How To Fake A Clean House: The Secrets Revealed


Have friends coming to visit at the last minute? Now the secrets are revealed. Here is how to fake a clean house, without actually cleaning!

We have all reached that point where we are past the point of caring how our house looks or just feeling like our homes never look as good as our friend’s homes. Whether you have in-laws coming in for a few days, friends about to come over for dinner, or just want your home to look presentable, you don’t have to deep clean your home. Here is how to fake a clean house for those times when you just don’t have the time to clean.

Plus, keep reading. There are 5 bonus hacks that will help you have the most amazing house in literally no time at all. 

How to fake a clean house: the best time-saving secrets revealed

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How To Fake A Clean House

How do you get your home ready for guests when you don’t have time to clean? These secrets will help you fake a clean home and impress your guests.

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Clear off your surfaces

If you have ever taken a look at a minimalist home, one thing you might notice is that their homes tend to look cleaner. The secret isn’t behind the fact that they own less stuff, but that they keep their surfaces clear. Clear surfaces will instantly make your home look less messy.

Store items in the closet, in bins, a laundry basket, or even in the shower if you have unexpected company just around the corner. Remember that the purpose of this is to create the illusion of a clean home using the out of sight out of mind method.

Focus on the glass and floors

Dirty glass just looks dirty. Focus on cleaning the windows, mirrors, and anything else in your home that is a glass surface. Glass surfaces tend to leave lingering handprints and dust that is more visible to the eye than any other surface.

A good lint-free microfiber cloth will help to get a beautiful streak-free shine.  If you only have a few minutes, spend those minutes cleaning the glass areas.

If you have the time, make your next focus the floors. Whether it’s carpet or hardwood, people tend to notice a dirty floor. Use furniture pieces to hide eyesores, and even do a quick vacuum if you have time to spare. A quick mop or even just sweeping these areas for large particles will make a world of difference!

The easiest way to fake a clean house for last-minute guests

Don’t have time for either? If you don’t have time to clean your floors, focus on drawing the eye away from the floor. Use decor pieces to capture your guests’ attention, and focus your efforts on only the rooms they will be in.

Make your bed

If you are trying to make your bedroom look cleaner, it all starts with a properly made bed. The bed tends to be the focal point of any bedroom, and if your bed is made, then the whole room will instantly look cleaner!

In fact, take a look at My Vintage Porch. Their bedroom is stunning, and the made bed really sets it off.

If you don’t have a lot of time to tidy and straighten up the bedroom, start by simply making the bed.

Avoid piling items

Instead of leaving items in piles, contain them in bins and baskets. Piles tend to make a space look messier, even if the rest of the room is clean! Use decorative bins and containers to keep these stacks out of the way until you are ready to deal with them, and when possible, avoid piles at all costs.

We’re not always in the mood to scrub our homes from top to bottom. This guide will not only help make sure that your home looks presentable but that your guests will never know!

5 Bonus Hacks – Get Your Home Ready for Company

Now that you know how to fake a clean house, here are 5 more bonus hacks that will whip your home into shape with virtually no effort. 

5 fast ways to get your home ready for last minute company

Instead of stressing over every small thing, here is how to get your home ready for company and tackle the things they are sure to notice.

1. Put your focus on the guest bedroom and bathroom

Instead of running around trying to get every room deep cleaned, put your focus on the guest bedroom and bathroom. This is where your guests are going to be sleeping and where they will probably spend around 8-10 hours a day.

Make sure that out of all your rooms, this is the one you spend time deep cleaning. Put out a few cozy comforts for your guests such as a bottle of water, extra pillows and blankets, and anything else you think your guests may need.

2. Stock your kitchen

The worst thing you can be is ill-prepared to feed your company when friends and family come to visit. Speak to your guests before they arrive and make sure you ask about any dietary restrictions they may have.

If your Aunt is starting a new diet, you don’t want a cabinet full of cookies to greet her when she’s looking for the bottled water.

In addition to taking into consideration dietary needs, make sure to keep your kitchen stocked with a little bit of everything. You never know what your guests might need, and this will make sure you are prepared for anything.

4 clean house secrest to borrow from minimalists

3. Prepare the main living spaces and kitchen

After the guest bedroom, shift your focus to the main living spaces and kitchen. These are the spaces your guests are going to spend the majority of their time while they are visiting.

Take the time to tidy these areas and make them more guest friendly. If you need to bring out the dog statue your mother-in-law got you for Christmas, now is the time to lug it out.

Be sure to provide coasters for drinks, and anything else your guests may need while they’re in these areas. And, lastly, find a way to hide any eyesores in the rooms.

4. Make space in the driveway and clean your car

If you know your guests will be coming by car, make sure that you have space in the driveway for them to park, or that they know where they can park. If you will be the one driving them around, you want to make sure that your car is clean!

Our cars are not usually something we think to clean when company comes over, but you don’t want to feel dumb when they suggest taking your car and it looks like a wreck.

Secrets to fake a clean house in minutes

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Every baseboard doesn’t need to be scrubbed just because company is coming over. If you don’t get the chance to wipe down the TV cabinet, so be it! Remember that the goal is to enjoy your company and spend time with them. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on spending time with the people who came to see you.

If you follow these tips, your home will always be ready for company, even if you have little notice that they’re coming to visit.

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