Bedroom Organization Tips for the Room of Your Dreams


Is it possible to maintain a clean and organized bedroom all year long? Yes it is! And these bedroom organization tips and strategies will help you organize it and keep it that way.

An organized bedroom is possible, and you deserve it. If you follow these bedroom organization tips, you will have the bedroom of your dreams in as little as one week.

Is it possible to maintain a clean and organized bedroom? These bedroom organization tips will help you organize it and keep it that way all year long.

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How to Organize Your Bedroom

Yes, you can have a tidy and organized bedroom in one week, it is possible. This guide will walk you through the beginning, middle, and end of organizing your bedroom. The result will be a beautiful bedroom that fills your mind with peace – and you’ll have the steps you need to help you maintain it.

Bedroom Organization – Where To Start

Before you pick up a single item, you need to answer a few questions.

  • What is your goal?
  • What emotion do you want your room to exude?
  • Where will you store all the stuff you have?

The answers to these questions will power you through the organizing process. As you answer these questions and set your goals, write the answers down. Our Take Action Printables Binder has lots of goal-setting worksheets that will take you from brainstorming to action in a matter of minutes!

Let’s dig into these questions a little deeper.

3 questions to ask before you start organizing your bedroom

What is your goal?

Is it just to clean it up once, or do you want to live in an organized bedroom from now on? If you are a visual person, write your goal down somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Then, go after your goal. Make it a reality. As you clean one area (like one side of your closet) step back and bask in your accomplishment and keep going. You’ve got this!

What emotion do you want your bedroom to exude?

Your bedroom should be a place of peace. A tranquil oasis. You will feel peace and a calm spirit when you look around and see clean countertops and dressers and a floor without things strewn about.

Don’t stop organizing and creating new homes for your things until you look around and feel that happy and calm feeling.

After you conquer your bedroom organization, you can move onto designing your room with inspiring decor. How you decorate really does affect your mood.

Where will you store all the stuff you have in your bedroom?

Try this: start by making a list of all the different things for which you need to find storage. Walk around the room and list all the things that are laying about because they don’t have a home.

You might discover that some of your things are better stored in a closet or another long-term storage place (like garage or basement). Or you might find that your room is holding things that don’t even belong in there (like your kids’ toys).

Then, on another list, write down what type of storage products you need. Do you need more plastic tubs? Maybe you need some hanging organizers.

Having all this information written down will speed up the actual organization process immensely.

The easiest place to start when organizing your bedroom

Bedroom Organization Hacks While You Are Cleaning

After you are fully prepared to organize your bedroom, it’s time to whip the room into shape. Here on Clutter Keeper®, there are a lot of fantastic tutorials and organization ideas.

Start small. Organize your drawers first, so you have room to store everything you are going to clean up.

Follow your list. Remove the items that don’t belong in your bedroom and give everything that does belong a new home. As you clean up, here are 3 essential bedroom organization hacks that will speed up the process.

Hack 1 – Utilize under the bed storage containers

It seems like things can become lost under the bed, hiding with the dust bunnies. The space between the bed and the floor is such an under-utilized storage space.

Buy a few storage bags that slide under your bed so you can store things you don’t use every day. A few ideas of things you can store under your bed include:

  • Extra blankets
  • Travel accessories (if you travel frequently)
  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Out of season clothing
  • Out of season beauty supplies (like winter-colored makeup or nail polishes)

Hack 2 – Hang it up

It is amazing how much stuff you can easily organize within arm’s reach when you use hanging organizers in your closet. Use that space in your closet wisely. If you don’t use it more than once a year, store it in another room.

Use hanging organizers to store:

  • Shoes
  • Scarves
  • Extra Tank tops & camisoles
  • Beauty / Hair tools
  • Extra electronic chargers and chords

Hack 3 – Buy furniture that doubles as storage

Furniture looks beautiful in a bedroom. It adds depth and personality. If you buy a bench for the foot of your bed, choose one that can double as storage. This is a wonderful place to store extra blankets, letters and letter writing supplies, and anything else that you want in your bedroom but you don’t want out in the open.

Bedroom organizing mistake you might be making - and how to fix them

How To Keep Your Bedroom Organized All Year

Finally, it’s important to realize that keeping your bedroom tidy really is possible all year long. After you cleaned up your room and found new homes and places to store your important things, all you need to do is create a plan for keeping it this way.

Here are 3 essential tips for how to keep your bedroom organized.

When you bring new things in, put them away or get rid of other things.

1. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is the enemy of organization.  When you put off picking up things, more things will pile on top. Then you risk falling back into the chaotic state it was before.

When you take something out, return it to where it goes, immediately. This one tip will help you maintain a cleaner room.

2. Make bedroom organization a lifestyle choice

Just organizing it once won’t keep it organized. Once a week (or if your schedule is busy, maybe once a month) go through and re-organize your closet. Evaluate your storage and decide whether you need to move you things to another room or add more storage solutions.

After you declare to yourself that you are now going to live in an organized and clean space, you will be less likely to let it fall into disarray again.

3. Put a limit on what you store in your bedroom

Another enemy of organization is simply the amount of things you try to store. As soon as your bedroom is organized to your liking, step back and decide how much more stuff your room can hold.

If you bring in things that don’t have a home and don’t fit, either remove older things or move the new items to another room.

3 bedroom organizing hacks you must try

Bedroom Organization is Essential

When you have a clean and tidy bedroom, you will have a more centered mind. It will help motivate you to keep the rest of your home organized too. When you make bedroom organization a lifestyle, just start small and then make it a lifestyle you can maintain. Then, you’ll finally have the bedroom of your dreams!

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