Home Library Ideas That Transform Your Space


Create a literary oasis from one of these incredible (and achievable) home library ideas. Whether you have an entire extra room or just a few bookshelves, these are perfect for all sizes of book collections.

Home library ideas that transform your space.

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What Is A Home Library

Don’t let the name fool you. You don’t need floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to qualify as owning a home library. A home library includes any organized book collection within someone’s house.

So, whether you have an entire basement full of bookshelves or a small corner in your bedroom, these ideas will help you enjoy your home library and create an oasis where you enjoy reading.

Where To Put A Home Library

There are two goals of a home library: organizing your books and creating a relaxing place to read them.

If you have the extra space to accomplish both things, then set up the library here. Maybe that is an attic, under the stairs, or in an extra bedroom of the house. Some people even build an extra shed in their yard to be a guest house/library.

In smaller homes, it is totally understandable to separate the reading area from the location of the books. Maybe you read your books on your couch in the living room, and you keep your books in your home office, or in your basement.

The most important thing is that you organize your bookshelves and create a beautiful place to enjoy your book collection.

How To Organize a Home Library

One of the best ways to organize anything is to follow the Clutter Keeper E.A.S.Y. method. Each letter in the word is a step in the process. It’s an easy way to remember how to organize anything – even a home library.


First, clear out the entire space that you use as your home library. Take advantage of this step to wipe down all the shelves, clean the floors, and replace any broken furniture.


Begin to sort all your book and library decorations. Decide which items you will donate and which ones you will keep. Throw away any papers that are irrelevant or torn.


Put everything back on the bookshelves. Organize them however you want. Some people like to store books in a rainbow theme. Others sort books alphabetically by book type. Do what works for you and brings you the most joy.


Yearn means to set yourself up for success. Create a system that is easy to maintain. Then, enjoy the clean and beautiful space so much that you are motivated to keep it that way.

Our favorite home library book storage ideas.

Best Home Library Ideas

Here you go! Check out this list of amazing and attainable home library ideas. Try them out in your home soon.

a home office from Love My Simple Home blog

Create A Functional Workspace

Use your home library as an office. Keep your magazines in magazine boxes and install bookshelves on the wall.

A cardboard bookshelf for kids made by Little Ladoo

Make A Cardboard Bookshelf For Kids

If you have kids, give them their own bookshelf made out of affordable supplies. Little Ladoo has this easy tutorial. Even better is the fact that this bookshelf is portable. Your kids can set it on the floor and read from it.

Built-in bookshelves

Install Built-In Bookshelves

About and how this idea from Saving Talents is fantastic because they use it for their homeschool room. An entire wall of built-in bookshelves is so usable. There is so much storage space for books, collectibles, and magazines..

Painted Bookshelves

Paint The Bookshelves

Make your bookshelves a work of art. Down Redbud Drive shows you how to use a layered paint technique. It is a stunning way to add artistic flair to your home library.

A stack of book with homemade book jackets on them.

Make Matching Dust Jackets

This will make your home library look completely different. Pop Shop America shows you how. When you use matching book jackets on your books, it might be tougher to tell which book is which, so this is a better idea if you want to use the books as decorations.

A homemade wooden bookshelf from 5 Minutes For Mom

Build A Bookshelf

Build your own bookshelf with real wood. The tutorial from 5 Minutes For Mom is easy to follow. It’s a really fun way to give yourself more storage space in your library or to store books in a bedroom.

A child's rocking chair and a basket full of books

Set Up A Reading Nook

Create a cozy corner with a rocking chair and a basket of their favorite books. Even if the library or bookshelves are in another room, using a basket to carry books from one spot to another is a great way to keep them organized.

DIY bookshelves made out of rain gutters

Install Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Easy DIY rain gutter bookshelves are a wonderful way to allow children to grab their favorite books. It is also a fantastic way to store books in your child’s bedroom so that they can see them and grab their favorites easily.

A home library set up in an attic

Use Attic Space

Finish your attic and place the home library up there. Then, use all the empty space even near the top and fill it with books. The best thing about this home library is that the design is so visually appealing.

A home library with books arranged by color

Arrange Books By Color

Isn’t that beautiful? Rainbow bookshelves are totally on-trend. Store your books by color and keep them in a rainbow pattern. Create even more visual interest by stacking some books on the sides next to others that are standing up.

A bookshelf full of books in a bedroom

Set It Up In The Guest Bedroom

Even if you don’t have room in your house for a home library, you can set up a library in a guest bedroom. Utilize any space you have to store extra books. Keeping books in a guest bedroom is a wonderful way to allow guests to read them too.

Home library ideas from cozy and small to modern and vintage.

Final Thoughts

A home library is a wonderful way to enjoy your space. These creative home library ideas are so breathtaking and stunning. I hope they inspire you to revamp your space and set up an area where you can enjoy reading and show off your collection.

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