RV and Camper Organization: Your Complete Guide


When you are ready to travel, keep everything organized on the road. This guide to camper organization has smart storage hacks you’ll love!

Trying to find storage in an RV is a lot like living in a tiny home. You have very limited amounts of space, so how do you organize it all? That’s where this guide will come in handy!

RV and Camper Organization: Your Complete Guide.

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Camper and RV Organization

This guide is for everyone. Whether you are a first-time RVer that rented one for a road trip vacation or you are an experienced camper with years under your belt, you will find something in this guide.

You’ll discover hacks and storage ideas for everything you own in your camper or RV. From small camper storage tips to luxurious RV organization hacks, it is all here!

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Table of contents

Tips and tricks for organized RV and camper living

Biggest Challenge of RV living

There is something unique about life in an RV. It’s a simpler life. You don’t have room for collections. What you do have, you must learn how to store. The first time you realize you have too much stuff is when you stop being able to find places to store it.

Unlike a house where you can just move things to the basement or garage, you only have so much space in an RV. Once it is used, it’s used. RV living requires you to change how you view stuff. Deciphering between needs and wants was never more important.

RV and Camper Living Tips

Before we get to the hacks, it is important to understand the basics of staying organized on the road. Once you fully commit to these principles, you will be more successful at keeping your traveling home clean and under control.

Only Bring what you will actually use

Before you bring a single thing into the camper, ask yourself how often you will actually use it. You might have good intentions to read a dozen books, but will you actually read all of them? Could you save space and put them on a portable device (like a Kindle) instead?

Use multipurpose items

Another thing that will save you tons of space is by using the same thing in a variety of ways. Instead of packing 3 different types of soap, use vinegar and water instead.

You can also save and reuse plastic food containers for storing dry goods or other toiletries.

There are so many ways to reuse things. Need more inspiration? Check out our upcycling guide!

Use Vertical Space Efficiently

Don’t ignore vertical space as you create your storage systems. Hanging organizers allow you to store things on a closet rod that would never have fit before.

Set up organizers on the backs of doors, on your walls, and in your closets.

How to organize your RV/camper for the first time

Organize Your RV or Camper The First time

Travel trailer storage ideas will only work if you have an organized camper and places for things to belong. When you create organization systems, make sure they are as efficient as possible. Address wasted space and make sure everything is easy to reach and put back away.

Cut down on multiples and collections

When you are living life on the road, you only need one of each thing you own. Save the collections for your long-term storage systems.

By cutting down on how much you own, you save yourself the headache of trying to fit everything in your RV.

Follow the in And Out Rule

This is a very popular rule among minimalists and “full-timers.” When you bring one thing in, take one thing out.

When you pack your RV the for the very first time, make a pledge that from this point on, if you buy anything else you then have to give away or throw away something that you already have stored.

Create a cleaning schedule

Make organized living a part of your routine. Whether that means doing a quick pick-up before bed or setting a routine to clean the RV every morning, if you create the schedule you will be more likely to stick to it.

This also means setting up a schedule to go through everything you own to make sure you still use it. Depending on how often shop and add to your belongings you could do this once a month or once a week.

Keep an inventory of what you own

Finally, keep a close inventory of everything you own. This will prevent you from buying doubles of things and help you know when you need to replenish your supplies. In an RV, you just won’t have the room to stock tons of extra soaps or cleaning supplies.

Camper storage hacks room by room

RV Kitchen Storage Tips

These tips and hacks will help you have the most organized RV kitchen without scrambling. Even if you don’t live in an RV or camper, these work in really small kitchens and tiny homes too!

hang up kitchen utensils

A tension rod and some shower hooks are the best combination ever and will give you lots more room in your kitchen drawers and countertop.

There are actually tons of uses for shower rings – but in the kitchen is just smart!

Under Cabinet Paper plate dispenser

Paper plates might not be the best for the environment, but when you use this under cabinet paper plate dispenser, you have more room in your cabinets for other things.

It’s called Pop-A-Plate. You attach it under your top cabinet. Now, you have easy access to paper plates whenever you need them.

Store Foil and Plastic Wrap in a magazine holder

This idea from Everyday Dishes is so clever! Use that space behind your cabinet door to store your foils and plastic wrap. You don’t have to hang it up on a door – this could go on your kitchen shelf too.

Install an over-the-door trash can

This idea keeps the trash secured and out of the way. Plus, it secures the trash can to a door so it doesn’t roll around (and potentially spill trash) as you travel.

Keep Spices Organized in a plastic dispenser

This pull-out spice drawer is genius. It keeps all of your spices secured and organized. Now you can find exactly what you need without sorting through tons of jars.

Hang up knives with magnets

Use that wall space in the kitchen wisely. When you hang up your knives, you free up more countertop space for food prep.

This idea can be used with anything metal. I’ve even seen people create magnetic jars for their spices too.

Install wire shelves inside cabinets

Most campers come with just open cabinets. Some people use plastic bins to keep them organized. You can use all of that space vertically if you install wire shelves. These stackable shelves double your cabinet space.

The secret to a comfortable RV camper experience

RV Bedroom Hacks

The bedroom in the camper is the most difficult to keep clean. How do you store all of your clothes and shoes in your camper?

These tips and hacks use spaces that are often forgotten. Turn places like under your bed into secured storage for everything you own.

Store Shoes On your bed platform

The best way to store shoes is by securing them to your bed. The authors of Unlocating came up with this idea by cutting up a fabric shoe organizer and screwing it to the base of their bed.

This is so smart! It frees up more space in the closet and keeps the shoes from becoming a tripping hazard in the small bedroom.

Roll Outfits together in drawers

Instead of trying to find a place to store pants and shirts separately, match them up as outfits and roll them up in drawers. Rolling clothes is a popular way to save space in small drawers. Plus, it has the added bonus of saving you time when you get dressed in the morning.

Install More Drawers and shelves with tension rods

Easily double the amount of storage you have by installing tension rod shelving. This is completely DIY and The Popup Princess has all the details.

This is the perfect solution for anyone that has a pop-up camper or other RV without much shelving or closet space.

Use a Hanging shelf in closets

This doubles your storage space! Don’t hang things up with hangers; use these hanging shelves instead. They give you the option to roll up your clothes and use that vertical space that is so valuable in campers.

Use a hanging Organizer With Lots of Pockets

Store everything you own – even your small accessories and jewelry – in a hanging organizer. Imagine the possibilities! The pockets are clear, so you can see everything that is inside in just one glance.

Hang this on the back of your bedroom door or in your closet. It’s double-sided, so if you install a hook in your ceiling, you can turn the corner of your bedroom into even more storage space.

RV Bathroom Organization Ideas

The bathroom is another space in campers that can be pretty frustrating. Most campers and RVs don’t have lots of drawers or shelves. Thankfully, there are some hacks that you can do to give yourself plenty of storage.

Eliminate bottle clutter

Instead of trying to store bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, use this 3-chamber dispenser. It even has hooks for loofas. You can refill it with whatever type of shampoo you like.

Create Toothbrush holders from pVC Pipes

This idea from Crafting in the Rain will not only save your space but keep your toothbrushes from rolling around in the RV. Plus, you can personalize it so that no one ever loses their toothbrush again.

Hang Towel shelves near the ceiling

I found this next tip on Let’s Travel Family. Check out their site for more helpful information about storage.

They hung up a shelf just a few inches from the ceiling and stored their towels up high.

All that space near the ceiling could be wasted space. Hang up a shelf from IKEA as close to the ceiling as you can that way you use that area wisely.

Tips for tidying up the most difficult spaces in your RV

Camper living room storage hacks

This is a funny section because in a camper, the living room is also the kitchen and bedroom. This category will be all about how to maximize your living space in your camper.

Store Papers in a portable filing folder bag

This bag has handles and plenty of pockets to keep your important papers organized. I love this idea, especially for anyone that has to work while they are traveling.

Velcro remotes

Even if you only have one remote in your camper, this idea is genius! It keeps your remotes from getting lost. Velcro pads also work for storing other things that tend to get lost – like the lighter or your car keys.

Use Command Strip broom holder for flashlights

These Command Strip broom holders are useful for a variety of purposes in an RV. They are the perfect size for flashlights too.

Use Magazine Racks for everything

There are so many uses for magazine racks. Hang multiple of them up in your living space and keep books, first aid, and office supplies all within reach.

Hair Ties to keep cords organized

Keep all the charging and electric cords sorted and organized with simple hair elastics. If you don’t have hair elastics, try any of these ideas to banish cord clutter and keep it all tamed.

RV and camper storage tips for small spaces

Camper organization and Space-Saving Tips

Life on the road can be so invigorating and freeing! It can also feel cramped and overwhelming. Stay ahead of the game by establishing some of these RV storage hacks.

Be smart and use wasted space wisely. Store things behind doors, near the ceiling, and close to the floor. The best thing you can do to keep your mobile life sane is to only keep what you use.

These hacks can be used in other areas too. The principle remains the same – create a system you can stick to and maintain it constantly. You’ve got this!

If you need a little extra help, use our Travel Planner. The checklists and printables

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More Home Organization ideas

If you need more ideas for how to organize for travel or small spaces, then check out these guides next.

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