How To Organize Hats And Keep Them Looking New


How do you store hats so they don’t lose shape? How do you store baseball caps, winter hats, wide-brimmed hats, and more? Learn all about the different ways you can store and organize your hats – and keep them looking new – in this post.

How to organize hats and keep them looking new.

The right hat can make a BIG difference!

Your hat can make or break your outfit. Hats can elevate your look, provide much-needed shade or warmth, and pull everything together. 

But when it comes to storing clothes and keeping them organized, hats present a special challenge.

Unlike pants or shirts, you can’t really fold them up. They don’t fit on a standard clothes hanger. And most of them are only worn seasonally, like baseball caps in the summer and winter hats when it’s chilly. 

But there are definitely steps you can take to keep your hats organized and looking new! 

Not sure how to do it? Keep reading to learn some best practices, tips, and tricks to keep your hat collection in order. 

How to organize hats and baseball caps.

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How to Organize Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are the most popular style of hat. When it comes to hats that people wear on a regular basis, more people wear baseball caps than anything else. It’s easy to see why! They’re casual, comfortable, and functional – they keep the sun out of your eyes on a bright day. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they’re often customized to show support for a well-loved team, brand, or location.

Fortunately, baseball caps are one of the easiest types of hats to organize. Here are just a few ways you can organize your baseball caps:

  • Hang them up. Thanks to their design, baseball caps can easily be hung on hooks or pegs. You can install hooks directly into your wall to hang your baseball caps, or you can mount a piece of pegboard and use movable pegs to manage your collection. 
  • Store them in stackable plastic bins. If you don’t need easy access to your baseball cap collection, you can store them in well-sealed, stackable plastic bins. Since baseball hats are easily stacked on top of one another and hold their shape well, you can likely store multiple hats in a single bin. Organize them by color, by brand, or by whatever makes the most sense to you!
  • Invest in a hat rack! These hat racks available on Amazon are a great, space-efficient way to store your baseball caps. Each rack comes with 10 clips, and you can buy as many as you need to keep your collection organized. 

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How to Organize Winter Hats

The right winter hat can make a huge difference on a chilly day! They keep your body heat from escaping through the top of your head, cover up your ears, and can even offer protection from wind and snow.

When winter is here, you want them out and easily accessible so you can wear them throughout the season. And when the weather warms up? You need to be able to put them away – out of sight, out of mind. 

Hat racks and storage ideas.

Here are just a few ways you can store and organize your winter hats:

  • Use a shoe organizer! A hanging over-the-door organizer with multiple pouches and pockets can be a great way to keep your winter hats organized and easy to access during the colder months. Choose one with clear pouches so you can see which hat is where. 
  • Leverage drawer dividers. Don’t have enough winter hats to warrant their own storage solution? Keep them in one of your dresser drawers and use a drawer divider to separate them from whatever they’re sharing a space with. 
  • Airtight plastic bags or bins. During the warmer months, you probably don’t need your winter hats taking up valuable storage space in your closet. Make sure they’re clean and dry, then pack them away into sealable bins or bags and put them into long-term storage.
The best way to organize hats.

How to Organize Women’s Formal Hats

Women’s formal hats are a bit trickier to organize than baseball caps or winter hats. Their structure and shape are often more rigid and, unlike other hats, can’t be compressed or stacked. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to organize your formal hat collection to keep them looking like new:

  • Hat boxes. The most traditional way to store fancier hats involves investing in hat boxes – or holding onto the ones your hats originally came in. These boxes ensure your hats don’t get crumpled or crushed and keep them dust-free between wears. The downside? They take up a lot of space. 
  • Use wall hooks. Hanging your hats on wall hooks allows them to remain easily accessible and on display! You can install wall hooks inside your closet or elsewhere in your bedroom if you want to keep your collection visible. 
  • Stuff the insides to hold their shape. If you won’t be wearing your formal hats for a long time, it’s a good idea to preserve their structure by filling them with tissue paper. It’s a simple but effective way to keep them looking their best!
Your guide to hat storage and display.

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