11 Clever Closet Ideas to Organize Your Home


Your entire home can stay more organized when you start with your closets. Take any or all of these closet ideas and tackle that clutter today.

The most difficult part of any project is just getting started. It’s been said that when you want to do something like organizing your home, start small. These closet ideas are just what you need to kick off your home organization efforts.

11 Clever Closet Ideas to Organize Your Home, 3 wooden hangers on a rod in a closet

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Closet Ideas to Organize Your Home

After you organize your closets, you’ll feel that sense of accomplishment. And you will know that you can do this! You might even move to organizing your kitchen next. Or the entire basement.

All of these closet ideas are pretty simple. Browse them and pick the ones that fit your space.

1. Use square boxes in the hall closet

Hall closets are catch-alls. Some people store papers and craft supplies in it. Others store cleaning supplies.

It’s important to create a unified look. Using square boxes and labeling them will give you this unity. Plus, you can stack the boxes.

Check out the entire hall closet reveal.

2. Hang up earrings

Where do you keep your earrings? This idea is so clever. Hang them up on a picture frame in your closet. This makes it really easy to put outfits together too.

Of course, it works best for earrings with hooks. If you have earrings with straight pins, attach some fabric to the picture frame. Then just attach the earrings to the fabric.

If you have a large collection of jewelry, then refer to our complete jewelry organization guide for more ideas.

See the tutorial on Place of My Taste.

3. Hang up curtains instead of doors

This is a fantastic space-saving tip. Instead of a closet door, hang up some curtains. By using lighter curtains – like the white ones above – you are actually giving the illusion of more space.

The curtains will also give your room definition. It separates the room from the closet.

The only downside to using a curtain instead of a door is that you can’t store things on the door anymore.

This shoe organization hack is genius! It’s a fantastic way to store tons of shoes in the corner.

Corners are notoriously underused. It’s so easy to either stuff things in the corner or just let them collect dust.

But installing a round carousel like this – also called a lazy Susan – lets you store all your shoes vertically.

If you don’t have this many shoes, store your extra blankets, or bags, or even extra soaps and shampoos. The possibilities are endless.

5. Measure your space first

What makes this closet so stunning is that everything fits in it without overflowing. It’s beautifully satisfying.

To achieve this look, measure your space and make an inventory of your things. Choose cabinets that are designed to fit into your space. And make sure they will hold all of your things.

If you buy cabinets before measuring or making an inventory, you’ll end up trying to figure out how to cram your things into odd places. It won’t work nearly as well.

See the entire reveal on Twelve on Main.

6. Organize your closet by color

There are lots of tips in this video. The best one is to organize your closet by color. This can be said for any closet – even your utility closet.

When you organize it by color, you will know exactly where your clothes or other things belong.

Plus, it just looks peaceful and satisfying.

7. Install under-cabinet baskets

This unused space can hold small washcloths in your hall or linen closet. It frees up space on the shelf.

Another tip that you can see in this picture is to use vacuum-sealed bags to store blankets. You’ll gain a lot of space this way. Duvets and comforters are full of fluff and air.

See the entire transformation on The Tiptoe Fairy.

8. Install more shelves

Another closet idea – just add more shelves! They are so important, maybe even more important than roomy walking space.

The master closet in the picture above has lots of storage space thanks to the open shelves. Imagine trying to organize and store the clothes without them.

A Dish of Daily Life has more about master bedroom closet organization on her blog.

9. Hanging Organizers

The back side of a hanging pocket organizer filled with scarves, purses, hats and other fashion accessories on the back of a closet door

These are useful for all kinds of closets. If you read lots of Clutter Keeper® posts, you know that these can store lots of things.

Hanging Organizers and Other Clever Ideas to Organize Your Closet, four Clutter Keeper® hanging organizers on a rod in a closet

10. Repurpose furniture

This next tip is budget-friendly. You don’t have to invest in expensive closet systems. Reuse furniture for additional storage.

The top of the dresser in the photo above can hold baskets or jars. And the drawers are spacious. Don’t forget to organize your drawers too. Use products like drawer organizers or make your own.

Read more tips on Paint Yourself a Smile.

11. Leave empty space

Finally, consider carefully what you are keeping and storing. Do whatever you can to whittle that down. Try to leave space between items in your closet.

As you can see in the image above, space between boxes and towels looks so much better. It is a calm closet, one that exudes serenity.

It’s easier to find what you need and keep it organized when you have the space in which to do it.

How to Come Up With More Closet Ideas

Did any of these ideas help you? That’s the thing about online inspiration and ideas. You might see something. Even though it isn’t perfect for your space, it could spark an idea for a different way to do it.

To come up with your own closet ideas, you’ll have to sort through everything in your closet. What do you need to store? Do you need to keep it all? Get rid of as much as you can.

Then go shopping. Buy containers that are the right size for what you are storing.

This is where the fun and creativity come in. Look around your house and see if there is anything that could be repurposed. Maybe that large coffee can could be turned into sock storage. Who knows? Try new things and have fun organizing your closets.

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More Closet Organization Ideas

Need more practical advice? Here are some more closet organization tips to help you out.

Genius Ways to Organize Your Closet Once and For All - sandals, purse, pants and a blouse ready to be organized in a closet.


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