dog?

The most common dog things that pile up include:

Keeping all your pet stuff organized can be tough. This is extra true if you live in a small place. Thankfully, we have a complete guide to pet organization. It has a ton of ideas that will help you out!

But sometimes, it’s just the toys that are tough to keep organized. If everything else is easy to keep picked-up, then this guide is for you. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to organize all those toys!

Five ways to organize dog toys.

Five Ways To Organize Dog Toys

Are you drowning in squeaky squirrels and plastic chew toys? Then, these five ideas are for you. Scan through and use the ones that work for your dog and home.

1. Make A Toy Bin

The first way to organize your dog’s stuff is to create a toy box. Create a dog organization station. Store the toys in a stylish basket or a dedicated drawer in your furniture.

Here are some places to store dog toys:

Pick a storage solution that matches your home’s decor. The size should also easily fit inside your room. If you have a small room, use furniture that has storage in it.

2. Categorize Toys By Type

If you have ever organized kids toys, then you know how helpful it is to sort things. When they’re sorted, it’s easier to find what you need when you need it.

So, group your dog’s toys too. Sort them by function. Place plush toys in one container, chew toys in another, and interactive toys in a separate bin.

This way, you won’t have to sift through a mishmash of toys whenever you search for the perfect plaything.

Plus, you won’t have to dump out the entire basket of toys to find the chew toy for your fur baby. This will save you time.

How to keep pet stuff organized.

3. Rotate Regularly

Have you noticed your dog losing interest in playing with their toys? They might be getting bored with the same old toys.

Combat toy fatigue by implementing a toy rotation system. Keep a selection of toys out for your pup to play with, and periodically swap them out with ones from storage.

Not only does this keep things fresh and exciting for your furry friend, but it also helps to declutter your living space.

4. Get Crafty

Do you enjoy DIY projects? Then, create your own toy storage solutions that double as stylish decor.

Repurpose old crates, baskets, or even an unused bookshelf to store your pup’s toys. Personalize these storage options with a coat of paint or by adding your dog’s name for an extra touch of charm.

Not only will these DIY creations keep your home organized, but they’ll also add a touch of whimsy to your decor.

Here are some of our favorite DIY tutorials from our sister site, Ideas For The Home:

5. Teach Dogs To Clean Up

Do you like to teach your dog tricks? Try to teach them to put their toys away. You can call it the clean-up game.

You have to do this in two parts. First, teach your dog to pick up a toy on command. Once they know how to pick up a toy, teach them to put the toy in the basket.

It takes time to teach this. Some breeds will learn quicker than others. Herding breeds will grasp the concepts almost instantly. But with time and treats, almost all dogs can learn it.

Not only is this a fun bonding activity, but it also helps instill good habits in your pup and keeps your home tidy.

How to teach dogs to pick up their toys.

How To Teach Dogs To Pick Up Their Toys Video

Here’s one of my favorite videos. It explains how to train dogs to clean up their toys. It takes time and patience. But it’s definitely possible!

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Final Thoughts

Stop tripping over your dog’s toys. With these five little steps, you can have a clean home. You can even teach your dog to help clean up!

The best way to store all your dog's toys.

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