Get Organized with Backyard Ideas for Your Home & Patio


Could your backyard and patio use a little tidying up? This article will give you backyard ideas and helpful tips to organize your patio and yard space.

If your backyard and patio could use some tidying up this spring, this article will show you how to optimize and organize your outdoor living space. Read on to find helpful tips, smart storage ideas, and ways to find backyard ideas and inspiration.

Get Organized with Backyard Ideas for Your Home and Patio; Overhead shot of an open pair of metal gardening sheers with white fresh flowers that were recently cut from the backyard.

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As the warmer months move in, it’s time to consider your backyard and patio. Having a backyard to enjoy is one of the best things about owning a home. However, it can also be one of the most difficult elements to manage.

Between the changing seasons, the constant maintenance, and the different uses of our backyards, it can be hard to keep things organized. Fortunately, there are lots of backyard ideas out there that can help you revamp your outdoor space.

Backyard ideas and ways to get organized

If you need some guidance on how to organize your backyard and patio, we’re here to help! Read on for some helpful tips and clever ideas to help you transform your backyard:

3 Simple Steps to Create the Backyard and Patio of Your Dream this Summer; overhead shot of sunglasses, a straw hat and a white linen swimsuit cover up laying on a white washed deck in a backyard.

Step One: Evaluate your patio and backyard space.

To begin, you want to understand exactly what you’re working with. Spend some time in your backyard. How large is the space, and how much stuff do you need to store and organize? This will help you set parameters and make a plan for your project.

Ask yourself – how do you use your backyard? Is it a space for your children to play? Your personal garden? A social space equipped with a grill, a fire pit, and seating? A combination of the three? You probably won’t want to store your child’s soccer ball in the same spot as your lighter fluid, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

You also want to make sure you’re using your space wisely. Do you have a garage? If so, consider what you can store there. Even if you use your garage to park your family car, you can still find clever ways to optimize space. You’ll be surprised how much stuff you can actually keep in your garage with a little effort. It’s a great place to store clutter that would otherwise occupy the backyard. Your basement may also be a good spot to store some of the things in your backyard that don’t need to be there.

How to Make Your Backyard Awesome; the front half of a bicycle on green grass near a tree in a lush green backyard.

Step Two: Search for backyard ideas and inspiration.

Now, do you have a good understanding of what you need to store and how you’d like to transform your backyard and patio? Good! Next, it’s time to do some research. See what others have done to organize their backyard, and you might find some great backyard ideas! You can find inspiration in quite a few places:

  • Spend some time browsing Pinterest. Searching for ‘backyard ideas’ or ‘patio ideas’ will give you more Pins than you could ever hope to click on!
  • Pick up a magazine at your local bookstore or grocer. There are lots of publications that focus on designing outdoor spaces. They’re filled with beautiful pictures, great ideas, and tons of inspiration.
  • Head to a home improvement store. The garden or outdoor section should have some good suggestions. Another benefit? You can get a much better feel for furniture, storage solutions, and decor in person than in a photo.

If your goal is to organize your backyard and patio, you’ll want to make a plan. Once you do your research and know what you want, put pen to paper – or take notes on your computer. You can draw a diagram, make a list (or a few), or use whatever method works best for you. Just make sure you think carefully about what you want and incorporate those ideas into your backyard plans.

Step Three: Transform your backyard ideas into reality!

After you know what you want to do to your backyard, it’s time to make it happen.

How to Get Your Backyard and Patio Ready for Summer; 14 white tulips cut from a backyard on a plain background.

If your backyard ideas involve any major changes to your space, you’ll want to tackle those first. To make the most out of your backyard and really organize your space, you may consider:

Expanding your patio.

If your patio doesn’t give you and your family enough space to sit comfortably and enjoy yourselves, it won’t be a comfortable place to relax.

Building a deck.

A deck can be a great way to give yourself extra space in your backyard. Use the space underneath as storage without sacrificing any area.

Installing a standalone shed.

Don’t have a garage but have lots of stuff to store? A tool shed could be a great idea for your backyard. Many home improvement shops will also deliver and install these, making the process easy.

Removing trees or shrubs.

If the foliage in your backyard is sabotaging your ability to organize your space, you may need to consult an expert. Removing trees and shrubs may sound a bit extreme but it can free up some valuable space if you’re lacking.

Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard and Patio; Overhead shot of an open pair of metal gardening sheers and a spool of gardening twine along with white fresh flowers that were recently cut from the backyard.

You may not need to transform your backyard so dramatically. That’s totally fine! You can still make a big impact on your backyard without spending tons of money or tackling a huge project. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Invest in patio furniture that doubles as storage. There are lots of great benches, chairs, and ottomans with lifting seats that double as storage bins.
  • Use a hanging organizer! One clever blogger found a way to use a hanging organizer to store garden gloves, spades, and other tools. You could also use them to store other items – grilling tools, jump ropes, dog toys, etc.
  • If you own a fire pit, don’t leave your firewood heaped in a pile next to it. Instead, find a way to store it. This blog post contains lots of great firewood storage ideas, including lots of DIY options!

Organizing your backyard and patio may not sound like much fun, but you’ll be glad you did it when you’re done! As long as you go into the process with a plan, you’re sure to wind up with a backyard space that’s better than before!

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