Shoe Organizer Ideas: Practical Ways to Organize Your Shoes


Need some effective shoe organizer ideas for keeping track of all your shoes? Here are several practical and easy ways to organize your shoes.

We all know what it’s like to have an enormous pile of shoes cluttering up a house. After all, with kids and other family members around, it may be hard to know how to organize all this chaos. If organizing isn’t your forte, here are some wonderful and effective ideas for organizing that bundle of mismatched shoes. You will love these practical ways to organize your shoes.

7 easy ways to organize your shoes

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Shoe Organizer Ideas

How do you organize all your shoes? It’s so easy to just kick them off and throw in a corner. But there are a ton of genius and easy ideas to keep your shoes organized and together. 

These shoe organizer ideas are fun hacks on things you probably already have around the house. 

1. Use your ottoman

When buying an ottoman, you should think about using it in other ways besides just putting your feet up. Everything needs a second purpose when it comes to really getting down to the organization nitty gritty.

Because shoes are often quite compact and easy to hide away, they make the perfect fit for storing in your ottoman.

It is a good idea to sew pockets into or around the outside of the interior of your ottoman. Once this is done, all of the shoes stay in place and won’t look like a mess. The purpose of your shoe ottoman is to not only have a place to store your shoes but also to provide a stylish way to organize your items.

2. Store shoes in a shoebox

Keep the shoeboxes and store your shoes in them. This may be the most practical approach to your shoe organization dilemma. You can either purchase boxes that all look the same or keep the original shoe boxes.

Make sure to add a tag to each box with a picture of the shoes posted on it as well. This post has a lovely photo of what it looks like when the shoe boxes are labeled. 

Your shoes will be stacked and put away uniformly, and you’ll be able to identify what pair is in what box easily. This solution is a neat and tidy way of going about storing your favorite pairs.

Smart ways to organize your shoes: closets, entryways, & more

3. Store on a pegged coat rack

The next shoe organizer idea is to use a pegged coat rack.

If you’re one of those families that has a lot of “outside time” shoes, this option is one to consider. When you’d rather dirty shoes stay outside, use a pegged coat rack to hang them all up in one place.

An idea like this is perfect for hanging your rain boots in an area where they can easily be cleaned and hosed off. If you hang them upside down, the water can drip out and they dry easier. 

4. Repurpose an old ladder

For the person who likes to add a little style to their bedroom, a ladder creates a wonderful and glamorous solution. This idea is particularly useful when you want to store your favorite high heeled shoes.

In fact, Design Sponge (The Design Sponge blog has been unavailable since February 09, 2023) has a wonderful tutorial that is easy to follow. You merely need to find an old wooden ladder, either in your basement or at an antique store if you want a weathered look and hang your high heels on each rung.

Not only have you created a talking piece amongst friends, but you’ve also come up with a creative solution for your organization needs.

5. Hang your flip-flops

Another super simple solution is to hang your shoes up in your closet.

Hanging your flip flops up in the closet will create a lot of free space in your wardrobe. All you need is a wire hanger to achieve this excellent organization tool. You’ll cut the wire hanger so that you can easily hang your sandals in the closet. Here is an easy tutorial from Instructables

6. DIY Wooden Crate Shoe Storage

If you like DIY, then this next shoe organizer hack is perfect! Just turn some wooden crates into shoe storage.

In fact, Live from Julie’s House has a really easy-to-follow tutorial. She even created a place to store her keys too. 

7 space-saving shoe organizer ideas

7. Alternate Your Shoes On Shelves

You can fit more shoes on a shelf if you alternate the way they are facing. So face one shoe towards the back and the next shoe facing front. 

You will be amazed at how many more shoes you can fit on the shelf with that one tip alone. 

How do you organize shoes in a small closet?

It is so frustrating when you have more shoes than you have space to store them. Small closets just don’t provide enough storage for all the things you own. 

The best tip for storing shoes in a small space is to think flat! Find ways to store as many shoes as you can in the unused spaces in your closet. And try to keep them flat. 

Boxes take up precious space. But what about the area near your ceiling? Install crown moulding and hang your shoes on it. 

Use helpful organizers to hang up your shoes or use storage bags to keep them stored safely under your bed. 

Finally, just get creative. If all your shoes don’t fit in your closet, maybe split them up. Keep your frequently used shoes near the front door, and your dressy shoes under the bed. 

There are plenty of easy and effective ways to get those unruly shoes off the floor and stored away. Try these tips to achieve an easy way to organize your shoes.

Small space shoe storage solutions you need

What is the best shoe rack?

You need to pick a shoe rack that fits in your space, so measure your closet or entryway before you buy one.

A metal shoe rack like this one is fantastic for shoes that might be dirty, but it doesn’t work well for high heels.

If you have lots of dressy shoes (like heels) then you will need an industrial shoe rack so the heels can hold onto the bars and won’t fall or slip off.

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How to organize your shoes: practical and easy ides to get organized and stay organized

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