How to Add More Storage to Your Small House


Having a small home can lead to big storage issues. No matter what size room you have, these tips are going to help you add more storage to your small home.

A small home can sometimes lead to a few big storage issues. When you have limited space in your home, finding places to store items can seem impossible. No matter what size room you are working with, these small house storage tips and ideas are going to help you find more space than you ever knew. From creative storage solutions to how to utilize the space you do have, we’re going to show you how.

How to easily add more storage to your small house right now.

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Small House Storage Ideas 

Let’s face it. When you live in a small house, you only have so much space to store your stuff. Sure you can purge and minimize how much you own, but there has to be a way to find more storage space. 

Thankfully, there are a few small space hacks that will help you find storage room you didn’t know existed. 

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Go Vertical

Instead of trying to cram your items into every nook and cranny, consider using some of the vertical space in your home.

Shelving units, and stacking bins can add storage to a small space, without sacrificing floor space. Hanging storage solutions can also be a great way to maximize your vertical space.

Start with the vertical space you have available first to really stretch your storage space.

Utilize Those Small Spaces

The gap in between the fridge and the wall might not seem like much of a storage space, however, this can easily hold a sliding rack that can hold spices, baking supplies, and so many other items!

If you are short on storage, don’t overlook the small spaces within your home. The back of a door can hold shoes, craft supplies, and other items using an organizer without taking up precious real estate in your home.

9 storage solutions that work in a small house.

Find the Best Storage Solution for Your Space

There are some crazy storage solutions out there, but many of these storage solutions could be the answer to your small space problems. When looking for the best storage solution for your space, it should meet the following criteria:

  1. It should create more space.
  2. It should help you group like items together.
  3. It should make it easier to find a home for your items.

While containers are a great storage option for your items, don’t be afraid to think a little outside of the box to help you find the best storage solution for your space. Fo

r example, you can use a hanging organizer with pockets to better utilize closet space.

Label Everything!

When it comes to storing items in a small space, you may find yourself with a lot of bins and baskets. When possible, label as much as you can. This is going to make retrieving these items easier and help you find them quicker.

Small house storage ideas that maximize space.

Consider Outside Storage Solutions

If your small space is only temporary, it may be worth your time and money to put some of your items into an outside storage location. This can be a storage unit, a family member’s home, or another outside storage option.

Your space is limited when you are in a small space, and if you are only going to be there a few years, it may be worth moving some of the items you don’t use frequently to another location.

Invest in Furniture with Storage

An ottoman with a built-in storage system can help keep things off the floor, and provide you with additional storage. Before you invest in a furniture piece for your home, consider options that have storage built-in. This can help add storage to your small home without having to sacrifice any additional space.

The Frugal Girls shared a lot of really helpful tips. One of them included using a metal trash can to store things inside, and covering with plywood and a tablecloth. Makes a fantastic and cute end table with lots of storage.

Small house storage solutions inspired by tiny living.

Lift Up The Beds

You will be able to store so much more under the bed if you lift them up higher. For younger kids, consider a loft bed so you can store books or even a dresser underneath. 

For those not wanting to climb into a bed, there are bed risers that give just enough lift to create more storage space

Store Out Of Season Clothes Inside Suitcases

Instead of having to store the suitcases and the boxes of out of season clothes, store the clothes inside the suitcases. This tip alone will free up so much space in your closet or basement. 

Move the Office Supplies & Computer to A Closet

If you have an extra closet that you aren’t using very often, clear it out and take out most of the shelves. Create a desk area and a few other shelves for office supplies. It’s a great way to keep all your computer and electronics in one place, without having to find room in the bedroom. 

9 ways to create extra space in small homes

You don’t need a bigger home in order to store all of your items. Instead, consider giving one of these storage tricks a try!

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